A teachers quarrel [Desdemona & Michue]

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    • A teachers quarrel [Desdemona & Michue]

      A teachers quarrel

      Written by
      Rei Nakamura
      The summer heat this year was brutal, and the fact that it was only June made it even worse. On top of that, the school didn't have any air conditioners whatsoever, which made the heat unbearable. Some might think that because of the nature that surrounded that building, the heat wouldn't effect the school that much. But that is not true, unfortunately. Rei's class was dismissed for the day, which typically means that the club activities for the students start. Most of them attend some kind of sports activity, and Rei couldn't wrap his head around the idea that those kids were really excited to go out in this heat to sweat. A deep sight left Rei's lips before he grabbed one of the students workbooks that they handed in and used it as a fan to calm his heated skin. He pushed his glasses on top of his head to get his sweaty hair out of his face before he got up and packed up his things. It was his turn to supervise the little library that was located at the end of the floor.
      When he arrived at his destination, the first thing he did was open all the big windows that lead towards the sports tracks. It didn't really help, but it was worth a try, wasn't it? But getting rid of the heat was not the only reason for this action. Rei wanted to avoid any more incidents where a ball was flying through the window and breaking the glass into a million pieces. The funny part was that it wasn't even the fault of a student. The culprit was none other than the PE teacher himself, who just wanted to show off his abilities. But Rei wasn't in the mood to be reminded of that horrible memory where he had to clean up all the mess that was caused by the beloved golden retriever teacher. So when he caught a glimpse of that dark hair and tanned skin on the sports track, he impatiently turned around and sat down to open his book.

      Hiroto Sato
      Hiroto carried his daughter on top of his shoulders while helping out the garden club with some easy handwork. Previously, he made sure to put some sunscreen cream on his daughter and to place a big hat on top of her head so she was well protected from the blasting sun. He, on the other hand, didn't see the need for sunscreen or any other precious protection. He would just get a nice tan, and that doesn't bother him at all. Hikari's hands were locked into Hiroto's hair in order to find balance and not fall off his shoulders since she wasn't a small baby anymore. For others, it seemed to be an amusing sight of the school's janitor caring his nine-year-old daughter on his shoulders, but everybody loved that little girl and interacted with her in a sweet way.
      Once she got off his shoulder, she sprinted towards the sprinklers that had just turned on. "Y'all should join! It is so refreshing!" And next thing you know, everybody was running around the sprinklers having a splendid time.
    • Yokota Minoru
      It was an absurd sight how the massive figure of Minoru was hovering over a sheet of paper, scribbling on it with a ballpen. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, over his neck and down his exposed arms and legs. In an unconscious motion he took off his head, just to strive it over his hair the second after, scratching his head for a second with the end of his pen. This was tricky. The temperature this year was beginning to be a massive problem. Having the students attending the sports activities after school during the prime heat would be risky on their health. Having them doing sports in the morning as a first lesson could interfere greatly with the rest of the day. Not to mention the stench of sweat being worse than before. „Oh!“, he exclaimed and a beaming smile appeared on his face. What if the students were given an additional set of self management and offering the PE courses around 6 pm. Or 6.30 even. School would extend to 8 pm but doing this during the summertime exclusively could actually work. Manically he noted down his idea. He would need to convince the principal.
      What would he need? Teachers that were willing to spent more of their freetime in the school. That being said they needed supervisors for the period between lessons and PE. Well that should be manageable. That‘s maybe an additional hour or two… He should find some volunteers!

      „Yokota-sensei!“ The dark-haired man looked up at his students dragging their tired limbs to the field. „Sensei it‘s too warm!“, whined a boy in the front row, immediately falling down onto the ground, hiding his face from the burning sun. „What?!“, the teacher raised his voice in a nearly high pitched fashion as if it‘s delirious what he just heard. „What are you talking about?“ The tall man got up and showed his massive grin. „Come on now! Don‘t die on me now.“ He clapped into his hands, issuing everyone to gather around him. „I don‘t wanna hear it, alright? I know it‘s hot. I know you all are sweating little monsters. But I thought of something that you will like!“ The kids were sceptic. „What I want you to do is get a little warm. And for that I thought of a great new game. Now. Does everyone of you have an empty bottle? I am sure of it!“ Confused nodding and murmuring got around. Minoru laughed. „Perfect! I have some too if anyone needs more. So what I want you to do is fill them all up at the water taps. This will be your weapon, alright? When I whistle you all are at war. You can form alliances and gather comrades! But your ultimate goal is to not get shot! So, the bottles are pistols. The ones that have a single dry bone to their body when the game is over, are the winners. You got that?“
      For a moment the students stayed quiet until the first started to get excited. „Wait? You want us to waste water?“ - „Yeah!“, said Minoru. „I want you to play with water as if your life depends on it. But oh! You should hurry and get yourself ready.“ Theatrically he looked at his watch and raised his whistle blow. „The war begins in 3 minutes!“ Excited screaming broke loose and suddenly all the students came back to life. They ran over to their bags and collected all the water bottles they could find, assigned groups and started provoking each other, already mimicking a shooting gestures with their bottles. The ones who still had some liquid left quickly gulped it down. It was beautiful chaos. Yes, that was a wonderful idea. Like this they wouldn‘t overheat at least. And it was best seeing them having fun. The tall man‘s eyes wandered over to the school building. The library‘s windows were all opened and he knew what that meant. A deep sigh escaped his lips. We really did need volunteers if he wanted to have any chance of convincing the headmaster.
      „Alright!“, he raised his voice again. „Ready?“ With a last look on his watch he blew loudly into his whistle and immediately the students began showering each other, attacking their classmates and screeched happily. Minoru used this moment to walk over to the library. He chose one of the windows and stretched his head inside. „Anyone there? Nekomura?“ He couldn‘t resist using the nickname the student‘s came up for the always grumpy teacher. His eyes stayed at the fields while he climbed into the frame of the window and he quickly laid eyes on the young man, holding a book in his hand. Minoru offered him the same beaming smile he showed everyone and raised his hand. „There you are! Hi! Come ‚ere for a second, will ya?“, he gestured and climbed back down on the ground again. „You‘re not supervising any clubs, are you?“, asked Minoru. „Don‘t shoot me that look, I am here to make you an offer that might benefit you in the dispute with the headmaster about your engagement.“

      Okamoto Yuma
      It was 38 degree in celsius, which are 100.4 degree in Fahrenheit. The air was barely moving at all and not offering any chance of cooling down. So the body had to produce a lot more sweat. Normally one would need to drink roughly 2 liters water per day. But during days like this it increased a lot. Yuma let out a deep sigh. But what should he do? He felt full already and the fuzziness in his head wasn‘t leaving. He was drenched in sweat, a lot more than normally, roaming the empty halls like a ghost. He seemed as white as the wall. His short sleeved button up was clinging to his back. He felt his shoes rubbing against the sticky skin of his feet and at a random step he made today, it was the 3.568th a sharp pain began following him in his right foot. All in all he was relatively sure that he was not alright.
      His chest rose and fell greatly with his heavy breaths. The fuzziness turned into dizziness and Yuma stumbled against a wall. He should maybe go out? Into the shadow, cooling himself down somehow. And so he ended in the backyard, close to the flower beds the gardening club has planted. His head felt heavy and his eyes fell shut. Summer was truly a hustle he couldn‘t deal with.
      „Sato-san! Come quick! Help!“, heard Yuma and jolted a little bit. A student was at his side, holding a cold water bottle to his forehead. „Okamoto-sensei, are you alright? I think you have a heat stroke.“ Yuma quickly shook his head and regretted it immediately, letting his head fall back against the wall behind him. „No, no, it‘s alright“, he said weakly. „I just feel a little anemic, that‘s all.“ The student didn‘t seem convinced and quickly looked up at her classmate bringing the tall janitor. She waved over to them. „Here, here!“ Yuma tried looking up. He was too tired to think about the janitor he couldn‘t deal with. Or think at all. Instead he attempted to getting up. Maybe he should have headed for the washingrooms and not the yard to cool himself down.
    • Rei Nakamura
      Slowly, Rei began to lose himself in the story that was unfolding in front of him. He was even able to blend out the yelling from the students outside on the sports track. His eyes were basically glued to the pages, and for the first time on this terrible hot day, Rei was able to relax and calm his mind and body.
      But of course it wasn't for long, and no one other than the PE Teacher himself was about to disrupt his peace like usual.
      Rei didn't notice him until he called him by a stupid nickname that some students came up with, and he absolutely hated it.
      "It is still Nakamura for you", he said without looking up from his book. "Or should I refer you to the Japanese teacher because surely you need some refreshment classes?"
      He took a glimpse over his book to see where the voice of annoyance came from, just to see him climbing around the windowframe like a little monkey. Rei sighed, closed his book, and got up from his chair to walk towards the window. He would rather have ignored him, but if you ignore the puppy for too long, it wouldn't end well, so he just followed what Mr. Minoru said.
      "You know, I try to teach the kids not to climb up the windows to prevent injuries or destroying and dirtying the school property, and here you are being the perfect role model for it." Rei wasn't amused in the slightest, and while Minoru was putting on his biggest smile, Rei only rolled his eyes.
      Once the other teacher was on the ground again, Rei leaned against the windowledge to look down at his enemy.
      "I might not supervise any specific club activities, but I'm still the head of the library once classes are dismissed. That is basically the same", he said, leaning his head against his right hand while trying to protect his eyes from the sun with his left one.
      "On top of that, your ideas are always awful, so I'm not quite sure if I really want to be part of it."

      Hiroto Sato
      They all enjoyed the refreshing fun with the sprinklers until their clothes were soaking wet, but the sun would dry them in no time, so there wasn't anything to worry about. Hiroto took the hat from his daughter and stuck it between his ribs and arm to squeeze out the water from her hair. He slowly braided her hair, which he wasn't really good at and needed more practice at. When he placed the hat back on her head, some students came running towards him and seemed to be extremely worried. They yelled his name, and one of the students took his hand, dragging him in a specific direction.
      "What's the problem, guys?", he asked, worried, and told his daughter to stay in the garden under the shadow of some of the other students.
      They explained to him that they had found the math teacher, Yuma, having a heatstroke.
      "Oh Lord, why do you wear so many layers of clothes? We are in the middle of a heatwave!" Hiroto sounded worried and slowly moved his hands towards the forehead of the smaller teacher. "We should get you to the nurse's office. Getting you some cool packs to cool your temperature. And you definitely should take off some of your layers, Yuma!" He pointed at the jacket that was still wrapped around his torso.
      "Can you get up on your own?"