A teachers quarrel [Desdemona & Michue]

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    • A teachers quarrel [Desdemona & Michue]

      A teachers quarrel

      This story takes place in a small high school located in one of the most beautiful rural areas of Japan. Nature has taken over the charming town, even though the next big city isn't too far away. Some find peace within themselves when exposed to such a calm place. Others, on the other hand, might be disturbed by the birds singing in the morning or the chirping of the crickets during the night. The English and Politics teacher is more of the disturbed kind and hates being stuck in a position he doesn't want to be in. Becoming a teacher was more of an accident than an actual job he pursued. The money is good to get by, but he thinks so much more about himself than just staying in that job. His real pursuit is to get a job in the real world of politics and to finally leave this sad rural town behind him. While he is a grumpy, arrogant teacher that the majority of students are scared of, what would this story be without a complete opposite personality to encounter the bitter man? If there is a definition for a golden retriever's personality, then the PE Teacher is definitely the one you would look at. He is the competition for the sun itself and never fails to smile the day away. That those two individuals don't get along very well is not really a secret. Even in front of students and other teachers, they can't stop the mean snarking towards each other. They make each other's blood boil, and they will probably never find common ground. If it weren't for that weird attraction they sometimes feel when the other is around...
      Someone who doesn't want to be part of that quarrel is the Math teacher, but unfortunately, he and the Politics teacher became friends during their first year teaching at this high school. So whenever there is another fight or a job application rejection, he is the first to know. And it doesn't really help that the man is quite socially awkward and would rather spend his time doing what he loves the most. Math. But every time he thinks he's gotten rid of his friend and found some time for himself, the school Janitor makes an appearance and shamlessly flirts with him, edging him towards an existential crisis.

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      Character Traits
    • Name: Yokota Minoru
      Age: 34 y/o
      Height: 188 cm

      Character Traits:
      Minoru is the perfect country bumpkin per definition. Since his parents sent him over to live with his grandparents in the countryside, he has completely and utterly fallen in love with the rural lifestyle. He's awfully bad with modern technology. Although his mobile phone is not one of the brick-hard Nokia phones, it is honestly not that much younger. Minoru is a friendly busybody. Minding his own business is something he's not accustomed to. Some say behind his back that he tries to run away from his own struggles by solving everyone else's issues. Something he'd never admit.
      Although it's actually noticeable, that he's able to speak many words, without sharing any kind of information about himself at all. No one knows who his parents are or where they are from. It is known, that he grew up with his grandparents because they too are known residents of the area. But that's pretty much it. And Minoru likes it that way. He enjoys being the school hall's mystery from time to time. But his past really bears no urgency to him. People should know him for what he is: An upbeat, sympathetic teacher, who seemingly can't sit still and loves bugging grumpy people. Life's way too short to waste a single day without smiling. And he made it his personal mission to see every one of his students smile at least once per day. In other words: He's a clown through and through. If he has to be at the bottom of the joke, he gladly accepts it as long as it's a good one.

      Fun facts:
      - Minoru loves his job, his students, and even the school ground itself. He himself was once attending school here and only left the countryside for his degree to come back as fast as he could. He is sometimes referred to as the school's mascot.
      - He asks a lot of his students. No one is leaving if they aren't sweaty. But he is also fair. He too accompanies all assignments and immediately cancels them, if he notices that the conditions are straining his students.
      - Before a certain teacher started working at their school, Minoru was known for liking everyone. But the powerful black cat energy really started getting to our golden retriever-sensei. Although he still has not given up on breaking the grumpy asshole and warming him up for the countryside.
    • Name: Okamoto Yuma
      Age: 32 y/o
      Height: 172 cm

      From his early childhood, Yuma has always struggled in social interactions. Looking people in the eyes, understanding the subtext of what they were talking about, reading faces and emotions. He always felt overwhelmed with how many possible meanings and outcomes a single interaction could have. No matter how small it was. Even if he used clear words, he could still be misunderstood greatly. Keeping up with social cues feels to him like a superpower he simply doesn't possess. Numbers on the other hand...
      Numbers were always clear. They couldn't change their values based on the pen they were written with. In the mathematical field, Yuma found a place he felt extremely comfortable with. He gladly ditched all kinds of social events just to brood over a mathematical equation. Solving them was like puzzling to him.
      His name was already well-known in his field of research when he started working for his university. But he dropped it rather quickly, which came as a big surprise to everyone. Suddenly he packed all his stuff and left the anonymity of the big city and rented a little house, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and applied for a humble job as a Highschool teacher.
      Fitting in was - as always - a challenge. But Yuma did his best and never complained, no matter how overwhelmed he's been. His awkwardness found a little bit of admiration among the students. Instead of a teacher he's more treated as an anxious older brother and like this, he came involuntarily close to his students.

      Fun facts:
      - He always wears too many clothes. Or so it seems. Yuma is never seen in revealing or very light clothes. He's always dressed in at least casual business attire. A routine he hasn't been able to drop since his days as a scientist.
      - He's still getting confused with a student all the time. Especially if he's hiding away his face under long bangs, big glasses, and a face mask.
      - Yuma seems to always speak in riddles or metaphors. He has a very unique viewpoint on the world and his only way of understanding it is through numbers. So he tortures his friends and colleagues with exactly that. He's convinced it's the only way for him to convey his feelings and thoughts.
      - It can be hard to start a conversation with the young man. That's why he's been staying by himself most of the time. This changed greatly after their politics teacher, who also had a hard time fitting in, realized that Yuma was the perfect, quiet, and rather dry conversation partner he needed. Yuma himself doesn't understand it, but it feels like he was in some way adopted into a friendship. Of sorts? Or was he wrong again? He still can't understand his colleague's intentions. Especially the janitor. Nothing he ever says or does makes any sense to him and it's stressing him out.
    • Name: Rei Nakamura
      Age: 32 y/o
      Height: 175 cm

      Character Traits:
      Rei wasn't always portrayed as a grumpy, arrogant man who seems to lack passion for a job he never wanted to begin with. Before, he was a determined, hardworking A graduate with the dream of helping to create a better environment for all the people around him. He just wanted to be part of the change that the country desperately needed. Not only did he excel in his studies, but he also did a lot of volunteer work in different areas of politics, homeless shelters, and charity.
      So it is a mystery to Rei himself how he ended up as a teacher in the middle of nowhere. The original plan was to get accepted into the different regional councils he applied to, but nobody seemed to be interested in hiring him. Unfortunately, life doesn't wait for you to get what you want. Rei had to pay his bills like every other person, and on top of that, he had to pay back the student loans from the government.
      Now he is known as the scary, grumpy teacher he once made fun of when he was younger. But the older you get, the more you understand that life isn't that easy. Losing everything you dreamed of and being stuck in a job you might be decent at but never wanted stinks. And yes, it leaves marks on someone's personality. But that doesn't mean Rei has given up on politics. He is still a very passionate and hard-working person; he just doesn't show that side of him to others very often.
      Other than that, he is a very straightforward guy and never fails to have a comeback up his sleeve. Especially when he becomes the target of a certain PE teacher who likes to get on his nerves.

      • Despite the fact that Rei doesn't like his job as a teacher, he still tries his best. Well, maybe not quite his best, but the students shouldn't suffer from a bad quality of education just because of him. So he still puts a lot of effort into his preparation and lessons.
      • He hates when he is referred to as the black cat in comparison to the school's golden retriever, who is his biggest annoyance in his life. Why do people make it sound like something awful? Rei loves black cats and takes care of one at home as well. They are calm and usually don't bother you as long as you feed them.
      • Rei loves to read, and his living room comes close to having its own small library. He doesn't like to leave the house without a book in his bag, and even though he finds his passion in politics, not all his books are academic literature.
      • Rei is shortsighted, but his prescription is so small that he doesn't necessarily need the glasses. Most of the time, he pushes them up and uses them as a hairband to get his hair out of his face.
    • Name: Hiroto Sato
      Age: 37 y/o
      Height: 186cm

      Character Traits:

      Hiroto is such a light and free character who doesn't get bothered or irritated easily. Since his life changed drastically, he learned to take life lightly and to appreciate being in the moment instead of worrying about the future and what might still be ahead of him. Despite what others think about his job, Hiroto loves to be the Janitor of the school he is currently working at. The students barely cause any server trouble (nothing he wouldn't have done as a teenager as well), and it is a pretty thankful job. You get to feed people, take care of broken things that need to be fixed, and just generally help others. That's what's important to Hiroto.
      Another thing about Hiroto is that he has a very charming personality and loves to flirt quite a bit with people who catch his eye. This can lead to the misunderstanding that Hiroto might be a womanizer, but for him, it is more of his way to show genuine affection and interest in someone. Even within his friendship with Yokota, one or two flirty remarks occurred.
      But nothing ever comes above his daughter, and he will always put her first, no matter what. When you get a glimpse of him interacting with his daughter, being just a dad, and how much he loves and adores her, you can't look away and can't help but smile.

      • Hiroto married his high school sweetheart back when he was 20 years old. There wasn't any other reason, as he loved that woman with all his heart. No pregnancy or parent pushing, no military service that needed to be served. He just wanted to be with her, but the relationship eventually hit rock bottom, and both knew it was over. The divorce was mutual, and at 33, he found himself single for the first time in over 15 years.
      • One thing he will always be thankful for is his and his ex-wife's daughter, Hikari. Hikari is 9 years old, and whenever she stays over the weekend, she helps out on Fridays in the small kiosk within the school building. Everyone loves her.
      • The one habit Hiroto would love to cut is his smoking behavior. He already minimized it to the smallest possible amount he could endure, but unfortunately, it is still more than enough to be a risk for his health. His wish to stop doesn't seem to be enough to fully get rid of that habit, though.
      • Hiroto thinks Okamoto is someone who is really fascinating and seeks his company despite not knowing him well. But maybe that's what needs to be changed?