all the highs and none the lows. (Earinor & Akira)

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    • all the highs and none the lows. (Earinor & Akira)

      m x m / slice of life / drama / romance
      absolute anguish / the disasterduo strikes again
      immorality / insanity / inability

      Kosuke merely wanders the streets from time to time for his own amusement. They are dense and packed with all types of people, living their own lives, below buzzing wires, flickering neon lights and a harsh sun that fights those high skyscrapers every other day for a right to illuminate even the dirtiest parts of the city. Of course, Kosuke is no stranger to the seedy parts of town, especially not in a packed city - he knows where the rich and guilty meet, where they go for fun and where no soul would ever snitch on them. He's not one of them, many say, but does anyone know him? Oh, no, they definitely don't - their brains are jam-packed with gossip and rumors, surrounding just about anyone that never bothers to make friends with them, or talk more than necessary - and while Kosuke often frequents places he might not be welcome at, he seemingly doesn't care. Why wouldn't he be welcome just about anywhere?

      As he quite literally stumbles into one of the worse establishments in downtown, a bonafide brothel, he is searching for nothing but a night of fast thrills and hard falls; just any other whore will do, he thinks, as he's ushered into a room with Gin, who sells his body for nothing more than a pretty penny. Sure, any other whore will do, that's what Kosuke said, but all in all, he meant a fine woman, with curves and plump lips and all, not a scrawny man that, all in all, is nothing more than a damned twig - and yet, he gives him a shot, despite his initial uneasiness - after all, he paid for him, for a night of joy, a way to forget himself. As Kosuke indulges, he finds it rather hard not to enjoy himself, so much so that he almost promises Gin to come back for another night, at some point. Naturally, he's met with encouragement from Gin, who's about as eager to meet him again, as he was to see him for the first time. Too bad for Kosuke, who's none the wiser but much more charmed after single night, that Gin is still a whore - one that tells him whatever he wants to hear, while Kosuke's heart melts in the palms of his hands -, and too bad, that Gin has merely been tasked with keeping tabs on Kosuke, whom his boss isn't exactly fond of. Why? Well, Kosuke will have to sing eventually.

      Kosuke Arai = @Earinor / Gin Osugi = @Akira

      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • It had been a long day of work for Kosuke. Normally when he stood guard nothing happened. No one really messed with his clan, they knew better, but every now and then there was some idiot, thinking storming into a Yakuza owned club would free him of his dept. In reality that never worked. Still, Kosuke had been caught off guard and it took two other men to finally wrestle that guy down. If they could help it, they didn't kill any debtors, that was bad for business and he clearly had been one, yelling something about releasing him and his wife. No one got out. Anyway, that guy had landed a good punch right in Kosukes side. It still hurt and thus, since he was off-duty now, he roamed the streets to find some cheap booze that would numb the pain. He still wore his suite and gloves and with a cigarette in mouth he looked at all the flashing Neon signs. He'd visited many clubs here, but not all of them and he was out for something new and some fun. Some feeble hands that would sooth his pain. Given, he was already the tiniest bit drunk, but it wasn't unlike him to seek a womans touch and pay for it as well.

      He roamed until he was done smoking and stepped the cigarette out on the floor with his boot. The streets here were empty as was, nobody cared and nobody bet an eye. Nobody would have guessed it was 1AM in the morning, with this many people bustling about, but it was rather late and still this part of town never slept. Kosuke looked up from the ground and his cigarette to find a Neon sign that somewhat intrigued him. Why not try the next best establishment he came across? He decided to go inside. The entrance was hidden between a tattoo shop and a shady complex that didn't seem inhabited. Kosuke didn't mind the exterior and once he was inside he didn't regret his decision either. There were multiple tables and a bar, as well as a door that probably lead to some private rooms. He knew these kinds of clubs, he worked in them, but usually they were a bit more high class. Kosuke was a mere grunt however, he couldn't afford that kind of club, but this? This looked like he wouldn't get broke. He decided to go sit down at the bar. There were a few other guests, sitting at the tables, some of them had pretty women on top of them, others in tight clothes went around offering more drinks. There was subtle music in the background, some jazz and everything was relaxingly quiet here, unlike the streets right outside these doors. Everyone who talked whispered and even the bartender asked for his order in a low voice. Kosuke answered in a similar tone and got a whiskey on the rocks placed in front of him shortly after.

      For a while he just sat there and drank. He didn't pay the other visitors any attention, nor did they care about his existence. This was actually nice. Once he finished his drink the back door opened and someone walked outside, grinning from ear to ear, seemingly happy about what happened back there. he stumbled out the door and Kosuke looked back at his empty drink. "Do you want another one, Sir? Or are you waiting for a room?", the bartender asked in his low voice. Kosuke wanted to tell him that he was only stopping for a drink, but while he was here, why wouldn't he take the opportunity? "Sure. I'll take anything that's free.", he answered the man and he nodded. "Room 5 is unoccupied at the moment, Sir." Kosuke nodded and once he was informed about the price, he paid it no questions asked. He got some extra cash today, for subduing someone, so he didn't really care. He got handed some keys and was directed to the back. Since his drink was already empty, he made his way to the double door and through the hallways to room number 5. He found it soon enough. The door wasn't locked and he figured the key was just for show, since usually they also wouldn't let people lock the doors from the inside, in case some maniac tried to disfigure their women. Maybe it was just a token of prove for the women as well. He entered into a small room with a bed in the middle and another door. From the room behind it he heard some water, probably a bathroom and the girl still freshened up. Not too bad for that price. Kosuke threw the weird key on the bedside table and sat down on the bed for now. He looked at his phone, checked the time and made a mental note, before turning it off and putting it aside too. The water in the other room stopped.
    • Wasn't every single day the same? His heart never was quite interested in the men he served, but his eyes were sometimes glued to half of them - to their scars, their eyebags, their unshaven faces. Every single time he wanted to question why they sought him out, he had long since figured out that they were in the need of comfort, but not in the usual sense. Five was a number that belonged to him, and while his boss still had women working for him, he wasn't the only man - few of them worked as whores, sure, but Gin also knew that he had his very own soft spot when it came to that man, no matter how downtrodden he sometimes appeared. There was something he had to pay back, a debt he had not forgotten about, and as he lay there, he wondered if the moans that he made were still genuine or just for show - if pleasure was something that he truly, really felt every passing day in his life, just so that someone that had long since tired of physical contact with strings attached, could feel better about themselves. It was, what it was - no? In the end, Gin had little to say for himself, but a lot to do; though, tonight was going to end eventually, sometime soon (hopefully) and he'd actually like that. For fucks sake, he'd actually be done at some point, right? After the last guy, he figured he'd be, lest his boss wanted him sore, but he never could be so sure anyway.

      Water trickled from his body as he stopped the water; it had been awfully cold as of recently, but it still was something that he liked to do, mainly so he'd not be sticky all over all the time, especially when he had five minutes of lazing about to himself. He yawned, dried his body off and then grabbed the ridiculously fluffy gown he'd been given. In theory, it was see-through, but the black fabric still covered most of it; the wide sleeves with fur on the ends were a blessing, and as he tightened the belt, he grabbed his phone for a second - normally, he'd not expect a message, but there it was. Oh, well, it was still only about 1:30am, he could go for another round, even if he wasn't sure if the last guy shouldn't have been the last for tonight. How drunk were some of their customers anyway? Gin could only fathom as he let the phone slide back onto the side of the sink and opened the bathroom door. Almost knowingly, he went up to the rather well-dressed man in his bed, plopping down next to him, as he lay his arms around those broad shoulders of his - he didn't look halfbad, actually, he did seem kind of cute to him, and Gin was happy that not all of his customers were middle-aged freaks that came here, just to have a bit of fun with him, because he had a nice face. Oh no. His hand found its way to the strangers chest, someone that had never been here and definitely did not frequent this place, but all in all, not a bad pick. "I heard you'll be my partner tonight, good sir?", Gin cooed in a rather sing-song voice. Who was he to judge? Many men prefered their nightlife to be different from their daily lives. He came closer and leaned his head on the mans shoulder, keeping close watch of his face and smiling, as his hand slid down, to start unbuttoning his shirt. "What can I serve you with tonight?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Kosuke was perplexed to say the least, when out of the bathroom came not a woman, but a man with long red hair. For a moment he wasn't sure if he, or she just looked rather manly with the smaller hip and broader shoulders, but once this guy sat next to him and the long fingers started to snuggle into his shirt he was pretty sure this was definitely no woman. He softly grabbed the hand that was about to open his shirt and gently pushed it away from himself. "Ah... sorry. There must have been a mistake.", he apologized with his soft low voice and only now let go of the feeble hand that belonged to the other man. "I expected a woman, you see. Not that you're not pretty, I just don't swing that way.", he explained. He didn't care who slept with who, in fact he couldn't care less if other men preferred a man for the night or if women preferred other women or anything in between. He seldomly judged anyone for anything. He kept to himself and other peoples business was theirs alone.

      This situation was new to him, but it was fine. He shouldn't have assumed he'd meet a woman. He slowly reached for his phone and put it back into his pocket. "It's my fault and I don't want you to get into any trouble. I'll pay anyway." Kosuke knew how this business worked. If he were to just leave and want his money back, this poor guy might end up hurt. He got a bonus today, so he didn't care about the money that much and as he said, it was his fault to assume he'd meet a woman when he went into a club he never had been in before. "Enjoy your evening.", he finished and slowly stood up. He wasn't sure if anyone would notice if he left right away and he pondered if he should give that guy some extra cash for the trouble. Maybe it would make it easier to explain that it actually went quite well when it didn't.

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    • Oh, no - that’s not how that worked. Gin was putting on his best facade, acting all delicate and now he’d be stood up? Now that was nothing more than a punch in the face. Sure, there were people that came to this room without expecting him, but all of them were depraved enough, to eventually fall into a pit of pleasure with him. This one, however, seemed to have none of that. Factually, he felt insulted, but actually, maybe this was for the best - his boss would let him off the hook if he only admitted to not being able to satisfy this man, he figured. Who was he to doubt a customers sexuality? Definitely not in the right position for that, but on the other hand, he really needed that extra amount of time with this guy - and he wasn’t even ugly, he had to admit. “So, you’re saying I’m your type but not your gender?”, Gin asked rather coy, still with a smile. In the end, a hole was a hole, no matter who it belonged to, but he definitely couldn’t offer this guy a pair of tits to get himself lost in. What a bummer - was it always just about that? Surely, there had to be a different reasoning in this guys head as to why he’d go with a woman instead of a man, but it really wasn’t his place to judge him.

      Desperation was key, definitely, and as the stranger stood up, Gin followed suit and grabbed his hand - he gave him a soft look and an even softer smile. What was he afraid of? “That’s kind of you, but I don’t want to owe you anything.”, he replied and came closer once again. This time, he merely leaned onto the black-haired man like arm-candy would, wrapping his arms around one of his and pressing his smaller frame against the others. For once, this guy wasn’t that much taller than him, he had a handsome face and didn’t seem ill-mannered, which was something that many people of his profession, Gin included, could only dream of. “Wouldn’t you like to try at the very least? You know, my mouth isn’t just for lip service and you came here to have fun, right?”, a chuckle escaped him. Sure, he didn’t swing that way, but he’d not be the first to claim such an outrageous thing and then fall for just any other man that looked pretty enough, and just a bit too much like any other woman. He at least had to try to get this guy to sleep with him - bosses orders, yeah. “I don’t want your money to go to waste. You did pay a pretty penny for me, I’m sure - so, maybe you’d reconsider?” Like hell he would. Possibly. Gin wouldn’t mind this one for sure. Hell. This definitely was hell, but it was his own personal prison cell and he’d do anything to claw himself out of there.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "I'm not sure if I have a type...", Kosuke admitted and once he stood up, he turned around when he felt a touch on his hand and this man holding onto it. Kosuke looked at him a little bit confused and he noticed a weird glimmer in this guys eyes. he didn't know how to interpret that. Still, he was just doing his job and Kosuke knew that the life in these parts of town wasn't easy. An unhappy customer wouldn't be good and he didn't know how the night went for this guy thus far, maybe there were other customers having trouble with him for some reason. He seemed nice though, part of the job, yes, but not all managed to keep a happy facade up all night, especially not if they weren't working as prostitutes because they wanted to. Was there even anyone choosing that career path for themselves? Probably not, but who was Kosuke to judge? He wasn't forced in his line of work either, but he also didn't have many other options when he was younger.

      The red haired man leaned against him and grabbed his arm and Kosuke let him for now. It wasn't like he needed to be scared of that guy. "You don't owe me.", he told him to calm him down. "Are you getting into trouble if I leave? I can stay for an hour if that's easier for you." He was used to standing idly by all the day, he could manage sitting here for an hour before he left. And this guy would get a free break. He didn't seem to budge yet though. It's true, Kosuke came here for fun, but he could go somewhere else after. He worked nights and evenings himself. "Yeah I did I suppose..." Kosuke made a long pause. "But it's fine, really." He slowly turned and softly put his hand on the guys arm. It was weird to not know his name, but usually they wouldn't talk to much either. They'd just get to business. "I got a bonus today. Money is not an issue.", he argued and took a good look at this guys face. "Couldn't you use a break yourself? I won't be offended."

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    • Bullshit, everyone had a type - some liked them with larger hips and bigger curves, while others only gave two fucks about how big their rack was, while the rest of their body was definitely more on the boyish side. Gin knew them, read them like an open book and even someone like him was ought to know what he liked - he liked his boss, the authoritan type, and yet, they had to be rather beautiful, maybe even more than average, but he hardly was able to get a taste of those. "How can you be sure that I'm not yours, then, hm?", Gin asked, voice all high and sweet, dripping like sultry nectar. The stranger that had wandered right into his arms fit the bill, slightly at least, and Gin wouldn't mind spreading his legs for him, oh, no, that'd be quite the sweet and easy deal for tonight, but maybe he was just a tad bit too excited - about prey that wasn't even his, because he didn't want to be. In the end, he couldn't help it, he was genuinely smiling at him, almost as if he wanted to convince him that the two of them were all they needed to have fun tonight. "It's my job to please you and you won't get off if I just look all nice and pretty."

      Would anyone even care if he truly didn't fuck this guy? Potentially. Theoretically, he figured, none of this was going to happen if he had just kept his mouth shut and happened to be more of the assertive kind. In the end, everyone needed some coaxing, a bit of sugarcoating around their mouth, with absolute certainty that they'd be given something of worth. "Trouble? No, don't worry." Now, that was a good lie. But still - this guy apparently knew more and cared more than Gin would give him credit for. Should he be glad or annoyed at an outcome like that? He couldn't help it anyway. "See, then what about at least a quickie? I can suck you off, if you'd like that. You don't need to lay your hands on me all that much, just bury them in my hair, and close your eyes. It's all the same in that regard anyway, tits or not.", he offered up. Sweettalking this guy took a bit more force than he expected, especially now that he was glued to him, extensively so, even when he tried to get his arms off of him, with the littlest bit of force. Wasn't that a good boy? "And still, you'd waste your bonus when you could use it for fun." That much was true. If Gin ever earned a bonus, he spend it on things that made him happy - like a new plant, or maybe even something like a cute pen. He definitely liked those. His hand sneaked back to the others chest, playing with the fabric of his shirt, even with a watchful eye or two on him - he simply smiled. "Thank you for the offer, but I get plenty of breaks." Bullshit. Definitely not. "You seem to be a rather caring guy, I like that, but still, I'm all yours, dear sir ... do you have a name I can call you by? Or do you prefer to be called sir?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • This man asked good questions Kosuke didn't have a good answer to. "Wouldn't I have fucked you by now if you were...?", he asked sounding way more unsure that he planned to. Why did he hesitate? He could just go or stay instead of being about to leave for multiple minutes on end. All the while he wondered if that guy pitched his voice higher than it normally was to be more attractive to him. "I won't but..." But what? He came here to have fun, to forget a hard day of work in which he had been punched in the gut. It still hurt. Anyway, he could go somewhere else as well, or maybe even find someone he didn't have to pay. Then again that seemed like too much of a hassle. "Aren't you just insisting because it is your job to do so...?", Kosuke wanted to know. Hardly could a prostitute be interested in anyone that was willing to pay for their services. Kosuke couldn't imagine anyone liking that job, but maybe he was wrong. This guy probably had worse client than him, maybe even today.

      And he wouldn't let go either, which was fine. Kosuke wasn't about to rip him off and throw him away. The suggestion he made wasn't even half bad. Maybe it was the alcohol he had before, or the sweet scent that emanated from some incense sticks that made him reconsider. "I guess that's true...", he agreed while his grips strength was lowered and by now he hand only lay on the other mans arm. "Money isn't that important..." That was also true. He could never repay his dept in full and at the same time, he didn't need much from what he earned and didn't have to give up again. The guy started to caress his chest again and fumble with his shirt. Kosuke let him while he watched him work. "Plenty of breaks? I know this kind of establishment... If you're not careful I might think you actually like me." All those things he spouted were just things he had to say to anybody coming in here, Kosuke knew as much. He didn't take it to heart. "Arai Kosuke.", he told him his name eventually. He had nothing to hide. "What's your name?"
    • Gin couldn't help but giggle. True. That he would have. In the end, though, maybe he just expected more from this man, from the way he behaved and looked, and the redhead couldn't help it but presume that, without explicit consent, this guy wasn't going to do jack shit. Those clients were few and far between, but he knew them - they came in here and immediately noticed anyones bleak look; and instead of having sex, just to make the night more bearable, they wanted to whiteknight and talk. Talk and do nothing else. They were boring - to him at the very least. "Maybe you're too much of a gentleman for that, but what do I know?", he suggested instead. Was he playing hard to get now? As if. Gin never was - he always would come around in the end, even if he acted like someone would presume a peacock did at first glance. What a stupid way to describe himself, and yet, it fit. "Potentially, but you're also looking for excuses to not sleep with me, despite everything I can offer you. Still, the choice is yours. I can't really push you and I definitely won't do it.", he purred, his hand lazily unbuttoning some of Kosuke's shirt, almost as if he already knew that he had the cat in the bag either way.

      It was comfortable around this man, at least in a way, and Gin couldn't help but stick to him. This was still part of his work routine, sure, but he had to make this guy believe that he was head over heels for him, somehow - they didn't know each other, that much was for sure, but in the end, nobody cared for that when they came here. They wanted to enjoy, relax, indulge; be treated like a regular, even if it were their first time here, to avoid any awkwardness. Arai Kosuke was going to get what he bargained for. "Is it? Why are you hesitant, then? And besides, if a pretty penny like that could get you a night with me.", Gins voice still had a bit of a higher pitch than normal and he lived for it-, "... then imagine what the rest of your money will get you.", he proposed. But this guy hadn't budged. Which meant he also probably didn't want to spend another little fortune on another woman or man that he didn't even get to pick. What an unlucky fellow this one was, and all that aside, now Gin was drawing circles into his lightly exposed chest, soothing ones at that, he hoped - after all, his hands were soft to the touch and his nails definitely longer than just about any regular guys would be, but what could he say? A job was a job. "Ah, but that's the goal. For tonight, that is, but you do not seem halfbad yourself, Arai Kosuke.", the young man replied with vigor. "You can call me Gin, sir Arai."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Now this guy made him chuckle. very honestly and he smiled at that guy. "Are you trying to bait me? Like I was still in school?" Kosuke knew that he didn't have to prove anything to no one. No one even knew he was here and this man in front of him, he didn't even know him, but he was funny somehow. That was actually something Kosuke was somewhat interested in. Someone who spoke his mind and for whom life seemed so easy, because they didn't care about what others thought. Kosuke was much different. He chuckled again while this guy insisted on not pushing him, while still in the process of unbuttoning his shirt. "Are you suggesting it would only get worse from here on out?", Kosuke asked and eventually grabbed Gins hands, not to push him off, but to make him sit down with him on the bed. He was slightly intrigued to try this, if only because he didn't want to go somewhere else. He rather had a fun time now, then look for someone else. Gin, as he introduced himself, had some good ideas.

      Now that he sat there with him, Kosuke didn't quit know what to do again. Should he kiss him? Ask him to go on his knees to do his job? He wasn't new to stuff like this, but new to having a guy here he barely felt attracted to. "Gin then.", Kosuke answered. "And please don't call me Sir. I can't be much older than you." He took another look at Gin, at his soft face. He wondered how he ended up here, but he also knew it was none of his business. He wouldn't ask, much as he didn't expect to be asked. No one around here asked many questions, especially not about how people ended up here in these parts of town. But for all Gin knew, Kosuke could just be a businessman, wandering over here because he had debts to pay, or ask for loans, or because his sexual fantasies weren't satiated anywhere else. "So then Gin... you have permission to show me that men are worth my money as well." Why not give him a chance, maybe it was worth while?
    • Was he now? Gin couldn't say. He could proclaim that yes, he stood on his own two legs to spite Kosuke and just be one step ahead of him, that he tried his earnest to make it hard on them both, but he also knew that, if he admitted that he was merely trying to get this over with, he definitely wasn't going to enjoy all of this to his hearts extent. That was his job, right? Making customers happy and, by happenstance, lulling them into bed with him eventually. "I might be, but who knows? Would you have liked that?", he asked with a giggle. An innocent highschool romance - that seemed outlandish to him, and the redhead had to admit, he couldn't picture it and there were no two ways about it. Gin knew, for a fact at the very least, that he was having a hard time understanding himself sometime, but a school romance was one of the few things he absolutely didn't give a damn about. And yet, Kosuke managed to make him consider it, if only for a bit, while he was very much enamored with the thought of the two of them, going on a cutesy little date. Oh, that would have been nice, but he was hoping for just a bit too much. None of this needed to happen in the end. "Was I doing that? Oh, poor me, I didn't even notice." Oh, he definitely did - and his giggling ratted him out accordingly. To hell with that.

      In a surprising move, Gin found his hands touched by the other man - he looked at him, rather wide-eyed, and as he was sitting down once more, he was looking up at Kosuke. Now, what was this guys plan again? Hard and fast, or slow and loving? Nobody had ever specified that, but apparently, he posessed the ability to twist and turn into something like the perfect partner for this man. What a fun realization. That meant that Kosuke wasn't the first one that he'd smitten. "Is Kosuke fine, then? Or would you like me to refer to you with honorifics? Senpai?", Gin offered up as Ko sat down next to him and he was already sneaking his arms around him again. The mere suggestion to call him something like that, though, didn't it seem outlandish? What, if this guy was his junior and not his senior? Then, that'd be one amazing fuck-up. A gargantuan one, but a funny one, still. "I'll let you in on a secret, then. I'm 23.", he whispered, barely audible, as he leaned over to this cute guy, dressed all prim and proper - was he somewhere before he came here? Probably at work. The attire screamed 'office drone' and the way Kosuke acted, maybe he was; and now that bubble was about to burst anyway. "It would be a pleasure, dear Kosuke.", a reply followed, as he leaned over all of a sudden - he stole himself a kiss, a worthy reward, reeking of booze and cigarettes, as his hands went on a tour, explording and mapping out the body next to him, all tall and strong, built and defined - all because he'd opened that damned shirt, but that didn't mean that he didn't have something else that he had to get rid of first. Gin pushed Kosuke down the slightest bit, against the mattress behind him and grinned. His hands lay on the guys belt, something he was undoing quicker than ever.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "I just enjoy someone being cocky and speaking their mind.", Kosuke admitted. If Gin was himself that was fine for him, he didn't need empty words to make him think someone he paid would love him. He knew it wasn't the case and claiming differently was nothing more than an insult. Usually he didn't talk much at all, neither in private, nor with a prostitute. He wasn't big on talking and yet he talked with this guy. oh well, he had nothing better to do, then again, maybe he would be worth the money? "Mhm... do you always have such a high opinion of yourself?", he asked. That didn't necessarily come with the job, that was for sure. Some of them hated themselves for doing this. Some of them Kosuke visited to get their money and sometimes they begged him for a discount and yet that was hardly his decision. His job sucked often enough, he was glad he slowly ranked up and was nothing more than a glorified doorstopper. At least he didn't have to listen to all the sad stories anymore. Or not as often at least.

      "Senpai?", Kosuke chuckled again and grinned. Few people ever called him that, with being low in ranks and all. It sounded funny, but he didn't know if it was appropriate. "Kosuke is fine.", he told him. Like a snake Gin already had his arms around Kosukes body again. "23? Well I am your senior then. I am 25.", he chuckled once more. Senpai wasn't all too wrong, but they didn't work together, nor were they in school. As if Gin only waited for permission, he suddenly leaned in to kiss his guest. Kosuke returned it, but it didn't last long. Gin pressed Kosuke down on his back and he let him. His shirt was already open to the very bottom button and dangled from his body. As he looked down he found Gin opening his belt in record speed. He probably did that pretty often, multiple times a day, huh? Kosuke waited for what he wanted to do, for what exactly he planned. He didn't have any preferences tonight, a few minutes ago he was about to leave after all.
    • Kosuke was unbelievable. Gin couldn't help but laugh now, his shy giggle all but gone when laughter consumed him. It was so bad he almost cried, despite being a skillful actor - in the end, he figured, it came down to understanding how the world worked, and those who inhabited it. "And you think I'm one of them? That's funny ... you're funny. I wish I could give you that, but alas, no, sorry.", he reminded the, apparently older, man of his little predicament. Whatever his customers wanted of him, he'd give them, without any hassle, but in the end, he remembered that, well, he wasn't like that at all and the praise he received for his likable personality was merely there because he was being good for someone that liked him, not for the way he was, but actually for the way he behaved. Reality was something that a lot of people didn't value enough, it seemed - he was able to deceive them all, but then again, that was bullshit. "Selflove is important, so yes, I'd say so. Maybe I'd even claim I'm the best this brothel has to offer, but then I'd be insulting the others that work equally as hard. And the poor guys that didn't get to sleep with me.", he teased further, as his hands raked in quite the reward. He moved his hands downward - the beltbuckle gave in, Kosukes pants were unzipped faster than ever.

      "Oh, you liked that! I saw it on your face!", he chuckled in return, as he looked up to saw that rather blinding grin - it suited this man for sure. What would he give for all of them to be so loving and pliant like this boytoy? Right. There was a type of person that wandered in here from time to time, someone that, in the end, didn't even know if they wanted this themselves. "Kosuke it is. Nice to meet you, senior Kosuke.", he still teased him. Twenty-five wasn't that bad of an age, especially not if one still had a future ahead of them. So this was a guy, working in an office ... no, definitely not. Unless he had a very bad day today. Gin failed to comment on the dark spot on this guys stomach, definitely fist-sized, but he took note of it. Whoever was playing with dear little Kosuke wasn't the gentle type, but at least he could be, and as he slowly pulled down the others pants, he even kissed a spot right there, where somebody had punched him. Any other person would ignored it, but the redhead was the one that slightly pulled his client out of two layers of fabric and teasingly let his fingers wander anywhere, but his dick. Some people were into it, others were not, which probably was why Gin got to the meat of things rather quickly and started with feeling Kosuke up. "Would you be so kind?", he suddenly asked and pointed at the nightstand next to the bed. "Give me one of the condoms, unless you want to make a mess."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Kosuke was rather surprised by that big laugh of Gins and he raised an eyebrow. "I'm your customer and you're laughing at me, I'd wager you're pretty cocky. I know dozens of guys who'd punch you square in the face for that.", he answered, but it wasn't threatening at all. He merely pointed it out, because he himself didn't care at all. He told Gin he liked people who spoke their minds, so there he was just doing it. Sort of at least. He knew he wouldn't tell Kosuke off, even if he didn't want to do this damn job anymore. Kosuke thought about the possibility that he was a freak too. Maybe he got off on cocky whores, because he felt like in the end they said all sorts of things, but not how they hated him, or found him disgusting. That was but a sad fact and he realized that maybe he wasn't into men after all. He still had time to think about such crap, instead of enjoying himself. "Mhh... I see. You care about your coworkers feelings?", he asked purely nonjudgmental.

      Kosukes pants were all opened up eventually. He could tell that Gin did that all day. The grinning face was somewhat refreshing and Kosuke shook his head still grinning, but left Gins comment uncommented. Maybe Senpai had a good ring to it. Gin wouldn't stop either, but Kosuke wouldn't call him junior all of a sudden, that would have been weird. "Nice to meet you too...", he merely answered, lifting his body up a bit, so Gin had an easier time pulling down his pants. "Ouch...", he mumbled, not really meaning it, when he received a kiss to the hurting dark spot he received today. "Are you interested in that?" Kosuke didn't mind sharing a bit more, even though he usually wasn't in a talkative mood. All the while he ceased to look at the redhead however and instead let his head fall back to lock at the ceiling. He quickly relaxed, it truly didn't matter whos hands ran across his shaft, did it now? He looked down again when Gin wanted something of him though and raised his eyebrow. Didn't this guy say he was good with his mouth? Kosuke didn't want to argue,, nor did he want to insult Gin. Who around these parts got tested for STDs anyway? Besides the whores themselves occasionally? Without saying more, he grabbed the condoms Gin pointed to, ripped one off of the strip and handed it over.
    • "Oh, you do? So you aren't an office clerk. I figured that." But he also wasn't wrong. Any other person might take it as an insult, to be laughed at by a mere whore who was there to only look pretty and feed their desires, nothing else. Gin couldn't help it, not when his partner for the night was a cutie and definitely not the type of person that would pack those kinds of punches. Besides, whoever wanted to pick a fight with his boss only had to touch him the wrong way - being banned from this establishment wasn't a rare occurence in any way, Gin knew that, and it happened especially often if someone was being rude to him, of all the people that were employed here. In fact, physical violence often wasn't allowed to be exacted by customers, and he could figure why that was the case; who would want to fuck damaged merchandise? No one. They all had to look beautiful, and something like a swollen, black eye wasn't going to get fixed with ridiculous amounts of make-up anyway. "I do, kind of. Well, we all work here and it's hard not to talk if you actually have a break, you know? You can actually be honest with them - about everything.", he opened up to Kosuke, who could probably guess as much. Gin didn't dislike gossip, per se, he just wasn't the one that liked spreading it. Hearing it, however, was different.

      Still, it was somewhat odd - this guy was in his age bracket, could have led a nice and normal life, but instead, he might as well be affiliated with a mob or a gang, or just some sort of broker that got attached to all the wrong kinds of people. What could he even say to that? He didn't know; Gin wasn't here to pry, though, he was here for pleasure, to hand it out like a freebie, and to make someones night worth a while, and yet, it seemed as if he wasn't being such a good sport about it if he exchanged friendly banter with a guy who's dick he was currently holding in his hand, stroking it the slightest bit, as his body still leaned over the lower half and kissed the darker, red spot on this guys stomach. Gin smiled. "I might be, but if you would rather keep it a secret, I won't pry. Does it really hurt? I bet you're tougher than that.", he blurted out, granting the spot another slight peck and then some, as his hand moved and Kosuke handed him the condom he asked for. Now, Gin was good with his mouth, he'd said as much, but obviously not a master of his craft in that regard. He took it, discarded the wrapper and put it over Kosukes dick in one swift movement. There were rules that seemed quite uneccessary to him - he got the concerns, but still, it was only going to be a blowjob - before he doubled down on what he'd promised the guy. Gin inched down a bit and started with the tip, giving it a few tentative licks and then, took it in his mouth. This wasn't anything out of the ordinary, not when he dipped down, and then back up, to find a nice and steady rhythm for both of them.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "I'm not? Ever seen the movie Fight Club?", Kosuke answered. Officle clerk? Him? No way. He chuckled about it, it was outrageous. Did he look like one? Maybe it was the clothes, but he had to wear these and he lacked the interest to shop for something else. He came straight from work today, but truth was, he didn't have many different clothes at home. It was all black and white shirts and black trousers. When he went out with colleagues, they also went straight after work, so he figured he didn't need any other clothes anyway. Either way, he didn't mind sharing his profession, but why not let Gin guess a bit, although he probably already had an idea. Kosuke peered down a bit. Gin seemed very honest with him right now and he didn't mind a little chat. Weird, usually he wasn't very talkative. "Sounds nice, actually." It did sound nice to have someone to share their problems with. "So are you?", he asked friendly, "Honest with them, I mean." he could imagine them talking about the worst customers they had, or about weirdos like him who actually wanted to leave again... That didn't sound pleasant.

      All the talk aside, Kosuke also enjoyed the touched he received. He let out all air and his muscles relaxed. He had to admit that he had been a bit tense, with a guy down there, but it was actually feeling good. More than that. Either it was because he was a guy and therefor knew what he was doing, or it was coincidence that he seemed to know exactly what Kouske enjoyed. It didn't take long for him to warm up to the idea of Gin being his entertainment for tonight at all and down there it looked like it made no difference to him soon enough. All the while Gin still seemed interested in Kosukes little wound and his body naturally twitched and tried to escape, even though he had had worse. "I'm used to it.", he answered. "I don't mind sharing, but you see, the first rule of the Fight Club is to..." He peered down again and grinned. "Ah you're not believing me. I can see that. Footballplayer? No? What is your guess then?" A soft moan mixed with his chuckle when Gin closed his lips around him. He didn't mean to, but damn this guy was good. Kosuke leaned back again and lay his arm over his eyes. "You're really good at this..."
    • Gin was focusing something entirely else when Kosuke opened his mouth to keep on talking - about Fight Club no less. What was he going to do with this guy? Now that he actually was sucking him off, and actually putting effort into that for god knows what reason, he was being a smartass, no? The redhead bit back a chuckle as he continued his little assignment, giving himself no time to breathe as he slowed down. The rhythm he'd naturally set was gone, thrown out of the window - he'd apparently decided that for every stupid thing his customer said, he deserved a tad bit of punishment and if anyone was to dish that out, it'd be him and him alone. He didn't know why, but he loved the idea of teasing this poor fellow, simply because he was a nice man, one that could take it no less. Almost as if he came up for air, Gin pulled his mouth away and started stroking him with his hand again, languidly so, and now that he was, there was nothing he genuinely thought himself to be afraid of. In fact, why would he be? This was all fun and games, here and there, right this instant. "So you are into movies like Fight Club, should have known that.", he confessed with a stupid little smile. Why was it always those man that he was enamored with?

      Before he could dip down again, Kosuke kept talking. "Very much.", he quickly replied. His hand picked up the pace at least, and while they could have had a nice conversation, Gin dipped back down and put his mouth around Kosukes length again, almost as if he hadn't decided just yet how he was going to fuck with this guy. Was it going to be viable if he kept this strategy up? Not necessarily, but alas, maybe he was just doing himself a favor is he was nice and honest now. A giggle escaped him as he listened, but he couldn't stop quite yet, not when the two of them were having fun and he was trying his earnest to fit the entire thing in his mouth, in one swift go, then bop back up, and then go to town on him again. Kosuke was a cute idiot, that much he learned right now, and as he peered up and received praise for his doings, two times in fact, he grabbed upped the ante almost immediately, to torture the other man sufficiently - he got slower after a bit, not sure what exactly he was aiming for, but convinced of his skill and judgment, he let his customer suffer. Now, wasn't that a sweet way of acting? Milking some moans out of him, quite literally, but Gin knew this was hardly enough.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Kosuke enjoyed what Gin made him feel. He wasn't half bad and it seemed like he was wrong claiming that he didn't want this. He was somehow glad he didn't waste his money and just left, instead he lay there, arm above his eyes and the stress he felt coming from work fell off of him. That was what he came here for, wasn't it? Work was always stressful, not only when he had misbehaving people that ran from him, or tried to assault him. No matter how tough someone was, they were lying if they claimed that none of them cared about that, that they just took it, or that it was fun. Yes, there were people that thought breaking someones legs was fun, but most people didn't, Kosuke included. Now the dark spot on his body didn't hurt that much, he was used to it, he was even used to worse, but it still riled him up that it happened in the first place. He was here to forget it and he had to admit that that worked quite well.

      "Aha? What makes you say that?", he asked and wondered if he truly was the guy for watching movies like Fight Club. or movies at all to be exact. He never knew who to watch them with anyway and besides he had little time. There were no weekends in his job. There were only evenings, like today and Kosuke had a bit of time to relax and eventually go to sleep. Gin made his evening great actually. This wasn't the first time Kosuke paid for sex, not at all in fact, he wasn't interested in dating someone, but anyway, Gin was better than he expected. He knew exactly what he had to do with Kosuke, as if he already knew him. What a fucked up little gift, but he probably spent his fair share of time in places like these. Kosuke was interested in his story suddenly, but he wouldn't ask. That was rude and besides that fact, this guy had troubles talking right now anyway. He could have told Gin to go faster, but even that he didn't do, he trusted him and it was quite enjoyable for quite some time. Gin simply knew when enough was enough as well and eventually they were done before their time was up. Kosuke grabbed his phone, they had another 15 minutes.
    • Gin sometimes was all for it when the time was up, but in the case of Kosuke, he truly wished they had the slightest bit longer. He wouldn't call this guy a quickshot, though, just someone who enjoyed talking a bit more than any other client he had tonight, at least when it came to not praising himself. Some guys who came through this door were all high and mighty, definitely born with their head up their own asses and so much money in their pockets, nobody would miss them when they were gone, solely based on the fact that they, of all people, were just known for their immense wealth and nothing else. As Gin thought about that, though, he just tossed the condom in the next available bin he had in this room and stretched himself. That was a win in his book - he didn't even need to take off his clothes for Kosuke, or pretend that he was sexiness incarnate to make him swoon - apparently it was enough to mesmerize him by giving him fellatio and that was that. The taste wasn't the best, sure, but who said this type of work was the most enjoyable? Not once had Gin thought about pursuing such a career when he was younger - damn, he'd had ambitions, and for some reason, he figured that his dear customer was no different.

      "You sound invested in them. What's your favorite movie anyway?", he asked, as he crept closer to Kosuke, almost as if he wanted to cuddle. Gin lazily put his arm around the older mans chest and started running his fingers all over him, before he tucked them into his shirt because they were getting cold. He even leaned onto the guy - he felt oddly comfortable around him. "Also, my guess about your job is ... hm. Part of the mob?", Gin mouthed, rather nicely at that. Sure, he didn't say 'yakuza' outright, but some people were just not too keen on spilling the beans on who they exactly belonged to in the end. It was quite the shame, he had to admit, to lose such a handsome man to a life of crime, but he definitely wasn't any better. In fact, Gin was not good at all - he was the one who went from an upstanding citizen to a junkie and then out of there to confess any crime he might have had to a man that offered him salvation; his boss was a funny one, especially when he decided to hand him whatever pills his heart could desire; and Gin, if not asked to take them right then and there, well, he'd save them. His goal was to stay sober in the end. "How do you end up with a job like yours, if I may ask? Would you rather be a footballplayer? Hm, no, maybe a baseballplayer, that's much more popular anyway.", the redhead giggled. He wasn't wrong.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Soon enough Gin joined Kosuke on the bed who at least pulled his pants back up again. Gin meanwhile still seemed happy his shirt was unbuttoned and Kosuke let him snuggle close. He didn't feel the need to tell him off and he didn't mind laying in the ed for the remaining minutes. "Hm, you think? I don't know... my colleague made me watch it not too long ago when he came over to my place. When I was younger I had more time for movies, now I mostly go drink something after work and when I'm home I'm beat." There was a time where he got a bit more into movies, but most of them were about violence and he had enough of that in his life. "You'll laugh if I tell you.", he eventually answered. "Do you have a favorite movie?" Kosuke wondered if he should tell Gin that he didn't have to climb on him now, he got what he paid for, but in the end, he'd only insist he had 15 more minutes. He was great at his job though, Kosuke decided to give into the illusion that this guy actually cared.

      He smiled when Gin guessed his job, but that wasn't too hard, was it now? Gin already continued. "What? Not waiting for a yes?", he asked, seemingly dodging the question, but he wasn't really. "Like most...? There never was much else around where I grew up. My family had no money, school was for losers and when I was 14 I joined a gang... Stuck there. No education, nowhere else to go...", he explained, raising a hand to Gins face to move some of his red locks out of the way. "I bet you heard that story a thousand times...? I have." He wondered if he should ask as well. He didn't mind sharing, but that wasn't true for everyone. He shut his mouth, he didn't need to know and Gin didn't have to share how he ended up here. He doubted he planned to become a prostitute. "I'm not that into sports to be honest.", he chuckled instead. "I actually never thought about what I would rather work as. I never really had any other possibilities... I think. Well maybe as a clerk in some supermarket but when I was young that didn't sound very appealing, you know?"