Nous rex. Nova lex. {lune & lysios}

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    • Nous rex. Nova lex. {lune & lysios}

      Nous rex. Nova lex.
      Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Light Academia, R16

      Magic has always been a great source of dreams and fairytales. From early ages till modern times, it has never left the human mind as something incredible. It gave a sense of freedom winning over the laws of physics. How could anyone imagine that magic was not only part of our worlds reality, but also bound to many, uncountable rules.
      A ministry formed when humankind was still young and naive documented, controlled and oppressed every magical being. It made unicorns go instinct, hunted down trolls and ogres and cleared the world from everything that couldn‘t blend in with normal human life.
      Now there was nothing left of the magical world except the wizards and witches, that lived normal, ordinary life‘s, hiding away their abilities, having sworn an oath to only use it for the ministry of magic. Everything went according to plan.

      Until it didn‘t.
      The first error, that struck through the radar of the ministry was a little star, that suddenly turned up on their map, that detected every magical activity. It was the bright light of something that wasn‘t seen in many centuries: the power of an amulet, powerful in it‘s core because it was able to strengthen every spell that‘s been spoken in it‘s reach. The magical world didn‘t have a hunt, wasn‘t in need for one for so long. Now it was their time to dream, come up with legends and fairytales that were bigger than themself and promised a sense of freedom, yet unknown.
      But the light disappeared, nearly immediately. Some say it was just an illusion, some kind of small supernova, a burning star that reflected too late in the ministries grasp. But seeing it‘s existence once was enough for the dream to proceed. Many went out to look for it. Many still do. They gave this mysterious phenomenon many names. It had to be an artifact, legends said that it was. Some even whispered under their breath it might be something as old as the world itself. Others tried dating it down to an archeological finding of the Aztecs or Egyptians. But all the questions never got answered for over twenty years now.

      Normal life went on. Especially normal humans never noticed anything of the great riots. The only thing exceptional to them was when from time to time magic awoke in the souls of seemingly ordinary humans. Although that in fact was a normal thing. Every child that shows magical potential gets assigned a tutor, a future master that watches over the child, ready to step in the moment it‘s powers arise. No wizard or witch should ever escape the firm grasp of the ministry.
      This is the story of one of those children. X never noticed anything extraordinary about herself. She lived a normal life, had normal parents and very normal dreams for her future. When she went out to party with her best childhood friend, drinking away any sorrows that she might have, she never imagined for her body to suddenly move on it‘s own. She was sure she didn‘t drink that much when she suddenly let things appear or disappear. That in itself was a shock.
      But with what the magical world was way more stunned was the reappearing light of the amulet, radiating in sheer power, coming from the young girl, moving on the dance floor. The magicians around her immediately attacked the young woman and her friend. They were in great luck, that A, the assigned master for the girl, watched her with a hawks eye. He and his apprentice saved her together with her friend and brought them into their flat, that‘s been shielded by magic. The two women seemed so vulnerable, so very normal, when they laid on the floor unconscious. There was nothing left of the radiating power that attracted so much attention.
      What was that? A and his apprentice B felt stressed. They had to explain what happened to their supervisors but they themself had no clue how a scenario like this was even possible. None of the girls had any significant jewelry or artifacts with them.

      But one thing was clear as day: They had to solve whatever it was with these two women until someone else did…

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    • General information and world building

      - Magic can manifest in humans between the ages of 14 till 25. There is no documented case of anyone awakening after that.
      - There is no particular need for wizards and witches to be of a magical upbringing. Even if the magic hasn‘t manifested in a family‘s blood in many generations, a child can still experience the awakening.
      - As soon as the magic manifests itself the subjects start to experience several changes in their physical attributes. Holding magic requires a lot of energy. Newly awakened wizards and witches might suffer from insatiable hunger, eating with no end and not gain any weight. They also seem to become fairer, prettier even to the eyes of humans, some might consider them beautiful now even though they weren‘t a week ago. They will from this point seem to age slower, their hair and nails although seem to grow a lot faster.
      - Magic and it‘s users are highly affected by the moon and the stars that shine above them. Some might experience great insomnia and uncontrollable mood swings.
      - Wizards and witches tend to be loved by nature. They start attracting wildlife way more than usual.
      - Any rule break, no matter how consequential it is, must be reported and punished by the ministry. Anyone hiding a crime or a rule break becomes automatically guilty as well. Some might even be punished by death.
      - Every wizard and every witch has to swear an oath to the ministry to only and solely use their power for the ministry. They shall refrain from any self beneficial act.
    • Name: Marina „Minnie“ Atkins
      Age: 23 y/o, 03. October, Libra sun Aquarius moon
      Height: 1,63 m

      Marina has always been a very curious and studious girl. Her parents had to pay for endless lessons and interests. She learned to play the piano but then she started developing and interest in the clarinet. After that she felt like dancing; ballet, jazz, walz. Italian sounded pretty. But wasn‘t Russian also great? But what about Greek?
      It was always hard maintaining friendships. Marina seemed to be always busy. But for the few very close friends she had she always made sure to find time for them. In the end she started a thousand crafts - or so it seems - without perfecting any of them. Her parents were extremely concerned what should become of her, but truly managed to find her passion. In history she seemed to be able to combine everything that interested her; different cultures, different languages, historical and political events. It was not a hard decision what to study in university by all means. At first her parents were afraid she would lose this interest too but she‘s been consistent for quite some time now.

      - Came out as bisexual in her early teens. What do you expect of someone, being drowned in boobs every time she gets hugged by women?
      - Studies archeology and anthropology and is a complete history geek. You wanna make Minnie the happiest girl? Just let her rant about her passions. She will always love you for that.
      - Just like her interests vary in every direction possible she loves all kinds of different music. Marina is the one to take clubbing, going to concerts, poetry jams and festivals. There‘s no way she will refuse any of the invitations if she can manage to find time for it.

    • Name: Gregory Sullivan
      Age: 48 y/o, 18. August, Leo sun Gemini moon
      Height: 1,93 m

      Gregory is way older than he appears to be. There is this thing when you use magic too frequently that it can mess up a few things in your body. For him it was the ability to age. For many years he‘s been some kind of police officer in the ministry. Not just did he find the rule breakers but also many times he‘s been assigned with their punishment. When his inability to age became too obvious though he was put down from the position so his body could recover from the high usage of magic. That was ten years ago and since then there weren‘t any visible changes. But Gregory honestly couldn‘t care less. He‘s very fond of his body and never stops bragging to his colleagues that started with him years ago and are now turning gray. He‘s been the master of many new wizards and witches and even got his first apprentice now.

      - Greg loves working out, building muscles and being admired for his appearance. Compliment him a lot if you want him to be on your good side. Criticize him though and he will be even fonder of you. Improving is one his personal goals in life and being buttered up is certainly great for his ego but has no benefits otherwise.
      - It may not seem like it but he‘s very wise. Not just did he collect all kinds of knowledge over the year, he‘s also made lots of mistakes but learned from them. So if someone were to get him in a serious mood and voice the interest to learn from him he will very much oblige.
      - He cares a lot for others. Especially the other magicians. The ministry became his home when he developed magical powers way back in the orphanage and he owes them everything. There‘s never been an order he has disobeyed in. He believes greatly in the greater power it holds over the world and sees it necessary to guarantee a peaceful life.

    • Name: Rebecca ( Beca) Manviolus
      Age: 23, Fourth of August, Leo in Sun, Pisces in Moon
      Height: 1,77


      Rebecca had always a particular outlook in live. Life, as if it is your last day on earth!
      Even before she hit her teenage years, she was outgoing, and loved to be the star of the show —- And there was no a show, she would make one!
      Ever since she could remember, so was her days drawn out; by making something out of them and make sure to stay on peoples minds.
      The woman was in several difficult situations because of her personality but it does not change her and her philosophy at all.
      She wants to be an unchanging rock in history.
      Her parents brought her many books and discoveries from their trips. Then her parents where Anthropologists. She loved what the job brings and wanted it for herself; So she decided to study it.
      Her parents, due to not being with her at home, do not know that she goes to parties and begins arguments that most of the time escalate in fights.


      — She is a very outgoing girl, who loves to party and make friends which very so often brings her in situations that are definitely not on her wishlist.
      — Loves to read and has a part time job in the library in her university.
      — Studies Archeology and Anthropology, which she is very passionate about! She wants to become an Anthropologist in the future.
      — Has a weird obsession with rocks and crystals. Collects them and decorates herself with them or her flat.
      — Beca does not keep quiet and immediately calls someone out when she finds someone did things wrong. It takes her a while to forgive people as well, even when it is easy for her to see the reason why they did what they did, forgiving someone is a different aspect.
      — She goes to a martial arts club weekly! She is very proud of her muscles and loves to showcase them.

    • Name: Cecilia Albarante
      Age: 31 y/o, 12. September, Virgo sun Aries moon
      Height: 1,73 m

      Cecilia is of a family of very known and influential magicians in the higher ranks of the ministry. She shouldered her parents great expectations and exceeded them. She developed her magical powers when she was only eleven years old. No one knows though, that she managed to get her hands on a potion that fastened the process of ascension. The first and by far not the last rule she broke. She worked her way up, used all the connection she could get from her parents and made her own to became the acting grand master of the ministry at the young age of 28. She saw everything that went wrong and that currently is in awful stage in the ministry. She‘s been planning a rebellion from the moment she heard from the appearance of the old amulet. The grandmaster has to fall and it doesn‘t matter who else will go down with him. No ruler made his vision a reality without sacrificing the pawns.

      - Everything about her day is neatly and perfectly structured. She hates everything untidy and suffers from nearly psychotic outbreaks if someone interrupts her plans. Whenever there is a thorn in her eye she makes sure to deal with it by herself cause that‘s the only way she can be sure that it‘s gone.
      - It‘s needless to say that Cecilia has immense trust issues. Her wish to do everything on her own is complicating her life since her early childhood. Not even her parents are in any way worthy of her vulnerability. Her siblings are completely out of the picture too. It was clear from very early on, that they would be in an endless competition with one another. One wrong step and her brother or sister will immediately take her place, that‘s for sure.
      - The only thing that really calms her nerves is a cup of tea and some classical music in the background. If a naked woman kneels before her feet, even better.

    • Name: Evelyn Marrogh
      Age: 31 years old, Scorpion Sun Libra Moon
      10. November
      Height: 1,68 cm

      Evelyn, mostly called Eva or Evie from her friends and family was witch that loved to help others with her magical gifts. She does not particularly care for the ministry, since the woman is from a village that is pretty much shut off from others, and even with her grandma who herself was a witch taught her magic and tricks, she too told her things about the ministry that made Evie’s skin crawl. So she helps others with her powers without the knowledge of the higher ups.
      She didn’t get caught using her powers, minimal acts as they were, by the ministry but fears it each and every day.
      So she does what every woman in her early 30s does and tries to get into the ministry herself before they can find her! …. Well, smart is a word that a big word in Evelyns word, because of her upbringing in her village and the minimal studies she did have there.
      The woman loves to learn, however, as much as she can.
      And so she gets put up with Gregory, a Master in the crafts and a loyalist to the ministry so she can find her ways.
      Helping her village with magic, is still something she does though, if she can get away with it.
      She learns and is motivated to learn,

      — Eva is street smart but needs to read and study for more than others.
      — She can trap and collect magic in one of her rings she often wears.
      — She wears a traditional braiding her village taught her when she was a youngling, almost all the time.
      — Her villages is a closed off village that has very pagan believes.

    • Name: Alliester Albarante
      Age: 34 Gemini Sun Gemini Moon
      15 June
      Height: 1,89 cm

      Ever since he could remember, Alliester wanted change. The world was mingle and weak and needed someone like him, he thought. And then his little sister was born and took this away from him; she easily took over made Alliester feel something like weakness, for the first time in his life. Before this, he was always praised and known to be the better one, the one who will succeed, and yet the world thought different of it and made him the second choice.
      In his very nature, he is made for something greater and perhaps his sister overtaking the ministry before him was a sign as well; He was meant for something greater than this, so he will just create something with his own hands, dirty them with everything to get what he wants — The power to rule them all, to give them all a better future as well.
      But for this he needs the amulet and he will do everything in his power to take it.

      —- Alliester is a strategist, before he goes into his plan, he makes sure to have a plan B or C or even Z.
      — He has a very natural friendly aura around him and only people who know him intimately, know his true nature.
      — He likes power but at the same breath loves violence — However, for magicians and witches he just want to create a world of peace — or his version of it.
      — He is very possessive of the people he cares for.
      — Has a thing for worshiping the ones in his bed; if the people worship him, he can return the favour, right?
      — When his sister became the acting grand master, he tried to argue against it and even almost fought people ( killing a few in the process) and due to his families influence and his sister being the grandmaster, he was excused, it is however an open secret what he did.