The Belmonte Brignole Conflict [lune & lysios]

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    • The Belmonte Brignole Conflict [lune & lysios]

      The Belmonte Brignole Conflict
      Historical, Dark Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy, Romance | R16

      There’s been a strong bond that formed between the mighty families Belmonte and Brignole thousands of years ago. It was stronger than friendship, way stronger than love and even outgrew hatred. What knotted these two families together was rivalry. Everything in their reach was quickly seen as another piece in their chess game. When Belmonte decided to side with Alexander the great, the Brignole supported King Darius the 3rd. When Brignole followed Galileo Galilei across the ocean, Belmonte set the catholic church aflame with rage. Humans were merely puppets, toys to play with for the immortal beings. A way to always proceed their fight for supremacy over each other. Humankind all together had the sole purpose to serve them. To feed them. To amuse them.
      Even among other vampires, these two families were well known and well feared. They were called the old ones.

      Today, in the year of 1810 their current game of chess was played on the blood drenched paths of the napoleonic war. But not just that. One playground was never enough. They speculated on and supported several growing institutions of science and plans of expeditions and equally infiltrated the catholic church right from it‘s roots in the Vatican.
      This story is following the Belmonte against Brignole conflict precisely from the point of view of these families youngest siblings. Their place in the vampire society was surely guaranteed through family name alone. But that was nowhere near enough for them. They wanted to grow bigger than their parents. These young immortal beings had dreams of ruling, destroying and rebuilding. They wanted to create a bigger monument than all their ancestors before them. An indestructible Alexandria.

      Who would have guessed that two simple human women would be dragged into the vision of these powerful vampires.
      Sienna and Cyrille are girls raised by the nunnery, run by another lineage of immortals. They were chosen from birth and cared for all their life’s to make them the perfect servants. Their skills should leave no room for complaints. Their blood should taste the sweetest. Their faith should erase all desire to run from their fate and leave no crumb of rebellion against their masters.
      It was a great honor being gifted one of these maids from the Pamphili nunnery. A gift both Belmonte and Brignole accepted. Although they couldn't fathom why they had to share them. The maids got a small house right on the border to both properties and worked for both families in shifts.
      As it was very characteristic for the siblings of both families, they immediately started constructing their strategies with them. Not just that it came in very handy that they could enter each others houses freely. It was also of great interest to them what could be the greater plan of the Pamphili. The older vampires were arrogant enough to believe no other family could ever grow to rival them. But the young Belmonte and Brignole siblings felt that there was something to them that they needed to destroy before it could endanger them.

    • Cyrille of the Pamphili church
      Rumpumpum. Rumpumpum.
      Cyrille saw a wandering circus once. Padre Elias took the girls to see it as they passed the city. The show was magical, as if she was entering a fairytale full of wonders. But what she loved the most was the sound of the drums.
      Rumpumpum! Rumpumpum!
      Cyrille knew when she awoke a few weeks ago and her heart mimicked the beat of these circus drums, that it was truly her moment to step into her very own fairytale. Years of training made sure she was prepared for the day she would be sent off into the household of her future master. And although she was excellent in tidying, cooking tea, listening and obeying, Cyrille felt very unprepared in the end. Many surprises awaited her and Sienna when the two women arrived with a carriage at the properties of both families; Belmonte and Brignole. Their names were known all over the country. They were powerful not just for humans but also amongst the circles of high societal vampires. And of all the nuns it was them who were brought here. Because it wasn’t one master they were supposed to serve, but four. Cyrille revisited the day in her memories as if she were to look at a picture book. She nearly fainted at the sights of this beautiful beings. Although she only met three of them this day. She made sure to never ever forget their faces. It was an honor to serve the vampires. But to be gifted to the old ones!
      Even today, three weeks into her new life, she couldn’t help but giggle at this thought while hanging the bedsheets for Sienna and herself. A light breeze blew through her long hair and she enjoyed the sun, shining in her face. What a beautiful day. No, what a wonderful life! She hummed happily and closed her eyes for a quick prayer. She thanked god for giving her life, for sending her to the Belmontes and Brignoles, for letting Sienna stay at her side and to her parents who died for her to enjoy this soft spring morning.
      Sienna and Cyrille moved into a servants house that was connected to both properties and they worked in shifts for both families. This morning Sienna was advised to serve the Brignole sisters at breakfast. And the elder Master Belmonte wished to not be disturbed in the mornings for he was still sleeping after working all night long. So Cyrilles shift would only start in a few hours at the Brignoles. For that she used the time at her hand to keep their comfortable beautiful little house clean and tidy. She took the basket in which she carried the wet bedsheets outside and stepped back into the kitchen. The dark-haired girl started humming a soft melody and swung the skirt of her dress around as she moved through the area. She jumped to a tile of the floor and raised her foot forward so the dress followed the motion and with a swirl she jumped onto the next tile. The humming changed into a song she made up on the spot.
      It was not to question that she held the years spent in the nunnery dearly to her heart. But since she was assigned her place here Cyrille truly felt a sense of freedom she’s never known. She felt safe and at home.

      Elisabetta Brignole
      It was too early in the morning. Elisabetta was tired and felt like she could fall sleep any minute. It was so comfortable and peaceful sitting at breakfast with her beloved sister in the shadow of a big tree, being caressed by the wind. She yawned into her hand and leaned forward to cross her arms on the little table. She was told many times, that she didn’t have to get up so early to eat with her sister when she spent the night being busy. But never, not in a million years, would Elisabetta miss a chance to dine with Gabriella. As long as she had two legs and two arms that was. Sienna was there, serving them. Elisabettas eyes followed her motions curiously as she placed Eclairs and Tee on the table. She was one of the new maids. Never before did the vampire had mortal servants. She tried to make out differences to low ranked vampires. But she could hardly find any. Although this woman smelled way better. Aside that she thought of her as beautiful and delicate. She liked her.
      With a smile Elisabetta laid a finger on her empty cup. “Dearest, would you make me a coffee please? I can’t seem to wake up.” The blonde looked up to her sister. “Or am I actually still dreaming? I wouldn’t mind seeing such a lovely day surrounded by a beautiful flower and my majestic sister in my sleep. But if this were to be my life I shall be the luckiest person alive.” Elisabetta grinned a bright smile from ear to ear. She was so proud of her cheesy comment. She wore a beautiful uniform that was tailored and altered for her curves and she checked the pocket watch on her waist for the time. When would the mailman finally bring her the paper? It made Elisabetta dizzy not knowing what was happening on the fronts on which Napoleon was fighting. “Miss Elisabetta?”, one of the other servants voices called for her and she rose immediately to her feet. “Ah, finally I was just thinking about-“ As she turned around in assumption to see the low ranked vampire with the paper, he instead held a small parcel in his hands. “It’s from your father, Miss Elisabetta. A letter too for Miss Gabriella.” The younger sister took the letter and held it out to Gabriella across the table.
      “Thank you.” With a single sign of her hand she shooed the man away and sat back down into her seat. She placed the parcel on her lap and opened it. Immediately a shriek of sheer joy escaped her lips. Elisabettas eyes shone as bright as the sun. Suddenly she was wide awake. “These are coins! Gabriella, coins from China! Look at them!” In pure excitement the young vampire held out one of the gifts her father send her. “They’re all so heavy! And look look they’re stenciled by hand. Everyone of them is different! And heavens, so heavy! No wonder they invented the paper money! Imagine traveling with all your luggage and these coins.” She turned her gaze to Sienna.
      “Dearest, come here, hold out your hand! Look at them, you see how heavy they are? Isn’t that amazing?”

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    • Gabriella

      The light breeze of the wind kisses her cheeks, makes the older being feel like the world has woken up and praised itself by showing off its wonders.
      Gabriella almost wants to chuckle at the display; instead she watches as the maid she can barely remember the name of brings them tea and some sweets.
      How bizarre, they have been alive for so long and yet, the wonders of live still amaze her each day - How the food explodes and melts on her tongue and how the delight of the day makes her almost wants to smile.
      Just as much as her sister does, always.
      She notices how she vibrates with energy that Gabriella herself cannot fathom anymore. Mayhaps somedays she still does. And how she loves the old things, like a bird.
      " Oh yes, my dear, quite lovely", she answers as she takes her cup of tea, drinking it before deciding what to do next.
      The new maids are quite charming but the other was way more interesting, now wasn't she?
      Though her little sister seems to be quiet charmed with the one in front of them.
      She puts the cup back down and smiles at her little sister, an actual smile that she resides for not many -
      " Don't worry, my sparrow. The newspaper boy is probably running along now"


      She makes sure to boil the leaves at a perfect temperate. And yet, she isn't sure if its as perfect as she desires.
      She stands in the light as the creatures dine in the shadows, letting the wonderful warmth embrace her like a long lost lover.
      When the younger one starts with her questions and open flirtations Sienna almost laughs, so she turns her head a little, tying to hide her flush cheeks - Both from the feeling of being flustered and hatred for herself.
      " I ... I thank you for your compliments, master" , she answers as she composes herself again. It is not proper to show anything that she just felt a moment ago.
      She wants to smile and hopes the two do not notice -- And then the letters arrive.
      Sienna blinks, her eyes not fathom what is in front of her; Coins? That are supposed to be coins? How lovely! Perhaps even meant to be cost a fortune!
      ".. They look quite amazing, master!", she takes the information in like a sponge as the little sister talks on and on; even nods along and gasps when she is told that such a heavy thing was used as currency! She wants and wants - but knows that she is not allowed to take. So she simply watches as her little master touches those things in amazement. How she wants to shown the monster. Alas, she does not.
      She only smiles and freezes as she notice the gaze of the older one.
      Sienna has heard stories. How the older being easily hires and fires maids like it is a hobby. So Sienna nods once before throwing the smile away, going back to the sun, not even realising that she stepped a bit too close to the younger noble.
      The maid looks down and cringes as she sees the cut on her hand. The night on the Belmonte mansion last time, still haunts her dreams; from both excitement and horror.
      And then the letter-boy arrives; Sienna takes the newspapers in her hands and puts them on the table.
      Two papers for both nobles to read.
      Sienna does not look at it; she knows that she isn't allowed to.
      The only thing that she could gather is that something was going on with Istria before she looked away from the papers.


      After constant days, perhaps even weeks of running, he is glad to be able to sleep and even have some gulps of food before a good two hours sleep in the middle of the day - The Belmonte's were known for that and he cannot keep away from the habits that were in his DNA, now can he?
      He sleeps in one of the rooms, and the next day in one of the other rooms; he doesn't know if the church answers for his family or if someone already has seen him, perhaps even smelt his noble blood in the air - Oh he wants to just leave this country and be done with it.
      But his face is known and is still war so what could he do?
      He still wants to live and loves to be able to be - Oh? What is that.
      Luca opens his eyes as the voice, the rhythm and softness of this sound sunk into his skin, his very soul.
      There was a maiden next to the room he was hiding in. There was someone, with a voice that has seduced his soul.
      And he wants to thank her for it, he truly does.
      Luca smiles at the idea and opens the door, making she that there is no one before leaving and opening the door where the maiden resides.
      A lovely tune and lyrical master to, isn't she? And how she looks! Like a being that has been kissed and cherished by the sun.
      Luca smiles and closes the door -- And flinches as the door makes a sound when it closes.
      Now, for someone who was scared of being discovered, he sure did not think more before his curiosity of the voice made him move to find the culprit who has tempted his soul.
      "Now, we will not make a noise, will we? I just wanted to ... hm", he pauses and leans against the door, his head pressed against the hard wood.
      " ... just wanted to thank you for the private performance! Or, perhaps apologise for listening."
      Or, he didn't say, did not utter the truth at all: to hear her sing another song, before he has to threaten her to silent about him being here.
      It was his own stupidity for showing himself, he knows; but just as sleeping during the day is in his blood, so is making threats to him, second nature.
    • Cyrille
      The young maid turned the kitchen into her very own dancehall. Cyrille danced and sung while swirling around and working. She decided on short notice that she should bake some bread for her and Sienna. They finished the last loaf yesterday and there were only a few days left until the cook of the Belmonte house promised the women to take them with him to town so they could stock up on all the ingredients they were in need of. So it was a great time to use up all the leftovers they had. Some pies would be great too. The work for the masters tended to be quite endless. Especially with master Timotheus’ busy work schedule at night. It was important to have a few snack sized meals, ready to be devoured at any given minute. Did they still have enough sugar and flour? Cyrilles long fingers grabbed one of the brown bags from the shelf and opened a thread that held it together.
      The door behind her shut close with a thud. She turned around reflexively as she thought the spring’s breeze crept through the house. Only as she laid eyes on the beautiful man before her, her body flinched and she stumbled a step back. “Who-…” The strangers voice silenced her. His tone was raspy, she would guess a little tired but still as warm, beautiful and rich as honey. Cyrille couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was clearly one of the immortal beings. And if he was a servant he was easily the prettiest she's seen in the halls. Although that didn’t feel right by judging his pricey clothes. Cyrille was still pressed against the kitchen counter. The entire length of the room was between them.
      As he complimented her… or rather apologized for liking and listening on her singing the young woman could feel the heat in her cheeks rising. A small sigh escaped her lips. “I will forgive you. But please, don't sneak up on me again. I nearly dropped the flour.” Cyrille went back to baking. She still had some time. With a curious look the dark-haired girl peaked over her shoulder. “Please, sit down. Would you desire some tea? I am about to bake some pies but I am afraid they will take a while to get ready and we finished up the bread yesterday.” Cyrille started looking through her cupboards rather frantically. “The only thing I could offer would be some cheese and a few slices of ham!” She didn't wait for an answer but already prepared a plate with the little choice she could provide him with. Only now she felt confident enough to ask. “I would love to make your acquaintance. My name’s Cyrille. I don't know what desire brought you here, but this is the servants house. Would you like me to accompany you back to one of my masters? Are you perhaps a visitor of the Belmontes or Brignoles?”

      The joy still sparkled in the young vampires eyes. There was this indescribable thrill holding something in your very hands that's been on this earth for much longer than you have. Elisabetta imagined the moment these coins were made. What value did they have? What were bought with him? Did a poor family save up everything they could to buy a loaf of bread? Or is that of higher value and someone bought a goat with this small little thing. “When father comes back I will give him as many kisses as this present is valuable! I need to have it checked. I will travel to town today. Is there anything you need, my love?”, the younger one asked her sister, still in glee. There was no time to eat anymore. She didn't want to sit still any longer.
      She turned her head to Sienna, a mischievous grin on her lips. “Give me your hand, dear. Come, come!” She took the girls hand and dragged her softly towards herself. “Take one as a gift as long as I am oblivious on it's worth.” Her words were a lie and she didn’t try to hide it. Elisabettas cold fingers still stroke the hot skin of the maid and when she came in touch with something strange the blonde looked down. Only now did she realize the wound on her arm. Elisabetta clicked her tongue in annoyance. “These bastards… Making you giving your blood without caring for their mess.” What a waste. No wonder Sienna smelled even sweeter today when she had a fresh wound on her body. Good thing that this disgusting Belmonte heir never really touched the maids. So she wouldn’t have to deal with his taste.
      She pulled Sienna closer to her. “Let me take care of this, alright?” With the woman’s consent she took the girls hand and brought the fair skin to he lips. She placed a delicate kiss on the wound. The taste of her blood still lingered under it. With a small sigh Elisabetta let her tongue run over the cut, coating it in her saliva, making sure to place a kiss on both ends. “This will make it heal. I’m sure it’s been hurting. Are you alright?” The vampire still didn’t let go of her and placed the coin she promised her into her fingers. “Will this be enough to cheer you up?”
    • Brignole Mansion

      Take one? As a gift?
      Sienna could not understand this behaviour nor could she answer for it; if she did try to open her mouth, nothing would come out that the two nobles would understand. So she simply nodded, ignoring the cold gaze of the older vampire.
      ,, My tea is cold“, Gabriella Brignole muttered and Sienna was ready, her body, the muscles and bones already in motion.
      However, the movement of her legs was stopped as she felt the cold touch of fingertips of her wounded arm.
      There was a drop of fear in her belly and something, much, much worse was she stared at the younger creature — her cheeks redden, and her lungs barely take in the air around them — Oh, it is too timid, too much as the cold tongue slides through her scar and then it was gone, the properties of the saliva working its wonders.
      How she talked about the heir of the other family, Sienna couldn’t help but let her eyes widen, her lips opening at the declaration.
      „It is not a mess, it is“ — She doesn’t want to say it. That what the heir of the Belmonte did, helps her much more than the biting does.
      Sienna sighs and looks away, catching the eyes of the older Brignole and shudders at the cold in those pale blue eyes.
      „ Let us no talk about the Belmonte or I might lose my appetite“
      And so Sienna does not utter another thing after getting her arm, healed and healthy, back.
      Another glance at the coin makes her hide another sigh trapping it in her throat.
      It is not like she does not want it, she does very much so! However, she already had an argument with the older sibling and Gabriella telling her that whatever Elisabetta gives her, she cannot take back home.
      It is a rule Sienna has to follow, so she smiles at Elisabetta Brignole and nods once as the coin lands in her hand. She holds into it tightly.
      „ I will take one as a gift, thank you. The gift makes my spirits go up, my Lady! Truly, thank you“ and this holds truth! For as long as she can hold into this gift, she feels her emotions go up, flying higher than before.
      She rubs the healed arm once, twice before putting the coin into her pocket and turning around and making more tea.
      And afterwards, after Gabriella declares the breakfast for finished, she starts with cleaning it all up.
      The Brignole heir stands up, turning away from the maid, not even glancing towards her.
      „ I will eat tonight. So, I will not eat your neck right now. You can go along with Elisabetta, watch her for me. “
      Then, the woman stops, her mouth opening and closing.
      „Before you go today, you will tell me everything you did.“
      Sienna nods, muttering a „ Yes, master“ before turning to Elisabetta, wondering what the little sister will say about this.
      If she remembers the schedule, it is time for Gabriella to study as the heir.


      His dark coloured eyes widen at her words.
      She forgives me, now does she? He purses his lips, trying to hold the laugh in.
      „ I am sorry for startling you! As an apology I could help with the baking, hm?“, he drops the voice, his keen eyes noticing the affect he has on her.
      He does not sit down, but rather comes closer to the girl, admiring the body and the sunny personality. It is quite refreshing like a cold lemon drink.
      He wants to drink her in and keep her —- A small little thing, isn’t she not? He wants to pet her head and tell her how good she is.
      So he does that, his hand, his slender fingers petting her black hair, smiling down at her.
      „ Thank you for your worry! But I would rather stay here for a while. Let us bake and then eat before you have to return to one of your masters, hm?“
      Going back to either of those mansions would mean the end of him; his brothers hand would be around his neck and put pressure on it until he turns blue and his eyes pop out — and the Brignoles? They will murder him for his name alone. The older one probably know about him still.
      He continues to pet her until his hand drops back down, a small smile accompanying his lips.
      „ Don’t tell any of your masters about me, yes? I am not really a big fan of them knowing about me.“
      He would rather she would sing more. Or stop talking about masters.
      Slowly, his hands take the bag of flour. Luca puts it on the counter, turning back towards her, a smile spreading.
      „Let us begin, hm?“
    • Cyrille
      The unknown man did not cooperate. The little maids eyes flashed a hint of fear as he stepped closer to her and raise his hand. She wanted to step back further but she bumped into the counter in her back. Cyrille did not avert her eyes for she was still unable to decline him her gaze. Was she in danger after all? He asked her not to scream when he entered but maybe she should disobey his wish? It was one of her highest priorities to protect the property of her masters. And Cyrille was merely just a pawn in her masters hands. She had to do everything she could to protect her dignity. But the atmosphere the man radiated really confused her. He made her feel the same awe she experienced in the second she laid eyes on her masters for the first time.
      Her body jumped a little when his long slender fingers touched her head. He… patted her. Cyrille blinked up at him in confusion. He refused to be taken to the mansions and even asked of her something unbelievable: she should refrain from telling anyone about him. While the man took the bag of ingredients in his hands her eyes followed his every movement. She never realized that she held her breath in and only noticed it by the fact her throat was too dry to make a sound. So she slowly shook her head. “I am sorry…” How should she address him? “… Signore. But I shall kill myself the moment I betray my masters. To ask of me to keep a secret from them is the same as asking me to take my life now. And I cannot grant you either of this wishes. For I shall only die on the order of my masters.”
      She spoke with the dedication of a woman strong in faith. The vessel she’s living in, her very own body, meant nothing if it wasn’t to serve. Her soul would find it's way into heaven if she were to be sent there by the Belmontes or Brignoles. “You may tell me your name and I will announce your arrival to my masters. If you wish to keep your identity a secret I will have to announce that I helped an unknown man in need, fed him bread and pies for as he seemed hungry and asked him kindly to leave afterwards.”

      The younger Brignole girl felt her sisters mood change. With innocent eyes she looked up at her and could clearly see her gaze that was able to drop the temperature and change the season into winter, directed at the fair maid. She was sure Sienna felt stress and fear and so she kept quiet for a second for her sister to leave. “She will report my every step to you, love”, said Elisabetta with a smile. “I will take her with me and show her my every move clearly so she can bore you with every detail. I promise!” With that she was left alone with the human girl and rose to her feet. When she was sure that Gabriella stepped inside and her eyes didn’t linger on them anymore she took Sienna once again and pulled her towards herself, held her by her arms close to her and smiled down at the beautiful girl.
      “Poor little thing, aren’t you?” Her voice was like a melody and she let her fingers stroke through her long hair. “That was scary, wasn’t it? Don’t think of Gabriella that way. She’s the most loving of us all. It just takes time to earn her trust. But you’re in luck because I very much relish in it. I will keep you safe and shower you in my attention so my lovely sister will never bring it over her to take such a loved toy of mine away.”, she promised.
      She let go of her and stepped to the side. Elisabetta took her parcel and looked back at the maid. “Please, take your time cleaning up and change into a dress you can go out in. I will meet you at the entrance. You will keep me company in town today.” Elisabetta smiled bright from ear to ear. “I will change into something magnificent too. You’ll be walking proudly next to your master and all eyes should lay on us. I want hem to be confused who to envy; you, my beautiful flower or me, your pretty master.”
    • Sienna

      The fair maid could not imagine the older being as something as kind —- No, not at all.
      „ I am sure… sure you are right, my fair lady.“
      With a nod, she bids the heir goodbye and begins with the cleaning — It does not take much then the creatures do not eat much human food at all; it can only satisfy like water does a rich man.
      After cleaning, she rushes to the main hall of the mansion and knocks on the heirs door who does not glance at her as she looks through documents.
      „ Excuse me“, Sienna mutters before putting the coin in her pocket on the table.
      She awaits.
      Gabriella looks up at the coin and then nods, a sign for Sienna to leave — And how fast she runs away from her!
      Elisabetta is truly spoilt rotten, Sienna thinks as she gets her outing clothes out after getting to the room alighted to her.
      Gabriella is nothing but a monster! And only when she is with her family she lets the mask slip and how it makes Sienna grind her teeth until it hurts.
      With a sigh she changes as quick as she could before leaving, going to the entrance of the mansion.
      Sienna puts her fingertips to her cheek as she notice the heat— she remembers the last time the little lady went out with her and oh, how her heart was racing after looking at her with her outing clothing on.
      Sienna is not immune to it, almost as in love with the beauty of the old ones as her friend Cyrille.
      Her hands begin to sweat as she await her lady outside with a simply golden coloured summer dress, her hair put in a nice braid.


      Luca blinks at the girl before he couldn’t help it — he chuckled, covering his lips with his hand. How amusing! How bizarre to see it in front of him; this dedication for them, as if they were the gods these bloodsacks were praying to.
      Luca did run away before he could get his hands on one of the maids himself — Perhaps it is his lucky day if he could use it in his favour.
      „ Ah.“
      Well, she is a good little mouse, is she not? He could help but imagine her as a little animal in his hands, petting the fur until the poor thing faint out of pleasure.
      Could not help it at all.
      „Then, please tell them you helped an unknown man, if you could? My name is….my name…“
      His eyes follow her every step, underneath him.
      „ Dante.“
      The name of their grandfather — If he is lucky his brother would not think much of it, and if he is even luckier, his brother would not even look at the girl at all, due to her appearance. He can’t appreciate beauty as good as Luca, after all! The arrogant beast is probably to preoccupied with one of his experiments to hear this little girl at all.
      Luca hopes for that. One day would be enough for him to plan how he could stay here much, much longer.
      He rolled his sleeves up, exposing the arm muscle’s as he opens the bag of flour in front of her.
      ,, Let us bake now, shall we? At least grant me the wish to help you before I need to leave,hm? I haven’t put my hands in good use for some time now, you see.“
      His big brother and the sisters sure did get a good catch with the little mouse — She is as loyal as it can get.
      If he could use the power of his actual name he would, but alas, he could not — For now.
    • Cyrille
      Dante. A name she would remember, surely. But one Cyrille heard for the first time on his lips. The other servants told her and Sienna of several important names and potential guests. Dante was none of them. But her head bopped in a little nod. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Dante. Thank you for your… help.” Her last word dropped the same way her eyes fell to the display of his strong arms. She quickly turned around, clearing her throat and directing her attention back to the work at hand. Her cheeks had an innocent soft flush and her heart, once again mimicked the sound she loved from the drums. What a traitor… How could her heart jump in admiration for anyone other than her masters! She shook her head. To concentrate on herself and not to think of the presence next to her, a quiet melody once again escaped her lungs.
      She prepared the dough and gave laid it in front of him. “Would you please…” She stopped as she heard the entrance door open and close again. Her body acted faster than she could think when she grabbed Dante by his arm and hid him behind the door of one of the cupboards and stretched her head out of the kitchen to meet Siennas eyes. Cyrille breathed a little heavier than usual, she could hear her heart beat against her chest. Her beloved friend informed her that the young lady wished for her company down in town. Cyrille nodded nearly frantically. “Yes, I understood. And lady Gabriella is surely addending her studies, right? I will finish baking and head to my shift early. I am using up the last ingredients we have here. And I am making some pies too.” They finished their conversation and Sienna headed out. Cyrille stayed on her spot for a few breaths, before she slowly turned back around to face Dante again.
      She didn't say a word. Silence laid down upon the servants house. What has she done? “I…” Cyrille returned to the kitchen in slow, stiff motions. She fired the stove and only after several minutes of collecting herself she turned her gaze back to Dante. “I acted on impulse. That was incredibly rude of me. I am very sorry for if I have insulted you in any way. I felt like… you maybe didn’t want to be seen… I think…” She was ashamed of herself. She touched one of the immortal beings on her own accord without his consent. Although he hid his true upbringing it was clear as day, that he was way above her own rank. Not just based on his nature but also his social status in the vampire society. “It is my duty as a maid of the honorable Belmonte and Brignole households to act accordingly in a way that they would approve and I did not. I will keep my promise, I will report to my masters that I was helping an unknown man of their own kind and asked him to leave. But I will also confess what insult I did and accept any punishment my masters feel suitable. If you can, lease forgive me.”

      Oh how she fulfilled her promise. Elisabetta admired her own reflection in the mirror. As if she already was a renowned general praised in a parade, a white uniform held her body in a gentle embrace. She decorated herself with jewelry from all over the world in gold and let her luxurious locks braid to a beautiful knot in her neck. The chinese coins were by now neatly put away in a velvet purse in the color of fresh blood. With a light step she entered the entrance hall and her face lit up as she laid eyes on the beautiful flower, showered in liquid sun, that awaited her. “Such a delicate flower that’s waiting for me to show her off like a rare gift from the king himself!”, she exclaimed. As she stopped next to her Elisabetta took the delicate hand of the maid in hers and placed a kiss on her slender fingers before placing her hand on her arm as if she were a gentleman that walked his bride.
      The carriage was already awaiting the pair and Elisabetta was the one helping the servant girl inside. When the wheels started turning and the mansion grew smaller in the back Elisabetta took out her purse. “I know my sister best”, she grinned. “And I know very well, that you are no longer in the possession of the coin I chose for you.” Elisabetta turned around to the young girl. “But wouldn’t you think that I should be way smarter than handing out a gift I was sure would return to my hands eventually. I am sure you trusted me - a future general - to never make such a mistake!” The young vampire showed her another coin. It was prettier than the one before, polished and taken care of greatly over all the years it’s seen this world. “I want you to have this one. Because only when you look at it and your face reflects in it you can truly see it’s beauty.” She asked once again for Siennas hand and placed the coin gently into her palm. “Keep it hidden. We will buy some cakes and other goods for you and your friend. Keep the coin in the wrapping paper and when we return head to your house first. While my sister might suspect something I am, as one of your masters equally, to not say a word about this. When she asks for other gifts, I will make sure to buy something today for cover that you will return to her like the good, obedient girl, that you are.” She was delighted with her plan. It was perfect. Like this Sienna would be able to keep this present and in her fantasy Elisabetta imagined her looking at it in the moonlight and thinking of her.
    • Lucien

      A smile creeps on his lips -- He could not help it. To see the slight blush on her apple cheeks, oh how he could bite those red things and never get enough! Surely enough, he could smell the sweet blood too, could hear the singing of it, like her blood became his personal siren and he, the odysseus, trapped and yet trying to save himself with his own wit; his wit being turning away, trying to breath.
      He hasn't had an actual meal in some days now, didn't he... he would need - Something.
      He smelled the other girl before she entered the room but what came next surprised him; the girl protected him before the other could see him.
      Interesting indeed.
      Luca blinks as he looks down at the woman, his mouth agape watching her talk and talk until the other maid disappeared.
      He turns around, his mind going places. Luca could not believe what just happened and yet he is glad for it. That he protects him wholeheartedly.
      As soon as the door closed he watched this woman, this maid talk throughout, blabber on about duty and what not - A complete joke and yet his heart raced.
      He could kiss her head and make her do what he wants, let her dance on his fingertips. Luca could be mean and push her against the wall and let the urges take over him, eat this woman alive until she was nothing underneath him.
      And yet he just smiles, does nothing of it.
      Perhaps finding another willing maid would be easier; this one will be gone soon, running to Gabriella of all people, as far as he understood.
      "Do not fear. I am nothing special really, a lowly thing. Baking these things and serving your master to the fullest is all you need to do, yes?"
      He needs more than this; needs to find a way to befriend her without making her feel bad in any way. But right now, he really just want some good bread.


      She could not believe it. There was someone in the kitchen, she was sure of it but -- it is not her business so she will not tell a soul.
      And after changing in her room, she waited at the entrance and perhaps she does not believe in god but she believes in something holy as she blinks, the woman in front of her taking everything and just making it brighter.
      The sun shines and the sky is blue but nothing makes her feel hotter than the noble Elisabetta Brignole.
      She sits down and touches her cheeks; this is too much clearly.
      And perhaps, yes! Perhaps she is not the only one. She is a maid but there are many more; no need to panic, oh poor heart of hers.
      The hand in which the noble placed a kiss on, it pulses like it has become alive, a constant reminder.
      As soon as she saw the coin in front of her, she blinks, her eyes moist.
      Sienna has worked only a few weeks for the two old ones and yet she is sure there was nothing she expected that could overcome this experience.
      She strokes the coin in her hands and... and -
      " I... my lady, I could not thank you enough."
      And really, how could she thank her? How outwit the sister and say that the Elisabetta Brignole will protect her? Will cover for her? From her older sister, no less? Sienna strokes the coin again, her lips turning up.
      Whenever she thought of her future, of this, she did not expect to be cherished and yet, here she sits.
      The blinks and looks up at the noble whom she is supposed to serve and care for.
      Ah! She knows now how to thank her.
      She kisses the coin in front of the Brignole sister and puts it in her pocket.
      Then, with a smile, she comes close to the woman, her hand landing on her thigh.
      " If you... if you desire it, my lady - You can drink."
      And then she turns her arm, offering her wrist to the creature that could very much kill her.