The Belmonte Brignole conflict [lerevedelune & Lysios]

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    • The Belmonte Brignole conflict [lerevedelune & Lysios]

      The Belmonte Brignole Conflict
      Historical, Dark Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy, Romance | R16

      There’s been a strong bond that formed between the mighty families Belmonte and Brignole thousands of years ago. It was stronger than friendship, way stronger than love and even outgrew hatred. What knotted these two families together was rivalry. Everything in their reach was quickly seen as another piece in their chess game. When Belmonte decided to side with Alexander the great, the Brignole supported King Darius the 3rd. When Brignole followed Galileo Galilei across the ocean, Belmonte set the catholic church aflame with rage. Humans were merely puppets, toys to play with for the immortal beings. A way to always proceed their fight for supremacy over each other. Humankind all together had the sole purpose to serve them. To feed them. To amuse them.
      Even among other vampires, these two families were well known and well feared. They were called the old ones.

      Today, in the year of 1810 their current game of chess was played on the blood drenched paths of the napoleonic war. But not just that. One playground was never enough. They speculated on and supported several growing institutions of science and plans of expeditions and equally infiltrated the catholic church right from it‘s roots in the Vatican.
      This story is following the Belmonte against Brignole conflict precisely from the point of view of these families youngest siblings. Their place in the vampire society was surely guaranteed through family name alone. But that was nowhere near enough for them. They wanted to grow bigger than their parents. These young immortal beings had dreams of ruling, destroying and rebuilding. They wanted to create a bigger monument than all their ancestors before them. An indestructible Alexandria.

      Who would have guessed that two simple human women would be dragged into the vision of these powerful vampires.
      X and Y are girls raised by the nunnery, run by another lineage of immortals. They were chosen from birth and cared for all their life’s to make them the perfect servants. Their skills should leave no room for complaints. Their blood should taste the sweetest. Their faith should erase all desire to run from their fate and leave no crumb of rebellion against their masters.
      It was a great honor being gifted one of these maids from the Pamphili nunnery. A gift both Belmonte and Brignole accepted. Although they couldn't fathom why they had to share them. The maids got a small house right on the border to both properties and worked for both families in shifts.
      As it was very characteristic for the siblings of both families, they immediately started constructing their strategies with them. Not just that it came in very handy that they could enter each others houses freely. It was also of great interest to them what could be the greater plan of the Pamphili. The older vampires were arrogant enough to believe no other family could ever grow to rival them. But the young Belmonte and Brignole siblings felt that there was something to them that they needed to destroy before it could endanger them.

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    • Name: Timotheus Belmonte
      Age: where's the point in counting?
      Height: 1,93 m

      Timotheus is the firstborn of his parents and the beginning of a new generation in the Belmonte family. Since birthing a child is rather complicated for vampires and not often successful, he was seen as a blessing but also as a challenge. It was normal for him to make mistakes at a young age. But since all eyes in the higher society were directed at his every step, his parents made sure to teach him good what would happen to him in case of failure. His upbringing was strict, very much so. But he learned to adapt to this world. He's not much older than the eldest daughter of the Brignole family. And with her, he got his rival for eternity. Now it wasn't just his every step that got judged, now his every step was compared with hers. While he at first couldn't grasp the weight of their family's relationship, he even started liking the girl. It was not common for vampire children to find someone their age. The world was still new and he loved sharing his curiosity with her since he felt like no one would understand it like her. She didn't seem to judge him.
      His parents made sure that he always remembered that liking anyone in the Brignole household was the biggest mistake he could make. They punished him greatly for his sympathies and educated him in gruesome detail about the history the old ones had. Timotheus started to despise the Brignole just like everyone else in his family. He couldn't forgive her for what her ancestors have done. What a great loss his family suffered through their hands and he swore to pay them back every stab. He was convinced that she would use him if he were to proceed with their friendship. Some might even say that he started falling in love with the beautiful girl. And he would slice everyone's throat, he heard muttering these words.
      Timotheus grew cold, calculated. He isolated himself and spent his time studying. After being traumatized once he couldn't let anyone near him again. He had no desire in opening up to anyone. On the contrary; whenever he grew truly fond of any living being, he made sure to kill it.
      When his brother was born a new era started for him. And he called it the time of annoyance. Since Timotheus was the first child in a very long period of time his parents had difficulties grasping what was acceptable for a child in their ranks. But since Timotheus already tested out the grounds and showed them what the other vampires were able of forgiving they grew a little bit softer on him. In fact, it was he who had to educate him in many subjects. Timotheus hated it. This young child came too late. When he longed for company he was alone and now he refused to bring his brother any comfort. He was simply jealous of him and made sure to raise him with abandonment and silence.

      - Timotheus hates the sun and the generally warm temperature in Italy. Very tanned skin is an insult to his eyes. There's rarely an occasion he's willing to step outside in the daytime. He will always make sure to appoint every matter to the nighttime.
      - His curiosity actually never vanished although many would say there's nothing left of the child he once was. To this day the takes great interest in new inventions and has a sinister reputation for testing all kinds of drugs equally on humans and other vampires.
      - He is not pleased with biting people. Timotheus feels disgusted by close contact with the skin. The mere thought of sinking his teeth in a living thing, that he thinks of as dirty makes him sick. He cuts the skin open or lets it be cut open, so he can drink the draining blood from a glass.

    • Gabriella Brignole

      Age: who counts anyway?

      Height: 1,70


      When the sun went down and the last shimmer of its glory touched the earth, a scream evoke the Brignole to cry tears of joy, their inhuman lightning up as the moon borrowed the reign over the night sky.
      A new bay was born; a new baby in the Birgnole Family. The Ruler of the noble family tried many times and as soon as the baby was born, the celebrated its birth; then did not matter what sex the child had; it is breathing and a pureblooded being made of power and ready to take in knowledge.
      The little blonde girl began her studies with a young, petite age and took it in like a sponge. As if she was made for whatever the future holds for the heir; she loved it, she desired it.
      Though it didn’t take long for her to acknowledge the truth that any immortal shall face in their life; It is a scary thing to face loneliness.
      Gabriella did not think much about it until she faced the statue of Gods son — How he hangs for the sins of humanity. How he loved and loved and loved death too.
      And Gabriella wondered if she ever could love without the kiss of death.
      However, it did not take much for her to realise that loneliness is only as powerful as she accepts it to be.
      When a boy, just as small, just as powerful and unholy as she saw her face the face of god, the only thing that she could mutter is;
      ´´ Do you think God loves us too? “
      Had she known that the son of Belmonte was in front of her, she wouldn’t dare to utter such nonsense; but it was said and done.
      And so a friendship developed between them, one that hold strong and made the girl forget what she is and whom she shall become.
      Until one day the boy didn’t come to her at all.
      Until the day, she finally get to know his full name and the pain of losing made her cry for the very first time.
      It was then, her parents found it right to explain her the history of the families and how she wishes she had no heart at all.
      She made sure to become as distant as she could, her naivety caged like a bird, heavy in her lungs.
      Though it did not take long for it to rise like a firebird as a second birth in the Birgnole family accoured.
      The birth of her little sister made Gabriella want to love again and she loved the little thing in her arms like her own child. She had several decades and a few decades more, since her kind age slower than most.
      The blonde will do anything for the small child, even help her get into the military if her little sister so desires.


      She loves to dress accordingly in society and always wears a large cross between her breast, visits the church regularly.
      — since she is the heir to the Birgnole family, she went through several teaching whenever its defence or knowledge about history.
      — loves to bite necks, or drink it from a nice chalice.
      — treat humans like nothing, just like everyone else does, but is softer with them, like a lazy beast playing with their prey.
      — Has a dagger wrapped around her thigh, for defence whenever it is necessary. It is perfectly hidden beneath her dresses.
      — Still has her naive side to her and hides it; Only shows it to her little sister nowadays.

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    • Name: Elisabetta Brignole
      Age: Still younger than a tree
      Height: 1,68 m

      Elisabetta grew up in the rays of sunshine everyday her beautiful sister smiled down at her. She always said that Gabriella was the epiphany of beauty. No mortal painter would ever be able to paint her. But not just her body seemed perfect to Elisabetta. She adored her sisters loving heart. No day went by for her without being and feeling loved. She seemed to be pampered rotten. That’s the reason why many believe her to be even younger than she is. The societal rules set by humans never interested this adventures being. Elisabetta found great interest in politics, tactics and strategies of war. It didn’t concern her at all that she lacked a great understanding of physics and biology. Whenever her parents wanted to punish her for one of her reckless actions she had to study alone in the laboratory. She hated it to no end.
      Since the blooming friendship between her sister and the elder Belmonte brother, that was burned to the ground at an early stage took place before her birth she’s not at all aware of it. She also never experienced the need to get to know them. Their parents learned from their mistake with Gabriella and taught Elisabetta from the moment she could walk that this despicable family consisted of nothing more than monsters. Since she always enjoyed the company of Gabriella she never experienced the same loneliness other vampires were tortured with.

      - Elisabetta is a collector. She adores everything old. It doesn’t matter what it is; an old blade, an antique coat, a pen that’s been in use long before her eyes opened in this world. Her collection already has great value. She even convinced her parents to gift to her one of the old treasures of the household; old pamphlets that were saved from the burning library of Alexandria.
      - She will be a general. There is no way around her desire to be part of the ruling party in the military. Elisabetta wants to sit on a table with the greatest mortal and immortal minds, discuss strategies and bring victory in battle.
      - As of yet Elisabetta has never loved but her heart yearns for romance. She develops crushes very quickly and always needs to be calmed down by Gabriella so she doesn’t get used by wrong people.
      - She prefers the blood of women. Especially soft ones. Elisabetta doesn’t like the feeling of hard muscles, neither under her fingers nor under her teeth.
      - Some may describe her as rebellious and tomboyish. To both statements she would give a genuine smile and offer her thanks. She’s obsessed with masculine fashion and always makes sure to look respectable and dreamlike like a prince.


    • Lucius ( Luca) Belmonte

      Age: young enough to laugh about it

      Height: 1,89


      He doesn’t remember much of his childhood but the scorn and the hardened shine in his big brothers eyes will always overshadow his mind whenever he closes his eyes. How often he tries to made his brother laugh and nothing came out of it but shouting and turned backs. His family loved him dearly still, of course for successful births of Vampire is always celebrated. And this too, even if Louis does not understand it, made his brother hate his existence. It is maddening and lets Luca feel like nothing — So he tries to make up for it by learning and loving instead.
      Sometimes, when he still wants to try for his brother love and attention, he plays pranks and other things that made him ignored less.
      A prank gone too far as he joked about finding some books of the library of Alexandria and ever since than he hides from his family, since his brother is the heir and his voice is above all. His big brothers laugh makes him shudder and run far away.
      Lucius loves people and loves it even more to please them; so he hides in between the humans. He didn’t think much of it, hiding and even taking some humans into his room to feed. It was a small mistake really that he could not hide for much longer.
      For someone as clever as a Belmonte, he didn’t take into a account what would happen if he hides and still feeds on people in town; People who have found bloodless corpses, search for him now; And so he decided to hide in the one of the nunneries, he still remembers about one of them as he was studying about their power and influence and what belongs to them.
      So he decides to to take cover and maybe even take someone to feast on; Someone his family would not even consider to take inside their mansion.


      — He has, like every old one noble, had basic studies and defence training.
      — All he took with him after he left his home, Luca only took a knife with him.
      — He learned how to cook and is very good at it.
      — loves to make other laugh
      — Humans to him, are like pets, good and pretty puppies he can play with and pay attention to before he eats them.

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    • Name: Cyrille of the Pamphili church
      Age: 24 y/o
      Hight: 1,64 m

      “God in his kindness blessed me with eyes to recognize my lord. Ears, to listen to his orders. A voice to praise his name. And arms and legs to serve him.” Cyrille entered the world in a stormy night. Her cry was accompanied by the symphony of thunders and crushing waves that welcomed the child. God knew that her parents couldn’t offer the life she was destined for. They fulfilled their fate by bringing her into the world and dying shortly after and she thanks them every day. Cyrilles family consisted of refugees from Brazil. All of them drowned in the storm a few miles before the italian coast. It was considered a miracle when the ghostly ship, wracked and destroyed slowly sailed into the harbor. The death kept quiet on deck except the cry of life from the little bundle. The Pamphili took the child in and showed her a wonderful life. They taught her the love of god. She found happiness in obedience and not once betrayed her loyalty to the church and the priests with the name of Pamphili.
      Since she never knew anything else the existence of immortal beings as vampires came to no surprise to her. In her eyes these beautiful beings were blessed by god. He seemed to love them as his own children and Cyrille felt honor and pride for being chosen to serve them. The prospect of being finally given a master for life excites her. Even more so the thought of being able to offer her blood.

      - Cyrille is a very bubbly personality in private. She has a very characteristic and rather strange laugh. It’s become kind of a problem actually. To ensure the strict atmosphere in the nunnery’s halls she was even forbidden to talk to. But Cyrille never saw an issue in that. She understood that this was very necessary.
      - A secret she kept hidden since she entered puberty is, that the thought of serving excited a bit… too much. Sometimes she wakes up covered in sweat out of breath from vivid dreams of vampires drinking her blood. She glorifies the immortal beings enough to develop unholy thoughts that she’s quite afraid of actually.
      - She has a beautiful singing voice and whenever she has to do her chores alone and is sure to not disturb anyone she always sings small melodies to light up her mood.

    • Sienna of the Pamphili church

      Age: 25

      Height: 1,64

      She was born to serve. Born to be made for blood, to offer blood and love for her blood. She is born from the woman that was praised for her taste by the inhuman nobles, so many anticipate Sienna to serve their family.
      She wants to praise god for the gift to be able to breath and to feel and see the sky — and yet each day she curses the holy Lord for He makes her serve and bleed for someone that should be in hell.
      Sienna is a doubting little thing and takes everything with a grain of salt. She doubts but loves it to know, things that many don’t —- So sometimes, when nobody looks she steals. Little things, things that nobody might look or have a need for.
      In her room, are many sparkling things with almost no use and yet she finds them wonderful; She finds god in them when the church is empty. She is obedient and knows her place, but something inside her wants to rebel.


      — Since she is born in the church, she knows every corner and even every speck of dust in the church.
      — Due to her mothers reputation with her blessed blood, she hates to see her own but knows that she can do nothing but accept her role in life; Even worse, in the middle of her training she noticed that the thought of blood drinking makes her tummy tingle and her mind go places she rather lock up.
      — her mother died giving birth to her, so she grew up, like most children in the Pamphili church, an orphan.
      — Her complicated relationship with god is a secret thing; but she does love to ask questions during a lecture that might rise some alarms in others.
      — Sienna does love to drink tea and loves sweets, a sweetooth she was called as a child
      — Sometimes when she has the time she tries to find trivia about the stolen things in her room; what year the stolen things are from, what usage they have.