a whistling priest [apollo & medusa]

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    • a whistling priest [apollo & medusa]


      << if you wanna save your soul,
      then we should travel all together,
      and make the Devil pray >>

      A detective and a priest who, despite their complete differences, have one thing in common. They hunt demons. Exactly. For the detective, who had spent most of his life in convinced logic, in which supernatural incidents had no place, it was a noticeable shock to realize that there is a world beyond his understanding. For the priest, who submits himself to the grace of God, it is not easy to team up with a detective to capture a demon that has it in for him. Despite this, they decide to work together and help each other.

      Krimi | Action | Supernatural | Mystery | Thriller | Romance

      priest = @apollo
      detective = medusa

      height | weight

      *kann gestaltet werden, wie gewünscht
      bitch, I'm a cow, bitch, I'm a cow
      I'm not a cat, I don't say meow

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      name & age
      Damen D'Angelo| 33 years

      height & weight
      186cm, or how the Americans would say 6'1 feet| 83 kg

      - He works as a special agent and investigates murder cases.
      - What is there to say about him? He actually is from a small community in the south of the US and grew up in a classic conservative family. He never really talks about his past and has little to no contact with his relatives. Damen left home at an early age and, after some wandering, ended up in New York, where he also started his training as a special agent.
      - He loves black coffee and is not particularly picky about his food preferences. At first glance, his sharp tongue makes him seem unlikeable. This impression remains equally true even after a second glance. He actually considers himself to be compatible and nice, as long as you don't get on his nerves.
      - “Am I bitter? Yes. But do I try to move on and let go of past anger? No."
      - Sarcasm, unfortunately, has been his only best friend for years:
      "Sometimes it phisically pains me to hold back my sarcastic remarks."

      - dark brown hair and hazel-eyes + dimple on his left cheek

      special fanservice for apollo (you must stay focused, ma'am,
      you must stay focused):
      bitch, I'm a cow, bitch, I'm a cow
      I'm not a cat, I don't say meow

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