Travel to another World [Eng] [Michiyo & Lysios & Kosou]

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    • Travel to another World [Eng] [Michiyo & Lysios & Kosou]


      Once upon a time 3 heroes saved the land of 'Vandura'.

      One hero, armed with bow and arrow, was the fastest assassin of the century. No one escaped the shot or even the dagger of the hero, once he targeted you. The heart of the troop
      Another, learned in magic, supported the group on the way to victory. Thus, that hero not only healed, but also made the breakthrough by his own hand. The head of the group.
      The last, a noble knight, armed with sword and shield, was the iron fist of the group. That one broke through everywhere.

      Those heroes were ordered to rescue Vandura before. They successfully fought against the villain 'Baron' and put him to flight. But he comes back and is stronger than ever...

      He once ruled the land of Vandura with a blood-red fist, and was only defeated by the rise of democracy. But what cruel ruler let himself be beaten by such a thing? Of course, no one. So he came back and took the throne again by force.

      At that time, our three heroes managed to defeat the evil baron and send him into exile. But he did not stay there for long.

      5 years after the former victory he comes back and is stronger than ever.
      Armed with the magic of the underworld and his skeleton army, he subjugated Vandura again and this time more cruel than ever.

      Can our heroes once again defeat the evil Baron?

      We meet again in the barracks, where we get our order.

      But we also have to realize: we are not yet strong enough for the reconquest of Vandura.

      Means: We go on a journey across the country, acquire new techniques and complete quests, with which we gain strength. Strength, techniques and also a new group cohesion, which united us later the victory over Baron should bring, so that we can move again the country in the usual peace back. The land where one of us was born. Even if we had emigrated, this piece of homeland connects us all and that commanded to protect it.

      In the end, there is a big fight against Baron.
      Will we defeat him?

      In another life
      I would make you stay
      'Cause every night I lie in bed
      The brightest colours fill my head
      A million dreams are keeping me awake

    • It has been 5 years since the heroes managed to defeat Baron. Peace had returned to the land and the people had recovered from the reign of blood. Slowly, people started to trust the government and peace again. People dared to go out again, even when it was dark, just as they could relax the rules.

      Security was there again.

      But not everyone could trust that security. They were skeptical about peace, and whether it was an omen or a prediction, they were right. The peace that lasted for 5 years was about to be disturbed. And not by just anyone: by the Baron himself.

      He returned from exile to the world, which had gradually calmed down. With the murder of the king, as well as the execution of the entire royal family, he reclaimed power over the country and a cruel, bloody thread ran through the castle.
      The guards were replaced by his own. Servants either submitted voluntarily or were forced to serve him by force.

      Likewise, the rules were reformed again.
      Young men from 16 were drafted to serve in his bloody army. To enforce his will and collect monies. Women, on the other hand, became either the incubators of his new soldiers, or servants of his desires.
      Taxes were levied. Thus, everyone had to give up 80% of their possessions each month in order to survive. Unofficial protection money, if you like to see it that way. If you were rich, it was money you had to give. If you were a farmer, it was animals, or the products of their animals.
      War again swept through the land. So the expansion of one's own country was at the top of the baron's list. Be it the north, the west, or even the south and east. It had to be expanded

      With the new blood that was spilled, the fear in the people rose again. Women feared for their children, who were drafted by the baron for the war. Men feared for their lives, dying in the idiotic war. And the hope of losing those fears decreased more and more. One almost got used to those old times again because - even if the heroes of 5 years ago returned, how long would peace reign this time? 2 years? Or 3? And then it would be the same as now.

      Nevertheless, there were at least a few brave citizens who approached the heroes and sent them a letter. A letter in which they put all their fears.

      Dear heroes,

      we eagerly request your service.

      The Baron is back.

      Please, save our men and our sons. Save our belongings. We cannot stop the carnage ourselves.


      The women of the capital

      When Synik Cendrickson received this request, it was immediately clear to him that this was not cherry eating. Not only that probably the most dangerous villain of the seven worlds was back, not only the non-magicians would now be in danger. Also that its same would be subjected at tide again and thus also extinguished little by little.
      Something that the magician could not allow. He had to act!

      Accordingly, he grabbed his falcons and band a message on each leg, for his two comrades-in-arms. Place and time clung to this message, so that they could find each other anew. Thus, the full moon night of the second revolution would be the time they would reconvene at his premises. So that they could discuss whether they thought similarly to the wizard and would face the Baron again with him.

      But one thing was clear: it would not be easy. They would have to learn new tricks of the trade so that they could defeat him. It would be a long, rocky road.
      In another life
      I would make you stay
      'Cause every night I lie in bed
      The brightest colours fill my head
      A million dreams are keeping me awake