Travel to another World [Eng] [Michiyo & Lysios & Kosou]

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    • Travel to another World [Eng] [Michiyo & Lysios & Kosou]

      Titel: Travel to another World
      Genres: Fantasy, Love, Action
      Mitgliederzahl: 3


      The evil villain 'Baron' is back.

      He once ruled the land of Vandura with a blood-red fist, and was only defeated by the rise of democracy. But what cruel ruler let himself be beaten by such a thing? Of course, no one. So he came back and took the throne again by force.

      At that time, our three heroes managed to defeat the evil baron and send him into exile. But he did not stay there for long.

      5 years after the former victory he comes back and is stronger than ever.
      Armed with the magic of the underworld and his skeleton army, he subjugated Vandura again and this time more cruel than ever.

      Can our heroes once again defeat the evil Baron?


      Once upon a time 3 heroes saved the land of 'Vandura'.

      One hero, armed with bow and arrow, was the fastest assassin of the century. No one escaped the shot or even the dagger of the hero, once he targeted you. The heart of the troop
      Another, learned in magic, supported the group on the way to victory. Thus, that hero not only healed, but also made the breakthrough by his own hand. The head of the group.
      The last, a noble knight, armed with sword and shield, was the iron fist of the group. That one broke through everywhere.

      Those heroes were ordered to rescue Vandura before. They successfully fought against the villain 'Baron' and put him to flight. But he comes back and is stronger than ever...


      We meet again in the barracks, where we get our order.

      But we also have to realize: we are not yet strong enough for the reconquest of Vandura.

      Means: We go on a journey across the country, acquire new techniques and complete quests, with which we gain strength. Strength, techniques and also a new group cohesion, which united us later the victory over Baron should bring, so that we can move again the country in the usual peace back. The land where one of us was born. Even if we had emigrated, this piece of homeland connects us all and that commanded to protect it.

      In the end, there is a big fight against Baron.
      Will we defeat him?

      • Gain strength and complete Main/Side quest
      • Reconquer the land piece by piece
      • Finally overthrow Baron


      1. The killing of skeletons is allowed, that of real characters to the following extent:
        1. Unimportant side characters who are evil may always be killed off
        2. Unimportant side characters that are good or neutral may not be killed off
        3. Important side characters may only be killed after it has been announced and approved in the chat (in case someone has planned something with a side character, so you don't drift between there)
        4. We may kill each other only by agreement. Not the wizard in this case, because he is responsible for the resurrection.
        5. The Baron will and can be killed only at the very end of the story (optional)
      2. Posting:
        1. We set a posting order, which please be followed
        2. Time to answer each character has 48 hours, after that you will be skipped
        3. If you are absent for a long time (2 weeks+) you will be excluded and replaced / due to the faltering Play's.
          (God knows I don't expect you to sacrifice your personal life for the Play! It's just very unfunny when you have a character that you have to skip 7x in a row
      3. Registration: Feel free to write here below, or send me a message
      Once it's your turn, within 48 hours; At least 1x every 2 weeks.
      Characters ~300-500+ (more is always welcome)


      Relationship status:

      Past History:

      In another life
      I would make you stay
      'Cause every night I lie in bed
      The brightest colours fill my head
      A million dreams are keeping me awake

    • Profile:
      Name: Synik Cendrickson
      Age: 300+ Years
      Hero: Wizard

      Family: His family already passed away. He was the only child of a witch and a normal farmer.
      Relationship status: Single
      Orientation: He lives abstinent, so he doesn't even know for his own.

      Past History:
      His mother had taught him everything she knew since he was a little boy. So he never attended a real school, one of the few reasons, he've never had friends.

      As he grew older he noticed that both his mother and he were not really accepted by society. Much more, people were even afraid of him.
      He withdrew, learned and lived for himself.

      Until one day the Baron appeared and terrorized the world. Being directly affected, as witches and wizards either submitted to him to give their power to him, or were killed, he decided to take action against the Baron. So he joined forces with other heroes and successfully defeated the baron.

      A few years later, 5 to be exact, he came back. He had become a hero in that time and was socially recognized, but this also gave him the pressure to face the baron again.

      Strengths: can cast spells, is kind of intelligent
      Weaknesses: not much endurance, little physical strength
      Equipment: A bag of potions, his grimoire, but also his wand

      In another life
      I would make you stay
      'Cause every night I lie in bed
      The brightest colours fill my head
      A million dreams are keeping me awake

    • Name: Misha Malvolio
      Age: 27 y/o
      Hero: The knight
      Family: His family only consists of his grandfather. He raised and trained Misha from a young age. He was married once for a short time. But his wife died shortly after giving birth. The child didn’t survive as well.
      Relationship status: Widower
      Orientation: Straight (as far as he’s aware)

      Past History: Misha was the son of a useless man. He ran away with a noble woman without money or any kind of financial basis. Misha’s grandfather knew nothing but disappointment for his son. At first he even refused to take in his grandchild after getting the notification the run away couple died from a sickness. But in the end, he learned not to project the mistakes the father made onto his son.
      He trained and raised the child strictly but eventually learned to truly love the young boy. Misha soon became his joy and pride. It was as if he filled the void his son left with his decisions against him.
      When the Baron appeared, it was the grandfather who declared he would go off to defend the world against the tyrant. But Misha didn’t let him. In a similar way like his father did, he sneaked away one morning and did what he felt was his duty.
      The fight was hard. The toughest task he had to overcome. But the events after the Baron should have died weren’t kind to him either. On his journey he met the love of his life. They got married the day Misha came back home after the Baron was defeated. Only two years later she got pregnant. The rest is history. Since then, he tried to find another purpose in life, but wasn’t quite successful. Now the Baron is back. His grandfather was the one who received the message first. This time he didn’t have to sneak out. He was sent off in honor.

      Strengths: His physical power and swordsman craft
      Weaknesses: He’s not the best tactician and having to deal with others emotions is an awful punishment for him
      Equipment: He wears an armor and a sword his grandfather gifted him as a sign of acceptance when he came back from his first journey

    • Name: Lycus Keenash

      Age: 25

      Hero: Archer

      Family: As the oldest son of poor farmers Lycus always tried to take care of his family. So at the age of 12, he found himself responsible for looking after his younger brother and his mother, performing a multitude of jobs till he was sent to war. His father passed away quite early when Lycus and his brother were pretty young.

      Relationship status: single

      Orientation: His sexual orientation has gotten him into a lot of trouble throughtout his life. As a bisexual man society hasn`t always been easy on him. However he still thinks love shouldn`t be matter of gender but rather a matter of heart.

      Past History: At the age of twenty Lycus had to go to war, where he had to fight the Baron with his comrades. In the matter of life and death he grew pretty close with his fellow soldiers and started to treat them like his own flesh and blood, protecting them with his life. Successfull and mainly unharmed he returned back home where his family has been patiently waiting for him. Ever since the fall of the Baron he has been practicing with his bow on a regular basis, preparing himself for the next battle.

      Strengths: Fast, range/reach, visibility, strategic

      Weaknesses: Close combat

      Equipment: His beloved Bow and a variety of Arrows (explosive ones are his favorites).

      A heart's a heavy burden.