homebound. (earinor & akira)

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    • homebound. (earinor & akira)

      per aspera ad astra.
      "His royal highness, the third prince, Cecillianus Ambrose Cornelius of Azenad-Othidor, is reported missing. He was last seen wandering the city walls with his trusted personal guard and royal knight, Sir Edward of Dryden, who's suspected to have abducted his royal highness. Any and all accounts of their suspected whereabouts are to be reported directly to the House of Azenad-Othidor and its royal guards, failure to do so will result in serious punishment. The public is encouraged to return both his royal highness and his loyal servant unscathed and will be rightfully rewarded for doing so."

      Angled letters speak of a story that only holds a droplet of truth, hanging from a wall made of the same old bricks as always - both Cecil and Edward make their way through the crowd, heads covered and faces hidden by simple garments to not give away their identity. If anything, this had been the young princes idea, his thirst for knowledge and the outside world having control over him and leading to put one stupid choice after the other - choices that Edward, almost begrudgingly, has to follow to keep the young prince safe. One thing that Cecil, seemingly, wants to see is what lies beyond the borders of the south, beyond all that he has ever known and thus, he decides to embark on a journey to Thria, far away from the Land of Sand, of scorching heat, of dust - just to see more of what he yearns for.

      Although one might romanticize what lies beyond the border, it's painfully obvious that Thria is no paradise: cold and barren, frigid and frozen, standing in direct opposition to the their home, the country of Ylisse - and yet, blurry lines in form of a tall, endless mountain range seperate them - the two lands that rarely join hands, let alone speak of one another and yet, there seems to be little to no reason why the prince wouldn't want to go there. There's things that are left to be explored, places to be seen and while he walks through the world, head upright and filled with naive thoughts, Edward tags along, seeing some of the world, too - though, it's still a long way until the border and crossing it with just the two of them, doesn't that seem somewhat unwise? Surely, there has to be someone that would be willing to lend those two helpless wanderers a hand ...

      Edward of Dryden = @Earinor || Cecillianus Ambrose Cornelius of Azenad-Othidor = @Akira

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      Additional Info:
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Name: A pale face, made of the finest porcelain one could find; picturesque, framed by equally pale locks, lacking pigment and if one might catch a glimpse of eyes, their color akin to rubies, they'd figure who said strange mug belongs to. Cecillianus Ambrose Cornelius of Azenad-Othidor, one of the current kings younger children and ever so curious about the world beyond the familiar castle walls knows many things, but the most important one has always and will always be the fact that, no matter how many times officials call his name, he would much prefer to be called Ceci or Cecil, no title or social rank needed, just a normal, plain name that has nothing to do with the fact that he is the first of his name and probably the last, or the fact that his parents were quite close to calling him something even worse. If Edward would get a name like Cecil into his thick skull, the young prince would appreciate it a lot more than he lets on, too. (Well, who knows anyway, history books tend to call him Cecil of Myriad ... there has to be a reason for that, right?)

      Age: Some sun would fix that pale complexion of his, at least some of their doctors claimed it would, but in the end, Cecil only ended up with countless sunburns - some worse than the others - yet, all of them were equally awful. Therefore, he celebrates his birthdays inside, in the shade, away from the scorching summer sun that he was born under around twenty years ago. That doesn't quite make him an adult under Ylisses law, but it does prove that he would - very much - like to skip a few years ahead and be treated like the man that he is, despite the things he often enough struggles with.

      Personality: Cecil is of inquisitive nature, wanting more than he can have and quite materialistic while doing so. What are words worth if he hasn't seen it himself and what does it matter when he can't have some of it? One might think that, despite questioning himself, the nobles around him and the world in general, he would be better at handling himself and the way he acts, but one will realize that - despite the haughty air he has around him and the judgemental gaze he casts upon somebody that would waltz a bit to close toward him, he is naive and doesn't seem to know what to do, let alone understand the importance of keeping well-hidden secrets. Often enough, people will assume that to Cecil, life is a game that he plays, wholly and fully with all the obstacles it throws his way and when he can't win, he won't cheat - at least not in a way he's aware of, after all, he seems to be so distanced from peasant life, that he has no idea how much a simple apple or loaf of bread costs. Some would call him ignorant, which might be the case, but on the other hand, the young prince is nothing more than trying to be more openminded but having a hard time managing that, despite his best advances. Years of spending time in the same social cycles can either enrich or ruin a mind and the sole thought that, maybe, just maybe, there's nothing behind those endless, vast mountains doesn't stop someone like him, at least not mentally. Doesn't he seem quite childish anyway?

      Additional Info:
      - Cecil has two older brothers and one older sister.
      - He's known Edward for 12 years now and would really like it if he were to call him Cecil. A lot, actually.
      - His skin is pale, white even, much like anything else on his body, aside from the one mole under his left eye and said eyes, which seem to have a ruby gleam to them.
      - In line with said mentioned traits is Cecils worsening eyesight, the inability to look at extremely bright surfaces at all and the missing pigment causing him to get sunburns quite easily. Other than that, if he were to retain just a scratch, it would take an absurd amount of time to get himself to stop bleeding in the first place.
      - Cecil would not describe any of his family as insane, his father is quite ... the ambitious man, conquering Othidor only a few years before Cecils birth and uniting the two kingdoms - obviously in the best interest of both parties. Definitely.
      - While Cecil doesn't mind jewelry and wears ruby earrings that fit his horrible (in his opinion) looking eyes, he wouldn't mind trading it for something else.
      - Skilled in swordplay, but definitely not able to lift most blades with ease. Or spot his enemy.
      - Growing up as the youngest of four, as the third prince, and with quite the odd condition only led to him being pampered, not being taken seriously and theoretically being part of the courts laughing stock, but even that doesn't seem to make him stop - probably much to Edwards dismay.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Name: Edward of Dryden

      Age: 22

      Personality: Edward comes from an old lineage of knights which always served the royal family of Azenad. When they joined forces in marriage with Othidor that didn't change and thus it followed that Edward would become a knight in service of his king and his family. He started to train with the sword when he was six years old and he started to learn how to ride with five. He soon after picked up the practice with bow and arrow as well and over the years also learned other fighting techniques such as fighting on a horse with a lance, or using smaller weapons like daggers for fights in narrow places. He wasn't exceptional at it, but he also wasn't worse than his older brothers who already got assigned someone of the royal family as their paladins. When Edward was twelve years old it has been his turn to be assigned even though he was still in training. Eventually he got assigned to protect the youngest prince, who was only two years younger than Edward himself.

      Edward took his duty serious from the very first second. He wasn't allowed to play with the prince, or let his guard down and he wasn't even allowed to chat with him, even though the young prince always wanted to tempt Edward. Of course, to not be impolite, he did eventually talk to him or played a game he didn't need his hands for in case he needed to reach for his sword and over the years he grew attached to him, not only because it was his duty to stick to his side, but also because he viewed him as a friend, if that was even possible amongst a prince and his knight. It also followed that Edwards complete loyalty lay by him and not by anyone else. Not his own father, the captain of the knights and not even the king himself. When the prince asked him to help him leave this place, he tried to convince the young noble otherwise, but he would have never told anyone and once it was clear he wouldn't change his mind and instead would run off alone if not given any other choice, it wasn't hard for Edward to decide to go with him. All his life he protected the prince not only from any enemies or assassins that might have lurked, but also from the rest of the world that was not exactly suitable for the prince. He doesn't know how he'd be able to fulfill the princes wishes, how he'd bring him to Thria and how he was going to make sure he survived, but he wasn't left much of a choice.

      Additional Info:
      - Edward has three older brothers, each assigned to the older sons and daughter of the king.
      - Edward always warns the youngest prince about ideas he has, but he never listens and also Edward is pretty bad at saying no to him.
      - Edward knew that the whole kingdom would search for the prince and the man that whisked him away from the start, he knows that his life is probably over, but his loyalty won over any rational thoughts he might have had.
      - Even if the prince is determined and even if he thinks one word of him would save Edwards life if they ever were caught, Edward knows better, but he is fine with it.
      - Often times it is hard for Edward to decide between protecting the prince and being loyal. He doesn't want him to get hurt, but it is also not his place to decide every step for him.
      - Is he curious about the land behind the mountains himself? No one could tell, not even the prince, because Edward rarely shares anything personal to anyone.
      - Despite growing up rather rich himself, he knows his way around the world and he also knows that the prince couldn't be trusted buying an apple on his own.


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    • Name: Logan of Farley

      Age: 25

      Personality: Logan has a very strong personality. Raised as a knight from a noble family full of those, he never was into submitting himself to others. Working for someone, protecting them was good and all, but all that came with a knight - honor, an oath, manners - wasn't anything Logan fancied ever. He always did his own thing, stole away at night and came back somewhen in the morning the next day. He got dirty, talked back and was reckless and arrogant enough to challenge to most renowned knights in his surrounding. Fighting was and is to this day his passion and even though he didn't give a damn about authority he swallowed up any bit of information regarding the art of war. He is trained with the sword and other weapons too, when he was old enough however, he decided to leave his life that was decided wholly by other people. He wanted to be his own, he wanted to get paid for what he did best - fighting - and that without swearing an oath to anyone. He wanted to be true only to himself and that didn't change in all those years.
      Logan doesn't really care who he works for as long as the money is there, though he still has strong believes and opinions. Monarchy and the concept of noble families is a construct of the past in his opinion. Is there a better system? Who knew, but why would people never having done anything in their life be in charge of the rest? Being of a noble family himself, being raised with a golden spoon in his mouth so to say, didn't stop him from questioning all that. He rather slept in a stable anyway and when he bought something in town, he wanted to pay with his own money.
      Logan has four brothers, two older, two younger and all of them finished their training and became knights for some fancy noble who was even less than a knight. Logan didn't want any of that and left home to travel Ylisse and find a job whenever he needed money. He still does that.
      Besides his disgust over any form of aristocratic order he enjoys the simple pleasures of life. As long as he doesn't need a new job he spends most of his time in taverns around the country, drinking, playing games, fighting sometimes or spend the night with someone. He likes being around many people, yet he always travels alone as long as he isn't paid for accompanying someone.

      Additional Info:
      - Logan has four brothers, two older and two younger than him
      - Logan is from a noble family that became knights for generations. Even though they aren't as well known as the Dryden family, the name Farley is still not taken lightly
      - Logan rarely mentions who he truly is, it doesn't matter anyway, right?
      - His family also tries to make people forget that there is a fifth son that seemingly vanished at some point. For his family Logan is the black sheep, someone to be ashamed of. He himself doesn't care about that.
      - Logan hasn't spoken to his family for years, they probably don't know if he is still alive

    • Name: People come and go, names are exchanged on a whim and sometimes, nothing that has been spoken has to amount to any kind of truth. Whatever that is because of unspoken rules or the fact that one does not want any association with their given name doesn't matter - they are the same in the end and thus, if one is not a noble, knowing such things is of no use anyway. Whatever ends up being the case, whoever this young man is, he almost always introduces himself as Rhys al-Kashghari and is not keen on taking up any other identity in the first place. Nobody knows if he's really a descendant or a relative of the al-Kashghari family, residing in the southernmost kingdom of Ylisse, Fye, but there's no way to prove any of that either way. If one were to ask for the mans personal opinion on the matter, he'd simply claim it was the name he'd always known and he grew up with, yet, barely any of his traces lead to Fye in the first place and his occupation makes no sense, either.

      Age: Whatever it is that he tells one, none of the words he sputters and none of the things he says are to be taken for granted - whatever he is a noble son, the son of a peasant, or just the son of a wandering merchant, the only thing, aside from his name, that Rhys is firm on - in most cases - is his age. Twenty-four years, many of which he'd rather forget about, tend to haunt him for the silliest of reasons - something he is neither proud of, nor willing to admit, even if nightmares are quick to be identified as misguided daydreams and many people would claim that they don't trust his face and the things that pour from his lips like droplets of poisoned, yet sought-after water.

      Personality: Rhys is very much like a double-edged sword in many regards. Years of trying to be nice and perfecting a customer-friendly attitude have led him to be able to have the softest of smiles on his lips, know the sweetest of words to lull a potential customer in and what makes it worse is the not too over-the-top attempt at making everyone feel loved and welcome in his presence in the first place. Once he paints the picture of quite the smiling, friendly and still quite shy person that loves to help people and couldn't hurt a fly, it seldom becomes oh so painfully apparent that Rhys is, without a doubt irasicble, easy to anger in the first place and won't take no for an answer - beneath the all-smiles, all calm, attitude burns a fire, and if he holds a grudge against someone, it almost always seems to be like a fate worse than death. Those who know his true face either don't live long to tell the tale, or at least find themselves robbed of senses, memories and possession in an alleyway in the next blink of an eye - those who do remember don't dare to speak a work of the ruthless, cold demeanor they faced, lest everybody would think they are insane for insulting someone as sweet as honey. Rhys may, or may not, hold himself in high regards, be crafty with the things he does and enjoy a nice, peaceful and quiet evening, yet nothing hits worse than the apparent realization that whatever one may expect, they'll get - for a price they don't have to be willing to pay, but will most certainly pay regardless.

      Additional Info:
      - Born and initially raised by a family of merchants in the kingdom of Fye, Rhys is no stranger to the ruthless and illegal practices there and in neighboring kingdoms. While his family only consisted of merchants in the first place, they sold humans as wares - and their own family if they had to.
      - Rhys himself was supposed to take over the family business, but ran away at the age of fifteen, after an argument he doesn't dare to speak about.
      - However, staring at Rhys for too long, at least in a temporary state of undress, would reveal that he is branded. Not just once, either.
      - Obsessed with all things that glitter and shine, in one way or the other, Rhys always seems to carry around things that are - at first glance - quite expensive. On second glance, they are easily identifiable as fakes, yet they still go for a good price if he's dealing with someones untrained eyes.
      - Despite having noble aspiriations at first, mainly to clean off the dirt that all of his family has burdened him with, his dream of aiding a knight turned into nothing more than dust soon enough - something that he'd probably kill Logan over, but for that he'd have to find him first.
      - For the past few years, Rhys worked for an older noble as a food taster, yet ended up deserting from his job after surviving a lethal poisoning more than once - something he'd not like to repeat, either.
      - As of recently, to make ends meet, he can be found roaming different city streets, trying to steal peoples money with silly tricks.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.