hellbound. (earinor & akira)

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    • hellbound. (earinor & akira)

      genres: (fake historical) drama • low fantasy • pain • olettes nobility at its finest •
      another bad case of sequelitis • no one's straight (it still runs in the family) •
      new: someone in olette is gay too, call the cops. • new: no blondes. •

      Adrestia stands unified before those who saw it all through - the war has subsided, any conflict has died down and amidst what was once a prospering kingdom stands a king without a crown, without a title so to speak. A young man that barely knows anything of the world that never sought to welcome him, but from here on out, Myriad is his - the crown is his - and alongside it, the burden of power, the burden of his title and his people - all of that rests on his shoulders, something that he never asked for and yet has to comply with. Rain knows that this isn't the time to waver, to retreat and think all of this through and as such, he accepts what was never supposed to be his - the title of king, the burden of being alive and cherishes it, for it is but a fleeting moment in his life that, among other things, was never supposed to be as long as it has been so far.

      They lurk in the shadows, for years to come, and once the kings body finally gives out - once his passing is announced - all that remains are his children and his closest aide, among the cold walls of Castle Myriad and with that, his reign ends, not long after he assumed the throne. However, even that doesn't suffice, not one bit, after all, Adrestia needs a king, someone to guide a broken country full of brewing conflict, but there is no heir to assume the throne, not after all but one are killed in an ambush and swept away, or so they believe. Miraculously, the former kings oldest son survives - not his by blood, but rather choice - and while he originally wasn't eligible to assume his role as king, for the fact that the wolves' blood runs in his veins, he soon enough finds himself thrust into a position he never wanted to be in, filled with grief, unable to understand anything, or make sense of what seems to be happening around him.

      As if fate willed it, Dayan finds himself in the hands of those who never wanted him to be, who made sure that all that remains of his family was a speck of dust - and yet, he puts his trust into them, in the few that seemingly care about him, that make sure he's feeling well, that look out for him, try to give him advice or offer him comfort in all those trying times. However, as much as he doesn't want to admit it, they make one thing painfully clear - his own father was, who brought the tragedy upon him, upon his family - and for that, he should suffer. Dayan agrees, at least he tries to, but he finds himself strengthened in his weak resolve when Olettes nobles offer him one of their own, Lucien, to stay by his side, to support him in all endeavours a young, confused king could need help with. But still, while his father is out there, somewhere, his brother is, too, and yet, the young king can't search for them all by himself, as much as he wishes that he could.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • There it was, grand Myriad, right in front of him. When was the last time Lucien had been here? It was a while, probably he attended some ball which was held and so many came to see the king, but few did. Now the king was dead and in his stead was someone that had no right to the throne in the first place, yet he was the only one left somehow related to the old king, even if not by blood. Well of course there was still his brother Richard, but who knew if he was alive in the first place? And who cared, that was for now none of Luciens concerns, his sat right there in that big castle surrounded by flowers. Dayan of Fhaergus, adopted by king rain under the condition he never would claim the title of king and yet he was going to in a few days actually. There was some time of grief for his family, not enough if he was as soft as his adoptive father, but not the country needed to make it official and Luciens family needed it to be that as well, because they wanted to deal with this situation before too many people voiced that they didn't want a wolf on the throne. They wanted to have him crowned, before people demanded someone else, someone that was hard to find with the Fhaergus bloodline dead and the bloodline of the former king of Myriad as well.

      Lucien was for now here for exactly that reason; see to Dayan coronation and it wouldn't take long. A day was set already and the rest would be managed by Lucien and his supervision. At least that was the plan. Lucien traveled with a small entourage of soldiers, he rode through the city on his white horse as if it was already his. He didn't bet any peasant a look and eventually he arrived by the castle gate. He was let inside immediately and entered the grand gardens of Myriad that had been closed to the public completely since the assassination on the former kings children. Before some parts were free to enter, but Lucien was let in, so what did it matter? He rode past roses bushes, trees and fountains and eventually arrived at the main entrance. He stopped his horse which was taken care of immediately by two servants of the Myriad castle. When Luciens feet hit the floor he noticed that it was rather cool, especially compared to Olette, but that was fine. He took off his riding gloves, shoved them in the hands of another servant - one of his this time and then walked inside, demanding to see the soon-to-be king. He was warned, but led to a room, on which he eventually knocked. He wasn't all too mad about doing that himself and not be properly announced, the important thing was to give Dayan what he wanted and that was peace and quiet, wasn't it? He heard about him, that he didn't want to talk to anyone, but Lucien at least wanted to announce that he was here, as promised, to help with the organisation of the coronation.
    • When was the last time he had slept properly? Dayan didn't know, he couldn't figure it out - most of the time he just lay there, in that bed of his that he hadn't shared with anyone important in ages and still, it felt as if it were yesterday that Richard and him had been up to something stupid - to be fair, he had just roped his little brother in - and then hid under the covers of this bed, only to giggle a little bit too loud and eventually, someone would come get them, pretend they didn't know that they were there, but eventually, there was one of two familiar faces that greeted them, sometimes even both. However, those times were over, Dayan knew as much, now that he lay there in a state of distress, exhausted and worn, still trying to cope with the fact that Flora and Atwick, just like his father, were gone. What else was? Richard, but the fact that his body was nowhere to be found gave him hope that he had to be somewhere, out there, anywhere - just like ... just why? Whenever he thought back to that stupid night that ruined it all, he thought back to that empty gaze he saw on his fathers face, something that seemed so unlike him, that sounded as if it were straight out of some myth, some tale, almost as if he were posessed, but what did it matter? No matter how much he tried, no matter how much of his hair he chopped off or how much of his body he hid, it wasn't enough.

      At this point, it was pathetic to look at him, laying right there in his bed, cuddling up to a rolled up blanket and a pillow that he pulled close to his body - he was grieving, even though he told himself he wouldn't, because there was no need to, because the graves were out in the back, in the garden and yet, the dead wouldn't answer him, couldn't give him words of comfort or advice and the crown, well, it would be a heavy burden to bear, much like that stupid, upcoming birthday of his was. Sure, now that he had time to think about it all, his great-uncle had offered him comfort, but even the hug he received and the reassuring words that came his way, none of it had helped and Dayan sat there, empty and unfulfilled, wondering if all of this was a horrible twist of fate or the gods laughing at him, his family or the bloodline he found himself trapped within. The more that he thought about it, the faster time went by and eventually, there was a knock on his door - it wasn't silent enough for it to be a maid and nobody announced anything - so it had to be guests, which, honestly? Who had let those idiots in here? Dayan groaned, inaudible, getting up from where he lay, to dress up properly, since he was wearing about half of his things. Then, once everything seemed in order and a quick glance in his mirror did tell him that no, his eyes weren't red and swollen from crying, he did answer the door. "I'm sorry for the delay ... mh, did the servants leave you by your lonesome? I'm terribly sorry, that really isn't supposed to happen", he apologized to the redhead who's gaze he met eventually when he did open the door. "Dayan of Fhaergus, pleased to make your acquaintance", he told the stranger, who, judging by how he dressed and looked, was one of Olette. "What brings you here, if I may ask?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Lucien stood out there for a while and the servants were all sent away, since the soon-to-be king wanted as little human contact as possible, at least that was what Lucien had heard. Now he stood there and wondered if the soon-to-be... this was getting annoying, he could straight out call him king, because it was only a matter of days until he was. Either way, he wondered if he just got ignored, but he knew better than to get angry about that, because he had a mission to fulfill and he had to make this idiot like him. Lucien never truly spoke much to Dayan, he had focused on Richard, but even there there hadn't been much effort, after all he had known for a while, that those two were lost causes, but alas, his fathers plan didn't work out and now he was here, starting from scratch. He was good at reading people, he was better at making them feel like they got exactly what they wanted when being around him, so he was the best man for this job, wasn't he? He knew failure wasn't an option, but he also was pretty sure that there was no threat, that he'd do it. His father didn't need to punish him, he never truly had reason to, his son was as he wanted him to be and he knew what to expect of him, well but this would only work out if the king actually opened that damn door.

      Lucien heard some rumbling, at least he was moving, but hopefully he wasn't bailing and climbed out of the window. Lucien waited patiently until, finally he heard footsteps and soon after the wolf opened the door. Lucien shot him a short glance, he looked so different with that short hair and the green eyes made it seem as if he had no wolf blood in his veins, at least he could have been a half breed like his brother. This was good, it would silence some of those who didn't want him in power. The glance shot lasted for not even a second, instead Lucien averted his gaze downwards and bowed before his new king. Not too deep, but respectful enough, after all he was a noble himself, he didn't need to fall to his knees, right? And Judging by what he knew of the wolf, he didn't care about etiquette all too much anyway. "Please, no need to apologize. I should apologize because I intruded without announcing myself beforehand. I told them there is no need for them to wait here.", he answered, stood up straight again and looked up at the tall man before him. "Lucien of Olette.", he introduced himself with a smile. "I think my father wrote to you, offering our help with the coronation. That is why I'm here, you don't need to trouble yourself with that any further. I heard you are still grieving, my sincerest condolences for your loss." He lowered his gaze once more and made a short break, before he started to talk again. "Well, I don't want to trouble you for too long. I just wanted to let you know that I am here now and if there is anything - or all of it - that I can help with, I am at your disposal."
    • Why had he answered that damn door to begin with? Lucien, or whoever it would be that waited beyond all of this for him, wasn't going to make him feel better and every single time that he hoped that Richard stood there, he only cut more and more into his own flesh, finding himself bleeding from almost nothing. There seemed to be no definite reason as to why he wasn't clawing his skin off just yet, but he had tried in his sleep, his fingers had dug into his skin, much like his nails did, and cutting them off was to no avail, either - he kept ripping that skin of his open, accidentally, or at least scratched a spot for so long that it was red, swollen and sore and for once, he was thankful that nobody did see or could see. All of this had thrown him out of loop, much like the fact that he was supposed to become king now was - Adrestia wasn't his, he never wanted it, he never wanted to be anything and yet he had two titles that sucked, that were supposed to be Richards, but no, his brother had disappeared, wanned like Dayans resolve to go on, to have a good time, but ending his own life in a fit of depression and pain was stupid, much like thinking about how the world and everything surrounding him was, by far, nothing more than a painful experience that he didn't have to share with anyone. Yikes, when did he wound up thinking like that?

      There they were, those similar and unfamiliar eyes that soon enough looked for a way out of his own gaze, unwilling to lock it, unwilling to give Dayan some sort of dignity, but it was fine, this wasn't any different from those stupid kids back then, the one that didn't want to play with him or look at him because their parents had told him that Dayan of Fhaergus was a wolf, a monster, some sort of bewitched being that would ruin their lives. Hah, what a joke. "No need to bow", he informed Lucien, who already did more than he had to - he wasn't king just yet, they still were of equal standing and while he, for some reason, did know that he would enjoy being in power, he also knew that he'd hate every second of the coronation itself. "I ... do think I read something like that. The last few weeks have been a blur, being able to have clear thoughts is almost impossible ... I apologize." Fuck, was this a round of apologies between two strangers? Whatever the case, he was fairly certain that he'd have to figure himself out from this point forward, he'd have to send the redhead away and tell him that he didn't need anyone to help him, that he was strong enough but he wasn't, was he now? "I don't want to trouble you with any of this, it really isn't your duty", Dayan declared, bitting that thumb of his - he wanted to lean against the doorframe, his body felt heavy and the days of no proper sleep were, hopefully, not too noticeable. "It should be mine and yet, I'm acting like the sad sap I am." This wasn't the right thing to do, so eventually, he did come out of his room. "If anything, I should accept your help, but I can't let you do everything on your own."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Lucien was actually kind of surprised. He thought he'd be yelled at, or at least he expected some grumpy teenager that was suddenly alone, but no, the prince was behaving, very much so in fact and he treated Lucien with more respect than he thought he would. Hadn't he always be wild? Lucien assumed that it would have turned into aggression, but he was more sad than anything else right now, wasn't he? This was almost odd, but Lucien was able to shift to whatever anyone else needed and he was able to adapt to all kind of situations. First of all he stood up a little more straight, smiled and looked into those green eyes with his own. Eventually people weren't supposed to do that and they were supposed to bow, but maybe the prince wasn't ready to be treated like a king just yet, maybe he never would be, or maybe the coronation was waking him up and showing him who he ought to be now. Who that was was to Luciens concern, though the princes manners were not, all he needed to achieve was making him feel a little better as long as he was around, right? He had one week to make himself useful and to ask to stay - no, it would be even better if the prince asked him to stay on his own.

      "No need to apologize, I can understand that quite well, if my siblings where to die, I'd not be of much use either.", Lucien answered, wasn't the prince almost cute? The Olettien Lord wasn't sure if he'd always been that polite and goddamn honest, but he was now. Sure he always had been a prince, but that was all he should have remained, yet suddenly he got the throne and a whole country while he actually was also in line for the throne of Thria, but that had been nothing he ever wanted either, was it now? "It is my duty. I volunteered to help, I'm quite good at organizing and getting the coronation under way is for the good of all Adrestia.", he answered and eventually gifted the prince another smile, an understanding one. "Well that sounds like a good start. I have a list of things that need to be taken care of, we can walk it through together, but I feel like I caught you by surprise, so if you want to do something else and meet later, that is fine by me." The prince looked like he just got out of bed, so maybe he was hungry, or wanted to take a bath, who knew? Actually most of the stuff that needed to be done was not that important, there were some decisions Dayan could make if he wanted to, what colors he wanted, what flowers, etc. But in the end overlooking the process would be Luciens job from here on out. They only had a view days, but if the prince needed some time right now, they'd still make it. Well he needed him for something and that was a tailor... and maybe someone cutting that hair in a way it didn't look like he cut it himself.
    • Yelling and crying like a spoiled toddler wasn't something that a potential ally should see, so Dayan was toning it down, at least somewhat - he was trying to make all of this work for himself, to adjust to this and then, when he was crowned, he'd find a way of finding Richard, of finding his father and he'd drag them both back here. Sure, he was angry, pissed off and lost, but that didn't mean that he didn't want answers, that he didn't at least want to know why he was the one that was left here, but then again, maybe he had been believed to be dead, because why wouldn't he? The way his body had been mangled at least gave the impression that he would have a hard time making it, but it all was healing just fine, much like that stupid wound on his forehead that was going to serve as a reminder of everything that had happened when he gazed in a mirror. When had he started to be this pathetic? There were times were he didn't care about how he looked, how he acted, as long as it got him someone to spend the night with, or the remainder of the day and right about now, he didn't even want to look at someone that was only going to give him an empty smile or reassure him that everything would be fine in due time - it never would be and it made his blood boil. "It's just painful, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone."

      By blood, he was related to none of them, if anything, Richard, Flora and Atwick were siblings, but no one had ever cared and he'd been adopted by Rain, too. Sometimes, despite blood being supposedly thicker than water, none of that mattered and for once, it did feel good to get out of his room, even though he was clearly forcing himself to not be in there, to get out, to be dressed and look at least somewhat composed. How was Richard doing? Was he fine? Was he crying? Dayan did want to offer him comfort, but he couldn't, not when he had no idea where he was. "Then I'm happy to know that someone as capable as you is lending me their hands", the prince said, but there was no smile on his lips, his facial expression was seemingly set in stone and yet, just one glance would tell all of them that there was no shame in thinking a tad bit too much about all the precautions and actions one was to take. "I do have somethig that needs to be taken care of, but it isn't all that urgent, it can wait. Standing in this doorway, however, isn't really a nice way to discuss things - lets move this somewhere else, what do you say?" Not his own room, that was off-limits, for more than one reason and even if it only was because it did look like he was a depressed mess and as if he had locked servants out of it for days on end, just to let clothes pile up and shreds of fabric, among other things. "Did anyone show you to your room yet? Or at least bring your belongings there?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Lucien tried to read that expression, but there was nothing, nothing moved and well that also said something, right? Still the prince was probably sick of people telling him that everything would be fine, because it would not be, his siblings had been young and now they were dead and his brother that seemingly had been like a twin to him, was missing. Lucien could have related to that a few years prior. If his sister had vanished he'd be furious, angry, mad and probably sad, but not anymore. If she'd vanish tomorrow, Ares would be mad and angry and Lucien would not be. He'd find and kill those responsible, no questions asked, because Olettes family was not to be toyed with. He'd maybe do more than just kill them right away, but he wouldn't be angry, mad or sad, because all those things were just in the way and clouded his judgement. That was who he had become and who he was supposed to be. Even his twin sister he shared a birthday with was far away and distant and thus it was hard to get a grasp on the princes true feelings, it was hard to truly understand him, because if Lucien dug deep into himself, it wouldn't end well. "I'm sorry about your loss.", Lucien answered and yet he knew that his family was responsible for all of that, but his face didn't show and he felt no ounce of remorse. "It will continue to hurt. But w all need to continue and you will find a way, I'm sure." If the prince was this honest, why not let go of that etiquette a little bit and say something out of line, something nobody would dare say to a king.

      "No need for flattery.", Lucien chuckled slightly, having a tall and powerful man like him talk like that was funny. But in the end he only was a young man such as Lucien and maybe he did just want someone to talk to, someone to be there and that was why he was honest about his feelings and nice about the unexpected and probably unwanted visit. "I agree. Care for a walk outside?", Lucien suggested, maybe that would help the prince, walk around the gardens and talk about all the things he didn't want to do. Luciens father expected a big coronation, something that would leave no doubt that Dayan was the rightful king. Everyone should see it and invitations to Lords and Ladies were already sent out before Lucien even came here. "I wasn't at my room, but I believe my luggage is taken care of by your and my servants, you don't need to worry about that.", he explained and he'd find his room at some point, for now they should just get going somewhere really, it didn't matter where and thus Lucien stepped away from the doorway to let the prince leave the room and lead the way. "What's your favorite color?", he suddenly asked. "Fhaergus blue, or rather Myriads turquois? Something else?"
    • "No need to, it's not like you can change any of that either way", Dayan commented, yet, he was sick of hearing those condolences. They weren't dead, well, most of them were, but it had already felt god awful when Rain died, the recent situation didn't improve his mood, nor did it improve anything elose. Was he hopeless or just trying to pretend to be someone he was? He wasn't sure. Richard was good at playing the role of an heir, he had been good at many things that he himself didn't excel at, but they were brothers after all and nobody could be as good as someone else at something that they hadn't figured out just yet. If he could give it some time, maybe he'd come to the conclusion that he didn't want to be who he was becoming, but from here on out, there was no way to know and Dayan knew as much, he'd always known and now, whatever nightmare he'd had became reality - and the reality he lived in was painful, wasn't it? "Maybe I will, maybe I won't - whatever, it'll heal eventually", the prince answered, not really mindful of his own or Luciens tone, but he didn't have to act the way he dressed, or did he? Sure, it was expected of a king to be wellbehaved and a good example for anyone of their country, but Dayan was still an unruly teen and masking all of that, behind trauma and fear, wasn't his forte.

      "It isn't, I'm actually glad." Lucien didn't need to know the whole story, but he probably knew more than that anyway - and Dayan wasn't going to comment on any of that, but he was actually somewhat relaxed, now that he found someone by his side that would lend him a capable hand, something he could use to soothe that pain of his, if only metaphorically because the redhead was taking all that work away from him. "I wouldn't mind", he commented and with that, set himself in motion, shutting his own door behind him quite firmly, as if to signal that, no matter what, he wasn't allowing anyone in there and that an unlocked door was no invitation. "That's good to hear. Still, they shouldn't have sent you all the way to my room alone lie that, but ... mh." His own servants were probably scared of him, weren't they? Dayan couldn't think of another explanation and it all was, maybe, going to make sense when he had a nice walk outside and he'd sifted through a few things. Though, the walk to the garden already felt better than staying in his room, maybe only for the fact that he wasn't feeling so lonely anymore or because this was a nice breather. "I ..." He liked green, right? But he didn't fancy either of those shades and yet, green was stupid, much like the fact that it only was because those eyes of his were green ... was he selfabsorbed like that? "I don't think I put too much thought into that, but I'm not sure - Fhaergus' blue doesn't flatter me, I have nothing of that. No blue eyes, no blonde hair to compliment it. Myriad's turquoise would probably clash with something on me, it always looked ridiculous on my father and Al- ... no, that's off the table anyway."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "But, I at least can take some burden off of your shoulders and that's why I'm here!", Lucien smiled friendly. It was actually too bad that their little dog didn't do the job correctly, instead not only one son survived, but two. But instead of facing consequences here and instead of checking if more than just the crown prince survived, the dog fled without an explanation and without a damn clue that Dayan was still alive. That was actually a favorable outcome, because they had a king that never was supposed to be one and had no clue how to make all of this work, because he never was prepared to rule. And they had a fallen father with a second son that vanished and as of now Lucien wasn't sure what story he wanted Dayan to believe. That Richard was behind all this, to kill everyone that could contest his throne, to be sure to become king? But that was completely out of character wasn't it? Then again for the old dog to do it was too. Or he told him that the Thrian dog kidnapped him, maybe as a hostage and they should get him back, start another war and show the world that although wolf by blood, the new kings heart was bound to Adrestia. Whatever it will be, Lucien doubted the old dog and the prince would come back anytime soon, so he had some time to figure that out.

      "Well then thank you. I won't disappoint you.", Lucien smiled and then followed the future king for their walk around the castle and to the gardens, to take in some nature and sun, sun would to the prince good, right? He probably didn't leave his room for quite some time and that although containing the two princes inside had always been difficult as far as Lucien heard. "Actually they warned me about you, but I ignored those warnings and if I may say so, you don't seem like I should be scared of you." Not that Lucien would have been, there weren't many things he was scared of, he wasn't even necessarily scared of dying. There were worse things than that and he knew it all too well. Dayan seemed to need a short break to think about the simple question of his favorite color, Lucien smiled and waited patiently for an answer. "Setting new trends then, huh? I like it and I relate, Olettes Orange doesn't flatter my family since we got that red mixed in, now I'm stuck with white, black and gold. Well wouldn't that be something that would suit you too? Or what was that? Alsters crimson? Lord Declan is your great uncle and if he doesn't produce an heir it'll be yours at some point, so why not go with that?", Lucien answered. "You're going to be king, so you can choose whatever you want. I think a dark green would maybe suit you too?"
    • “That makes me glad”, he eventually answered. Was this some sort of game they were playing, just to see who could outdo the other with his friendliness or was all of this in good faith and not just some sort of game that they were playing? Whatever the case, it hardly mattered and Dayan had to admit that he’d been lonely, that he thought he was going insane because he heard his siblings laughter from the hallways, in the middle of the night, or his fathers having a conversation he was barely able to understand - but whenever he forced himself on his legs and bolted out of his room, he found himself back in the courtyard, the gardens, trying to find the source of the things he’d heard - and what did he find? Graves, still shallow enough for him to be able to dig out the coffins if he’d tried, but he had gone mad just yet, he was still holding onto some sort of last straw - on the last nail for his own coffin. Lucien was different, though, he wasn’t family and he didn’t come here to offer him condolences - that was something Declan had done, that Declans children had done, but not one person from the thrian side of his family had spoken a single word to him - but Lucien did, someone who was more of a stranger than anything at all.

      Dayan didn’t know what he wanted, yet he strolled through the castle before he arrived out back in the gardens, a place that he didn’t want to lay his eyes upon in broad daylight, but once he pushed the door open and stepped outside, nausea filled his body - memories did appear at the corner of his vision and all he could do was slightly shake his head and close his eyes for second to get rid of the past that seeped into the present. “Trust me, they aren’t wrong”, he answered, taking a few steps into the lush grass that - despite the fact that there was no one of his family to care for any of it - it wasn’t losing color, it was still the same shade of green that it had always been and somehow, that was quite calming. “I don’t know if I want or if I should, but in the end, I’m not of Fhaergus by blood and I’m not supposed to be inheriting the throne”, he sighed as they passed some barely blooming bushes - hadn’t Richard and him always pl-, fuck, no, not now. Dayan averted his gaze and instead led it wander, looking for something, anything else. “I think it is out of place to even consider Alsters crimson. I’m still a wolf, there’s no way around that and if anything, Alster is still full to the brim with people that hate me and my kind. And likewise, my kind would be appalled to see me drape myself in that color. And even if my great-uncle didn’t have any heirs, I don’t have a right to the title, much like my grandfather did.” Dayan was tired of having to think about all of this twice, he was tired about having to consider every little loophole there was and yet, Luciens suggestions didn’t seem too bad. “I like both of your suggestions, though - green is nice to look at, but black, white and gold is simple and it’s not just a single color.”
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • What was it with this guy? He didn't know Lucien and had a lot of people around him that probably saw him grow up, yet he was glad that someone like Lucien was helping him? That he was here? And he was so polite as well! Lucien expected a rampaging brat after what he had heard, one that needed to be told that the coronation was important and happening very soon and that he'd at least needed to let a tailor make him something new for that occasion. But instead he was glad someone took some of the work off of him, yet he still wanted to help as well, because it was his responsibility. Was it though? He would be king, he could leave other people to do his job, after all that pretty much had been how the king before Rain had handled it. Given though, that didn't work out that well, but that probably was due to the fact the he truly had been a brat that started to have own ideas, yet no clue about the world. Letting Lavern invade Fhaergus was a big mistake as much as trying to get rid of Lord Caelan and in the end both of those plans didn't even work out. Instead he had made a major enemy, one that was surprisingly smart and surprisingly liked by so many people. Luciens grandfather and his father of all peple got defeated by him and maybe that was the reason why he shaped Ares and Lucien like he did. In the end however Rain and his family died by their doing, he should have known Olette wouldn't forget their defeat. Maybe he hadn't been so smart after all.

      Lucien and the prince reached the garden after passing through some pompous hallways. The castle was big, but Olettes fortress was too, so this was nothing new to him. The garden lay there as if nothing ever happened, but Dayan was the one flinching, while Lucien acted like he didn't notice that. "They are? So far you have been polite, but it doesn't matter either way. I'm just the second born son of a noble family so I'm not worth much. Whatever you do, even before the coronation, will have much impact on you.", Lucien smiled. Well he was important for his family, but nobody needed to know that, nobody knew, except a select few and if anyone talked they knew what they had coming. Lucien knew too. What was that? For some reason he forgot to breath for a second and fought down a short cough, he could probably pin it on the plants. "Well you are. You've been raised by the late king and he adopted you. You're the best candidate to continue leading the country in your fathers interest. Olette already supports you, as does Fhaergus and Weztte. Your great uncle supports you too, so you have more than half of the nobles on your side and many of the people too. They know you and you've always been as kind as the rest of your family.", Lucien explained with another smile. "Many of the features the wolves have are not yours and you've been raised mostly by sheep. We will bring that across during the coronation and secure the support of most of Adrestia. And by blood you're in line for Alster as well. That's just how it works, wolf or not. But that doesn't mean we have to dress you in red, red is my color anyway!" Lucien chuckled. Dayan had so many doubts, but he needed to accept, that Adrestia was going to be his and it would remain his for a long time if he played by the rules Luciens father set. "Well you don't have to decide now. We can make a tailor make two sets of clothes and you can choose later. For it to be finished in time however, could we invite someone tomorrow?"
    • Was lashing out the right course of action? He didn't know, he never did, but right about now, it didn't seem as if Lucien deserved any of the ugly truth that lay behind the marble surface that Dayan was upholding. The redhead would be here for a few days, then he'd leave and once he did, Dayan would go back to despairing about the usual, to thinking about what he wanted and let his mind and ideas go wild. Who knew, maybe he'd ditch his own coronation, or maybe he wouldn't - he'd run off eventually, though, try to find where Richard had gone because some of his soldiers were just plain useless and not able to be entrusted with anything. It wound him to say the least, he couldn't even fathom how painful it would be from here on out and yet, the answer was simple, it was painfully clear that somthing had to happen and that he, of all people, was the wind of change that he never wanted to be. Richard never had been overly confident, he was - at least at first - more of the shy type, reserved and well-mannered, yet he knew that he'd ascend to the throne one day and that his older brother wouldn't be around for years to come to reassure him things, to take decisions off of his shoulders. Dayan had been fine with just being the voice in the background, the nod back to reality, but what did he wind up being? The most important piece himself, something he loathed from the moment he heard that it was - all of a sudden - his duty. "No need to talk yourself down. Your aid is worth just as much as that of anyone else - it depends on what you are willing to give, to offer, not on what your social standing is", Dayan chastised Lucien.

      Sure, this was something new that came out of his mouth, it probably was very unlike him, unlike the kid that he had been not too long ago, the person he barely could be most of the time, but right about now, as they waltzed through these blooming gardens, they still felt barren to Dayan, to the person who'd never seen them so void of people, of any kind of life and even just admitting to that felt odd. As long as Lucien entertained him and seemingly was here because he wanted to help, Dayan didn't mind - but once he started demanding things, he'd probably see what his servants were so afraid of in the first place. "Mhm, I guess you are right." Lucien wasn't, he was wrong, completely at that and if Dayan had some sense of self left in that husk of his body, maybe he'd playfully chewed him out for saying all of this, had made a joke about how he wasn't suited to lead anything, but he didn't and he couldn't, he was void of many things, including a reason to go on with all of this. "Red is your color? True, with hair like that, it would be a shame if you disliked it." Then again, what did he care? The stranger seemed to be having fun, yet Dayan wasn't, he couldn't even muster a smile, his face as blank and while he didn't feel too uncomfortable, this was an odd conversation, paired with an odd walk. Lucien was seemingly wrong about everything, but he couldn't blame him, yet, Dayan was - by blood alone - more wolf than his father or grandfather, more of a mess than either of them and as it stood right now, he wasn't in line for Alsters throne at all - and he didn't want to be, not ever again did he want to be someone for something ever again. "You're right, I'll arrange something for tomorrow, then." Yikes, another stranger? And ... this was stupid, wasn't it? Eventually, he halted and did crouch down to pluck a dead leaf from one of the flowers - what for? Because nothing in this garden was supposed to be tarnished by all the time that stopped for none of them? Whatever, this was some stupid philosophical reason, he didn't need one to plug a rotten leaf, right? "In the end it's all up to me anyway. Whatever else did you wish to discuss?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Lucien let out a short laugh and looked at the man walking next to him through Myriads beautiful gardens. "Funny hearing something like that from you!", he let out, seemingly not watching his manners, but he still needed to test what kind of responses Dayan wanted. He didn't want to be king, so maybe he shouldn't treat him like one. "You've always been the second son, right? Even though you were born first, either way you were much more disposable, isn't it that?", he asked, if anything Dayan should understand how it was to be born second for most of the nobles - not for Lucien, but Dayan didn't need to know and in any case, he had it worse than most others probably. Or did he? Actually he stopped mulling over it, because there was no use to dwell over the past and over the things that made him who he was now. "But that's not what I meant. I meant if you truly are a monster and would break my bones, my father would probably not care as much as if it was my older brother." Lucien let out another short laugh as if the thought of it was funny and as if he was content to be nothing compared to Ares, but maybe that was true.

      There was no need for Dayan to make more of Lucien than he was and yet he gave him worth. How was he being a monster then? Well either way, Lucien would find out what it was he hid and who he was at some point. Lucien let one strand of his red hair run between his fingers as if he needed to check the color once more. As much as Fhaergus had it's blonde hair, Olette was full of redheads and it was bright and distinctive. Dayan however was neither looking like the former king, nor that dog, not when his hair was brighter and almost Adrestian looking and his eyes were green, not blue, brown, or almost black. If people didn't know where he was from and Lucien would tell them he's a sheep, people would have believed him, but that he came from Fhaergus, no one would believe that. In the end he very much fit into Alster with the looks of his. But he didn't want to be there, or on the throne... Lucien needed to change his mind at one point, yet there was no need for him to rule. "I can arrange things like that for you, if you prefer that option.", Lucien offered and stopped when the prince did the same and crouched. He watched him plug a dead leaf.. wasn't that the job of a gardener? Well if he wanted to do that, why would Lucien stop him? He stemmed one hand into his hip and tilted his head a little. "You're going to be king. You can order people to decide thing for you too, you know?", Lucien smiled, he didn't need to shoulder anything. "We should discuss the seating order and what will be served at the banquette."
    • "Why?", he suddenly wanted to know, tilting his head ever so slightly in confusion as he looked back up at Lucien from where he crouched. Was it because he had talked about not wanting to be king, not wanting to have that title or was it because the redhead thought he, of all people, was quite frankly going insane? Whatever the case, it didn't matter much, just like nothing mattered in this world that suddenly seemed empty and bleak, yet, it hadn't changed all that much, just ... something was gone, wasn't it? "Not necessarily disposable. They just made sure, from a young age, that I don't have seniority over the title and that, even if just Richard were to pass, I wouldn't be next in line for the throne. It might have been annoying while I was a kid, but I never really wanted it - not being the crown prince came with benefits of its own, but in the end, now I'm here and I know jack shit." Rain and Nayantai both had banked on this never becoming a reality, but if they did, why on earth would the wolf ... nevermind, this wasn't what he wanted to think about, not when he was currently sitting in front of a few withering black lilies, which almost seemed comical, given the fact that he had absolutely hated these things before and despite being in full bloom not so long ago, they'd already given up on life. Dayan did share that sentiment, didn't he?

      "So your father has a favorite? That sounds like a pain", Dayan answered, but he knew as much that his parents would never do that - even if he had certain rules to live by, this was how his world was and would be, there wasn't much shame in admitting that but likewise, there probably was less shame in committing to the truth to begin with. As his gaze followed Luciens finger, he wondered why they were talking to one another like that, it was odd and it never wouldn't be, solely for the fact that no matter what he'd do, he'd find himself not only in pain but also exposed to the obvious, which quite clearly was the redhead, who'd worm his way into something, somehow, wouldn't he? Those red locks did suit him, however, and Dayan did wonder why he was saddled with that odd black on his head, why nobody played pretend and just let him be Rains son, but all of that was in vain. "No, it's fine. I'm supposed to make my own decisions and arrangements, I'm not a child", he clarified, but that wasn't all that truthful, right? In the end, he was very much a young man that barely reached adulthood in a few weeks and once he did, nothing would change, at least not from one day to the other, unlike when the coronation happened. "Yes, but if I see something, why order someone that is occupied with something else to do it if it requires little effort?" At least he lived by that sentiment and if he was honest, Nayantai had a problem with sitting still, much like he did - and once more he found, that he was closer to his father than he wanted to be. "For that we'd have to leave the garden, I presume", he said, standing up and letting the leaf fall, before crushing it under the heel of his boots. Just thinking about the fact that there would be plenty of people there was making his head spin, but he'd make do, he always had been able to stand large crowds before, so why wasn't he now?
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "Isn't it worse for you then for me then? If my brother were to die, I'd inherit the country somehow, which would be weird. Well in the end you got Adrestia anyway too. I don't want to sit on a boring throne in Olette either though, but everyone has to do what they are meant to and maybe you grow to like being king. Your reach is farther like that and you can demand answers from a lot of people. You could even order a whole army to search every little corner in Adrestia and Thria for your remaining family. You'll learn how to use that power soon enough!" Maybe Lucien got a little bit too comfortable in his position and maybe the one thing he should show Dayan, understanding over the loss of his family, he was unable to feel. He was a good actor, but maybe something was missing so when he told him he was sorry, he knew he didn't meant it. Was that why he looked like he did back then? Lucien had yet to figure him out, but in any case, he couldn't let him run away from the throne. If he didn't want to rule, that was for the better anyway. Lucien still stood there and watched Dayan look at his flowers like he was longing for something, or thinking about the past. That probably was what he did most of the time lately.

      "The first born son is important and daughters are mostly for marrying them away in exchange for power. That is how our world works. I'm just a backup plan, but I don't mind.", Lucien explained smiling, but again that wasn't even true. Though his sister was nothing more but a pawn without a choice of her own, that was the truth. Dayan looked at him now, he seemed almost confused by all these conversations. What had he been up to the days before? "You're not. I didn't mean to imply that.", Lucien clarified as well. Dayan was a man and soon a king, if he needed to feel like he did everything himself, so be it, but for that he took on Luciens help soon enough. But he was able to manage things himself too, then he should. "I don't know, that's how some kings rule. But it doesn't have to be your way.", Lucien answered. Lucien didn't use one finger if he didn't have to, that was how he was raised when he was in his castle and a normal noble for a change and he knew how to separate those personalities. He also knew when he needed to work himself, without complaining, just like now. "If you want to write the seating order down right away, yes. Also I will let someone bring my notes then, I have a list of all attendees.", Lucien nodded and watched Dayan crush the dried leaf under his boot. Was that what he wanted to do to his father too?
    • "I'll figure it out somehow", he answered. Well, he had to, he couldn't slack off or enlist somebody else and he wasn't a toy or a puppet and he, most certainly, also wouldn't let himself be played like a fiddle - Dayan was still himself in some ways, but his core was shaken and his anger and emotions were all over the place. Was it wise to think about so many things, all of them at once, without considering the usual possibilities or was this land, which seemed to be his to shape anyway, nothing more than a clever rouse placed by those who still lurked in the shadows? First, he'd have to figure out how to play the role of a king and then, he'd have to dig through some belongings and find something out about either Nayantai or Rain and about those things that he didn't know about either of them - there had to be a bottom line somewhere and maybe, he'd find an answer for himself. "Whatever the case, it doesn't matter much for now, I have to take the role I get, no need to complain about anything." After all, this wasn't some sort of family game and even if it were, Dayan would be playing it by his lonesome - his father and two of his siblings were dead and his other father as wel as his younger brother were gone, swept away by the winds and Dayan had no explanation for any of it.

      "Still, it's gruesome, but in the end, if you are born as nothing more than a pawn, you still can hold power that you aren't aware of." And if one were to move his pawn all the way to the other side of the chessboard, even that simple, quite useless and slow piece, could become a queen. Was his life going the same route? Dayan didn't know, he didn't want it to go anywhere and he, honestly, would be content with being who he was, but in the end, nothing mattered too much and that, for a fact, was just a blessing in disguise, much like Lucien seemed to be, or wasn't he? "It's fine", Dayan said as he shook his head, but he wondered about something - it was already bothering him, yet, he didn't say anything, not because he felt like it was going to cause some sort of unfavorable reaction, but rather because he wasn't sure himself just yet. "Everyone is different and in the end, not even a king can hide all of that. It just seems like a waste of time and I'm not opposed to getting my hands dirty." The only thing was, there were no hands and not much skin to get dirty to begin with, most of it was covered in fabric and while that seemed to be impractical, it saved him some explanations as well as some gazes. "Mh, I should stop wasting time - and if you'd be willing to share the list with me, I'd be more than glad." It didn't take long untilt hey left this cursed garden behind and Dayan found himself back inside, somewhere where he could at least be for a moment without seeing the ghosts of the dead everywhere. "Can I offer you some coffee or tea?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • It was almost a pain to speak to Dayan, he was no man of many words at least not anymore. Well he didn't need to talk and he seemed nice enough, yet his resolve was weakened and strong at the same time. Lucien wasn't sure if he was able to shape him the way his father wanted, but he didn't have much of a choice anyway. If he'd just know what Dayan wanted and needed right now all of this would become easier, but he was only here for a very short time, so there was no need to give up already. It just was weird to not know immediately how to act around him, usually it was different. Maybe Dayan being upset and in distress was the reason, he couldn't figure out his own desires, so why would a stranger be able to? "You're right.", Lucien answered with a smile and right now he was able to be honest. Everyone had to do what they were meant to since they were born, Lucien had had his cross to carry and complaining about it never had been of use. He remembered when he got locked up the first time and begged his father to let him go, to get him out of that cold, dark and disgusting hole, but the more he begged, the longer he stayed in there and thus he had learned not to question him the first time. And he had learned to not go insane over being all alone in this world. He grew to like it.

      "That sounds like a nice thought.", the red haired answered with another smile and again he knew where Dayan was coming from. Lucille was nothing more than a way to exchange power, but she could have been so much more. Nobody taught her to be cunning, intelligent and devious, but she was all on her own. She was the one sitting in a bed, eating sweets and learning how to talk to a noble properly while her brother was starving somewhere in a pit, or the other one was almost beaten to death. No one showed her how harsh the world could be, but for some reason she knew and she knew how to fit in, even if her father didn't see that. "Is there something else on your mind?", Lucien suddenly asked, sensing the short shift of behavior. "Hands on, alright, then let's get to it.", Lucien smiled in his role as something like Dayans secretary. "Of course. I can share more than just the list, if you need to know some thing about all those nobles, I know a lot. For example who we shouldn't seat together.", the red haired smiled once more and eventually followed Dayan inside. On the way he cought one of his own servants that were waiting at the gardens entrance, to tell them they should get his stuff for him. Then they went inside and entered a study and while Lucien was looking around a little Dayan even asked about tea or coffee. Lucien turned around to him on his heel and looked at him. "I'll gladly take a cup. Whichever you drink is fine.", he answered. Soon enough his bag arrived and he took it to pull out a whole bunch of papers, placing them on the table. Then he searched for the guest list and left it on the table for Dayan to look at it. It was a list of about 200 people. Group by countries, then family names. It was of course the Dukes of each country and then the lesser nobility. Lucien even brought a copy of the great hall of Myriad and a suggestion of how they could place the tables, he presented that to Dayan too. "If this arrangement is fine by you, we can just enter the names on this. I have some copies in case you change your mind." At the back of the hall was Dayans seat, towering over all with a big table reserved for his most trusted. Then there were a lot of other groups of tables, each holding about twelve people.
    • Frankly, he wasn't quite in the mood tot alk to anyone and that happened rarely, now that he thought about it. Richard was usually the one that found himself unable to answer something, to do something or just plain up tried to bail a few times because something wasn't right about the situation and he should have done the same, but he didn't know better and he was lonely, so lonely in fact that it was almost confusing to him why he stuck to Lucien, why he was nice to him a person that had no real social standing, someone that barely mattered to him and would be easily comparable to a speck of dust, but in the end, he still was himself, even if barely, and that meant that he could do what he wanted to do and he still found find himself at a crossroads, unable to choose which way to take, unable to find anything because he had settled for the wrong one and unable to think straight about anything. "It can be more than a thought", Dayan added, but dreams seldom became reality, which was why they were just that - dreams, something that came to one instead of a nightmare and that, for better or for worse, meant that something had to be going on anyway. Was he already starting to lose it? Who knew, but rather, who wouldn't? Richard, hopefully, still had their father to at least keep him somewhat safe and yet, he was left alone, washed ashore in what felt like a different dimension.

      "Hm, oh. Just too many things. It's hard to be yourself when you have the looming thread of death hanging over your hand, that's all. I apologize." Dayan shook his head, he knew exactly what he was thinking about, but it often enough whent from one thing to the other and then back, so that wasn't actually too bad, especially now that Lucien was already a topic that he wanted to discern. Olette was weird, their nobles were and Dayan was sure that he'd heard his parents talk about it once, or twice, or maybe even thrice and that Nayantai never sounded happy when they did, but that was all - he didn't retain any of the actually spoken words, so now that was something he'd have to concern himself with, too. "I'd appreciate your insight", he answered Lucien, then brought them to that office that he dreaded - if anyone sat in here, it was his fathers and when they did, they seemed to be quite busy, but now this was his, as the rest of the castle and some of its rooms he'd never even been allowed to take a peek into - but this was going to be different from here on out, wasn't it? "Be my guest, then." With that, he himself called over a servant for a second and implored her to make them two cups of tea, nothing more than that, and if possible, to just let it be some sort of herbal one - it would help clear up his head, hopefully. After that, he did go back to his seat and let himself fall right into it - it was uncomfortable, worn and somewhat clunky, but he'd make do, as long as it wasn't going to get too hard to breathe when the bandages cut into his skin like that - fuck, who had ... he had them put on himself. "The arrangement looks more than fine and like there were actual thoughts behind it ... thank you." Dayan would have just thrown all of this together or consulted way too many servants, wouldn't he? Then, however, his eyes wandered to the long list that Lucien had brought and all of those names - familiar and unfamiliar - seemingly went on and on, to the point where the young king pressed thumb and index finger against the bridge of his nose and sighed. "That many?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Sometimes Lucien wondered if he could have just defied his father at some point, told him that he wasn't going to do his bidding and wouldn't walk the path laid before him, but everytime he did he felt like his throat was closing up, his stomach was turning and cold sweat started to form on his forehead. That were enough signs to tell him no, there was no way to have his own life, his own way and his own ideas, much as no one else in his family had. They were but tools to use for their father and there was no room to fight or to complain about it. Why would he anyway? Aside from his training he had an easy life and a clear goal. He was damn rich, he could basically do whatever he wanted in his spare time and he could have all he ever wished for. His life was good, wasn't it? Dayans was too, he was going to be king, but he wasted his time being sad about his family. Lucien had learned that those bonds were just holding him back. His family came first, but not because he couldn't live without them, but because their utmost priority had always been to come out on top.

      "Ah, no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked.", Lucien smiled apologetic and after Dayan had called over a servant to tell her she should brew them some tea they finally could get to work. The prince let himself fall on the chair in front of the desk. Lucien was eying him carefully, saw the defending position his body took for a second, because something hurt, but he didn't say anything. Lucien didn't know much details of the attack, but he knew that Dayan was assumed to be dead, yet he wasn't. There was more than the wound on his forehead, right? But was exactly would remain a mystery for now, one that wasn't all too important. The prince looked at the paper, agreed to the arrangement but looked overwhelmed by the list of names. "That's just the ones allowed to eat with you.", Lucien explained, his own families names were on that list too. "There will be more for the coronation, but they'll leave after the ceremony and some time in the gardens. At least, that was the plan. We don't want anyone to contest the throne. This is a great opportunity to show them who's their new king and to gather information about people unhappy with it. Maybe talking to some of them will change their mind." Well Lucien didn't need to gather information to know who was against Dayan as king, but he would be stupid to reveal all his knowledge right away. "But you probably only need to care about the dukes families for the seating and maybe some of those who might oppose you, like some distant families of Alster which aren't completely loyal to your great uncle. The rest can sit just about anywhere at the back. If you don't mind me intruding, I'd start with Lord Declan, you probably want him and his family on your table. Do you want me to write down the names, or do you want to do it youself?"