hellbound. (earinor & akira)

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    • hellbound. (earinor & akira)

      genres: (fake historical) drama • low fantasy • pain • olettes nobility at its finest •
      another bad case of sequelitis • no one's straight (it still runs in the family) •
      new: someone in olette is gay too, call the cops. • new: no blondes. •

      Adrestia stands unified before those who saw it all through - the war has subsided, any conflict has died down and amidst what was once a prospering kingdom stands a king without a crown, without a title so to speak. A young man that barely knows anything of the world that never sought to welcome him, but from here on out, Myriad is his - the crown is his - and alongside it, the burden of power, the burden of his title and his people - all of that rests on his shoulders, something that he never asked for and yet has to comply with. Rain knows that this isn't the time to waver, to retreat and think all of this through and as such, he accepts what was never supposed to be his - the title of king, the burden of being alive and cherishes it, for it is but a fleeting moment in his life that, among other things, was never supposed to be as long as it has been so far.

      They lurk in the shadows, for years to come, and once the kings body finally gives out - once his passing is announced - all that remains are his children and his closest aide, among the cold walls of Castle Myriad and with that, his reign ends, not long after he assumed the throne. However, even that doesn't suffice, not one bit, after all, Adrestia needs a king, someone to guide a broken country full of brewing conflict, but there is no heir to assume the throne, not after all but one are killed in an ambush and swept away, or so they believe. Miraculously, the former kings oldest son survives - not his by blood, but rather choice - and while he originally wasn't eligible to assume his role as king, for the fact that the wolves' blood runs in his veins, he soon enough finds himself thrust into a position he never wanted to be in, filled with grief, unable to understand anything, or make sense of what seems to be happening around him.

      As if fate willed it, Dayan finds himself in the hands of those who never wanted him to be, who made sure that all that remains of his family was a speck of dust - and yet, he puts his trust into them, in the few that seemingly care about him, that make sure he's feeling well, that look out for him, try to give him advice or offer him comfort in all those trying times. However, as much as he doesn't want to admit it, they make one thing painfully clear - his own father was, who brought the tragedy upon him, upon his family - and for that, he should suffer. Dayan agrees, at least he tries to, but he finds himself strengthened in his weak resolve when Olettes nobles offer him one of their own, Lucien, to stay by his side, to support him in all endeavours a young, confused king could need help with. But still, while his father is out there, somewhere, his brother is, too, and yet, the young king can't search for them all by himself, as much as he wishes that he could.


      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Name: Lucien of Olette

      Age: 17

      Personality: Lucien always had been hard to read, he always kept his thoughts to himself and he always was more bound to books than to the sword. This was actually quite what his father wanted. Luciens older brother Ares was going to succeed their father as a strong and fierce warrior, while Lucien had other things in store for him, deep in the depths of Olettes country. He is cunning, mischievous and he doesn't value any other life than that of his family, this after all is how all Olettes nobility is raised. Fight for your family, die for your family and always strife to come out on top, this is their way and while Ares would rule with a strong hand when it was time, Lucien would lead the underground forces, a network of spies that were sat into place even before the war against Thria. And there was more, much more that even stayed hidden admits the war Olette in the end lost.
      Losing the war was a great deal for his family, they fought until the end and where the last ones left, even when the king had already fallen and a new one was placed on the throne. They were there for the beginning of the war against Thria, they were there when the former king was raised to who he was and they planned to come out on top with the crown themselves. They miscalculated, but there were other opportunities and in the end it was probably easier to control the king than to become one, they did it before.
      After the war the country needed to rebuild and pay great amounts of money to Thria and help them rebuild, almost as much as Alster needed to, but Olettes family wouldn't be where they were if they didn't hide some of their riches. Now they were one of the most influential dukedoms once more, especially with the biggest harbor to call their own.
      Despite going to great lengths to fight the war against the wolves and losing, Olette never hated them for who they were. For them they are just tools just like any other person, just that they were easily obtainable in their time of war. They don't fear Thria, nor the wolves influence on King Rain, but still, there was still a way to get a better outcome, right? Even if all of that didn't quite work out as planned by Luciens father, it didn't matter, because plan B is him and he'd not disappoint.

      - Lucien has an older brother Ares and a twin sister Lucille
      - Luciens mother died soon after giving birth to him and his sister
      - Lucien and Lucille spent a lot of time together, yet Lucille was never entrusted with any important role or knowledge
      - As of now not even Lucien knows all of his families secrets
      - His fate was pretty much sealed as soon as he was born and his father not only rules over his country with a strong hand
      - One might argue that Lucien as much as his siblings never truly learned what love means for it is not a virtue valued by the Olette family - if anything it makes weak
      - Luciens sister would be predestined to take a role in this big game for the crown, but as always she is left out and Lucien is trusted with the task instead
      - Lucille often gets underestimated, but Lucien knows better

    • Name: Judging by the fact that he grew up among sheep, or rather adrestians, and that he was raised by both, many do believe that he - of all people - should at least have an adrestian name. Dayan, however, calls no such name his own, except on paper. His father, who was and always will be a rather blunt person, did give him a second name after seemingly mulling over it for quite a while, or maybe just a sleepless night - whatever the case, the young mans full name would be, or rather is, Dayan Eamon of Myriad, while he also does hold the title of Duke of Fhaergus, but more importantly, that of King of Adrestia. Honestly, isn't that quite the mouthful? What a pain.

      Age: Dayan is, by far, no adult and he knows that himself. However, judging by the fact that most of the time, even well-meant advice can't stop him from doing stupid stuff, it becomes painfully clear that the young king, one way or the other, still very much acts like the seventeen, barely eighteen year old that he is.

      Personality: Describing the young king as jovial is one thing, after all, he never was anything but an easygoing person that didn't think twice about any of his stupid ideas and that, while he could have known better, chose not to and instead fell flat onto his face, just for the fun of it. Originally a player, a mischiefmaker, a womanizer or maybe even a slut - whatever one might brand him as - even the most openminded and confident of people will eventually crumble under pain, confusion and pressure and so, it's to no surprise that Dayan seems to be a changed person, all because of trauma. Naivety is, soon enough, exchanged for close-mindedness and happiness for something akin to depression, to overthinking, to anger, to a grudge - his thoughts run rampant, all of this is his fault and with it, with all of those lies he feeds himself, his confidence wans and what remains is undiscernable madness. His drive for revenge, however, isn't what keeps him alive and it, very much, isn't what keeps him in one piece, either. Dayan is still loud, still yells, still talks - he has no need to hide himself in the shadows, to accept all the pain that seems to be seeping into his very brain - there is no need to cry over all of this anymore after all, and yet, all that leads him to is unbrittled anger, to harsh words that - just months ago - were soft enough to make anyone do his bidding, but not anymore. The young king is done and over with it all, before any of this has even started.

      - Despite being a wolf, a fully-fledged one unlike any of his siblings, his black hair does have a lighter color than that of his father and his eyes, which very much were supposed to be brown, turned out to be a lighter shade of green.
      - After the incident, which Dayan barely wants to think about anyway, he decided to cut off most of his hair.
      - Next to a quite obvious scar on his forehead, which does stem from that one night, Dayan seemingly has a few more that cover different areas of his body, yet, some of them are older and faded, indicating that they come from something else, less harrowing.
      - Does Dayan have nightmares? Very much so. Does he blame himself? Seemingly. But does he talk to anyone about that? No, why should he?
      - While many people did offer him help, Dayan is reluctant to take any of it - namely that of his great-uncle, Declan, and his cousins. Instead, why shouldn't he prioritize working with those who share a similar goal? In the end, it doesn't matter if he gets fucked over.
      - Ever since the incident, he seems to be unwilling to lay his hands on anyone, or something that recently has been touched by somebody else - that, however, means that he - not only - seems to be clothed from almost head to toe, but also that he wears gloves for a good chunk of a day.

      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.