bloodbound. (earinor & akira)

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    • bloodbound. (earinor & akira)

      genres: (fake historical) drama • low fantasy • pain • general edgelord stuff •
      a bad case of sequelitis • no one's straight (it runs in the family)

      Adrestia stands unified before those who saw it all through - the war has subsided, any conflict has died down and amidst what was once a prospering kingdom stands a king without a crown, without a title so to speak. A young man that barely knows anything of the world that never sought to welcome him, but from here on out, Myriad is his - the crown is his - and alongside it, the burden of power, the burden of his title and his people - all of that rests on his shoulders, something that he never asked for and yet has to comply with. Rain knows that this isn't the time to waver, to retreat and think all of this through and as such, he accepts what was never supposed to be his - the title of king, the burden of being alive and cherishes it, for it is but a fleeting moment in his life that, among other things, was never supposed to be as long as it has been so far.

      They lurk in the shadows, for years to come, and once the kings body finally gives out - once his passing is announced - all that remains is his children and his closest aide, among the cold walls of Castle Myriad and with that, his reign ends, not long after he assumed the throne. However, even that doesn't suffice, not one bit, after all, Adrestia needs a king, someone to guide a broken country full of brewing conflict, but there is no heir to assume the throne, not after all but one are killed in an ambush and the remaining one is swept off of his feet, stolen away by the only person that he could possibly have been with. Chaos breaks out in a country without a king, in a kingdom still shaken by what had transpired during and before the war - and soon, malicious rumors of all kinds spread across the land, reaching eyes and ears that were never meant to hear of it.

      Richard, the only surviving son of the deceased king, soon finds himself among the frigid and still quite barren landscape of Thria - his journey brings him westward, far away from anything he's ever seen. None of this is going to connect him to any of his roots, help him avenge his siblings or reclaim his throne. Instead, he's stuck with his remaining father figure who, after staying in Adrestia for the past few decades, had finally had enough of the brewing conflict and decided that the best way to keep the last remainder of his family save was to, frankly, take it out of harms way and somewhere where no one could find them. Richard, of course, is less than happy about the change of scenery - what might sour his mood even more, perhaps, is the fact that his desired title is slipping even further out of his grasp and among all those wolves, as the sheeps of Adrestia still tend to call them, he sticks out like a sore thumb. Who wouldn't be bitter? Well, Richard would insist he isn't but his behavior tells otherwise - something that even Yujin seems to notice, but who would admit that, especially to a nosy stranger?

      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Richard wasn't able to do anything, he was only able to watch when his brothers throat was slit right before his eyes. Such a tiny body held so much blood and it splattered over his attacker and onto Richard as well. His sister, the same age as his brother - they were twins - screamed and as the blonde turned her eyes widened as she watched a blade stick out of her chest, that didn't belong there. The shock was over soon, for her at least, as her heart stopped soon after and she slumped down. All the while the prince was still occupied with unsheathing his rapier, his mind taken off of the task as he watched not only his blood related siblings die, but also his stepbrother who shared his stepfathers dark long hair, who always had been around but wasn't anymore as he tried to reach for his blonde brother with his last breath. Richards heart raced, all of which had transpired that night happened so fast, too fast. His blade left its sheath but it was already too late, cold steel was piercing the skin and flesh on his neck, tearing it apart and give way for his own blood to leave his body.

      Richard woke up, sweat running down his forehead and back. His hand moved to the wound that was already healed. The journey from Adrestia to Thria had been a long one, half of it Richard didn't see though, however the wound was still hurting sometimes, even more so when he had one of his nightmares, or were it memories? He only saw what he remembered from that day, he remembered the eyes that looked at him, the eyes of his siblings killer. He couldn't remember everything, there were at least four people, maybe more. When the blade had pierced his skin, he had tumbled backwards, the rest was a blur. Nobody deemed it necessary to check if he was really dead, he wasn't, but it had been close. He remembered his stepfather appearing before his eyes at some point, telling him to press his hand on the wound, which he did for as long as he could. The next thing he clearly remembered was already being dragged to Thria.

      Now he was here, not knowing why he wasn't fighting for his throne, or at least fighting to avenge his siblings. Nayantai had given him a different name which he hated, he had dragged him to some old hut, which was in the middle of nowhere and he forced Richard to live here, which he didn't want to. He had no clue how late or early it was, because it was always so damn dark and when it wasn't, the snow reflected the sun so bright it hurt. Whatever the time, Richard wasn't able to sleep anymore, so he stood up from his makeshift bed, which was almost only some animals furs and walked over to his clothes to dress up. Nayantai had given him some warmer clothes, Thrian clothes, but as always Richard cast them aside and instead got something of his own as well as a scarf he quickly wrapped around his neck to hide the scar that reminded him of his weakness. He fixed his hair and then he walked out of his room to get some water to wash his face. Cold water, cold icy water that maybe had been heated up by the fireplace it stood next to at least a little bit. Everything was cold here and no one was left to fix him a bath, to bring him whatever he needed, this new life was nothing more than utter shit and he didn't even try to get used to it.

      After washing his face and not finding anything to eat, Richard went outside before Nayantai would wake up and try talking to him. As he opened the heavy wooden door the cold air blew into Richards face, making him cough a little bit, but he soon was out and slammed the door shut. Not in the slightest quiet, he didn't care if he woke up his good for nothing wanna be dad, he didn't have the guts to make him stay inside anyway. So Richard stood out there in the cold and didn't quite know where to go, but he just didn't want to be near anyone and so he just walked off a little bit. Not even the cold was able to get him back inside any sooner, only his hunger did that set in while the sun was about to already set again. He was forced to go back home, besides, didn't Nayantai say that they'd have visitors tonight and he wanted him there? Why did Richard even care? He didn't want to meet anyone, but he was hungry enough to crawl back home and beg his father for some meat. At some point he'd need to be able to take care of such things himself, but Nayantai was the last person he'd ask for help.

      As Richard moved towards the little hut again, he already heard some voices, so Nayantai wasn't alone and the visitors had already arrived. The blonde stopped in his tracks, his eyes inspecting the hut that sounded almost lively. He didn't want to be a part of that and if he was completely honest, he simply didn't want to be happy and any chance of becoming used to this place and finding friends was disgusting him. He wasn't supposed to be happy, not with his whole family dead, his home out of reach and his crown on someone elses head by now. No, he couldn't, he mustn't forget what happened and he wouldn't exchange his family for a new one out here in this cold peace of shit that called itself Thria. His expression darkened even more as if to ready himself to signal anyone to just leave him the hell alone, then he opened the door, took a step inside without looking up and closing it shut behind himself to keep the cold out there. Afterwards he took his time looking up at his fathers friends and the situation he had to deal with next.
    • And there it was - the seemingly endless white landscape that called itself Silesse. Yujin didn't mind his home, or the things that - in fact - could be his, if all of his siblings decided to drop dead one day, just for the fun of it. Until then, however, he wasn't supposed to rule at least this part of Thria, nor did the queen of this land itself even think about inviting anyone that weren't her children to partake in a fight for the rightful throne. Wasn't it weird, the way that their country had gone from nothing to something like this in a little over thirty years? Some things took time, but most of the nomads had settled and were trying to become a civilization worthy of bragging about, even if they were way behind the Adrestians, why should he complain? He had the title of prince particularly placed into his lap, he enjoyed the gross amount of power it gave him and all in all, his brother could deal with the responsibilities of being a crown prince, he didn't care, he didn't even want that title, or the throne - Yujin of Silesse wanted to have fun and spend his life the way it was supposed to be, lived to his fullest, which also meant that he'd have to adhere to a few simple rules, no?

      Whatever it was that plagued both of his fathers, he couldn't quite pinpoint - it had been a few weeks since a quiet sour, roughed up-looking man had shown up and hastily explained something that he couldn't really catch. After that, he figured out, both Muhan and Shuren had kept to themselves and weren't as jovial and outgoing, rather, it seemed they were conspiring to something, but to Yujins own dismay, whoever he asked, nobody knew a damn thing and no one had seen the two strangers. This was less than optimal, but alas, he was the one that wanted to figure all of this out, so he kept eavesdropping - and at last, he'd figured out who one of them was, which begged even more questions. Nayantai, the former crown prince of Thria, that had forfeited his title to his sister to do ... what exactly? Stay in Adrestia and act as a token of peace after being, quite literally, one of the faces of war? None of this made sense to him, but try as one might, that was all he was able to discern. Maybe that had also been why he'd immediately agreed to meet the man himself when his fathers had proposed to pay him a visit, even though all of his other siblings had opted out for their own reasons.

      What begged even more questions, though, was the blonde figure that he had dragged with him and Yujin, who'd never seen a sheep up close, felt as if Silesse was suddenly being swamped with interesting things that he had to find out about, even though they had no business being here, as harsh as it sounded. The closer they got to the hut, the weirder he felt, maybe because there had been too much excitement building up within him or even because there was nothing that he could do except wait and watch, let the adults lead the way, show him one of the huts that had been situated a few minutes outside of what his parents would consider the town itself, but ... that was about it. There was nothing mysterious about a hero of war, not now that Yujin got up close and actually saw the man himself, but the sheep that he wanted to desperately meet was completely out of sight. Instead, his parents and he himself sat down at the wooden table with the stranger and suddenly, the three of them started talking like old friends, in all sorts of weird dialects, about people that Yujin had never once heard about in the past 18 years and now he felt even more left out than before, but nonetheless, he watched and listened almost eagerly, prodding his head up on his arm - how long could three old men blabber about their past and not the present while eating their dinner?

      Yujin didn't know, didn't even want to figure it out, not when he heard the wooden door creak and immediately peered up at it - there he was! So he wasn't imagining things, this wasn't some sort of mirage that he'd never seen again, this thing was real, had two legs, blonde hair on his head and he looked about as overjoyed as a child that had been denied playtime. "What the fuck is a sheep doing in Silesse?", was all that he managed to blurt out, garnering the attention of all three men at the table and a hit over the back of his head - with Shurens stupid fan. "Who the hell raised you?", his old man asked him and Yujin, who had just blurted out what he'd thought about felt maybe embarrassed, maybe a bit ashamed and just shot the blonde an awkward glance. "I, uh, that sounded way worse than I meant it", he explained to his father, all the while Muhan and Nayantai seemingly ignored the two of them - and thankfully, his father stopped. Instead, the rugged man spoke once more, but not to his father and all that Yujin could really make out was something along the lines of "if you want to, you can sit with us and eat something", but nothing more than that. "Wait, who even is he?", Yujin blurted out again and he felt as if Shuren was, again, trying his utmost to not hit him over the head. "I don't know, why don't you use your manners and introduce yourself?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • As Richard opened the door he saw himself in a somewhat annoying situation. His father didn't just invite one friend, he invited two and their little spawn as it seemed, whoever his actual dad was. Thria was like this, wasn't it? Two fathers, just like Richard had two, though not everyone knew that. For most people Nayantai never had been more than an ambessador sent from Thria to keep the peace and help reign Adrestia, help Richards father. It wasn't like Richard didn't have any fond memories of his wolf father, but in the end he always had felt like an uncle to him, though his own son was the best brother Richard could have asked for. This gave Richard even more reason to despise Nayantai and his stupid home with his stupid people in it. His son died and all he did was dragging Richard out here to have him rot away in this cold peace of shit. He was supposed to be a war hero and yet he didn't raise his sword, he probably wasn't able to anymore, because he was old and as weak as Richards father was. Both of them created the mess Richard found himself in, both of them were blamed by their only living son, blamed for everything that went wrong, he even blamed his father for dying on them.

      Thinking about all of this, thinking about how mad he was at both of them made him clench his teeth for a second but he at least tried to look nothing more than annoyed by the fact some strangers were at his house. The young spawn was the first to open his mouth and he probably was about Richards age, did his father try to set him up? He wasn't a child which needed his parents to arrange play dates with other children. His words sounding almost melodic as was the language of the wolves Richard refused to learn. He did learn some of it, both of his supposed fathers wanted him to and he had fun with it, he had a very good childhood, but... speaking it would mean he was okay with being here, wasn't it? If he put his mind to it he probably understood what they were talking, though he had to admit that the far western accent was hard for him to decode, especially if some youngster just blurted out whatever popped into his head, only to have his father slap him. What he did understand very well was the word sheep. Well what else would he see or ask? He was the only blonde person out here, though now he noticed the piercing bright eyes of this one and wondered why he of all people asked stupid questions?

      Richard still didn't speak one word and his eyes inspected every one of the visitors before moving over to Nayantai who was the next to talk. Sit with all of them and be looked at like he was some sort of mutant? He could think of better things to do, even though his stepfathers eyes had lost every ounce of happiness within them and Richard felt some form of regret and pity. Before he was able to answer though the young men shouted something again, the words so simple Richard actually understood them. What his father answered however was out of grasp for the blonde, it was too fast and too... whatever that accent was, it didn't sound like the words his father or Nayantai had told him. "Yeah dad, who am I?", were his first words in the presence of their guests. The word dad was spouted as if it was an insult. He had been pretty sure people here were supposed to know who King Rain was and that Nayantai had had close ties to him, the rest was pretty much clear, right? In the end however, Nayantai came here to hide Richard, didn't he? So maybe he was supposed to be someone else, but then they should have gotten their stories straight first, right?
    • Whoever the blondie was, he was in a bad mood - much like Shuren after he had just carelessly raised his voice at either of them. Instead, his parents and the stranger at the table exchanged glances, as if they were discussing if it was okay to tell him something or as if he wasn't going to understand if someone dished out some halfbaked truths. In the end, what did it matter? Yujin wasn't going to just run over to this thing, this rugged up, pissed off sheep and then act like they had been friends for years - instead, he just wanted to know whatever he could before he tried to pry him open, no idea how he'd manage that, but he'd figure something out, no? The only downside was that he couldn't, not with his parents around and not with whoever Nayantai was to him around. So, what was going on here? Suddenly, the silence dissipated and Nayantai glanced over to the blonde, at least Yujin thought he did, before something spilled out of his mouth that he didn't even know how to decipher - was that sheep tongue? "Whoever you want, it's not like these two don't already know. As for him, that's up to you", nothing of that made sense to the youngest at the table, but who was he to butt in? Instead, his father had quiet awkwardly proclaimed he'd introduce himself, no.

      The one thing that he couldn't figure out, however, was what those two were talking - it sounded like sheep speak, but all of those years that he'd spend listening to some of it, even just in passing, didn't help with learning it, not that he ever was supposed to. Yujin wasn't supposed to be king and he never wanted to be, therefore there was no need for him to negotiate with the people of Adrestia or even understand them, which, in turn, meant that he didn't have to speak their language or understand what it meant. "I'm Yujin, nice to meet you!", he just said to the blonde and for once, his parents didn't have anything to offer, no word of advice, or even something that was supposed to keep him in check, show him that not everything was okay to say and that not all of it was supposed to be yelled at everyone, as he liked to do. In the end, he was the one stuck at this table, barely touching his food and just fidgeting around, trying to contain his childlike excitement, now that he was one step closer to getting to know a sheep, something that he'd never seen, just like no one had ever seen a wolf with blue eyes, wasn't it that? So, in theory, both of them were strangers in Silesse, no? His parents had started talking about something, this time in a more eastern accent, as if switching between regional dialects was going to help them find an agreement, but all that he could pick out of that was, well ... "What's wrong?", Muhan asked, after he shot the adults a scrutinizing glare. "Why are you talking like that?" "Nosy kids don't need to know everything." "And what about him?" "Pipe it down, Yujin."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • There was an awkward silence Richard had no problem with, until Nayantai finally deciphered all the glances from every one of the adults to come to a conclusion only Richard was able to understand. He blew out some air, while actually not knowing himself who those people were, how they were named and how they were related to Nayantai, but he also didn't care. The answer he received from his father however made no sense, mostly because Richard didn't know himself who he was supposed to be. What was he? Still the prince of Adrestia, or have they given up on that front? Now someone else was going to be king while Richard was... what? A wolf all of a sudden? A sheep? Which was it? In fact he always had been both, his mother, his actual mother had been a wolf, but he never had set foot in Thria, he never had known other wolves than the ones part of his family - Nayantai and Rikiya. He never met the people sitting in his new home, all he met were some officials and his cousins, or to be precise Nayantais sisters children. Who the fuck was he supposed to be now that his stepfather had dragged him out here, someplace his actual father never even saw? Naynatais wolf son? His sheep trophy? An outsider, prince, king, or nothing at all?

      He didn't answer right away, because he had no answer, instead the youngster was starting to talk, introducing himself first. Though Richard understood the gist of it and Yujins name, he acted like he didn't. As long as the wolves talked slow enough, Richard was able to decipher most words that were used in a smalltalk context, but no one had to know how much he truly understood, right? After glancing over in Yujins direction for about a second, Richard averted his gaze back to the table, after all he came here because he hadn't eaten all day. Since the so called adults were moving to talk to each other again, without Richard having to introduce himself to anyone but the youngster, he stepped forward to the table to put some food on the one empty plate that was supposedly his. While Nayantai was catching up, or whining about his life and dead son instead of doing something, Richard had other plans, he didn't want to hear any of it and in the end, if they decided to talk in Thrias language, he wouldn't understand a thing in the first place. Which is why he left the room pretty soon after he filled up his plate, only to slam the door to his room shut after entering.
    • What was he supposed to do? Talking to his parents or Nayantai seemed out of question, now that they were catching up on whatever they were trying to bar him from understanding and the sheep, that he didn't know one bit, didn't even want to introduce himself. Something was fishy here, but Yujin was not really aware what it was, not with the puzzle pieces that he had, he could barely assemble those and none of it made any sense, now that he thought about it like that. Actually, what was it even worth to think about, now that he was stuck here with food on his plate and growing curiousity in his mind? Whatever, really, he didn't have to think about all of it at once, no? It was alright to just keep to himself and hope for an opportunity to present itself, to leave the table and chase after something more interesting than this conversation - and the opportunity presented itself soon enough, especially when the blonde shot him a glance. What was that supposed to mean? At least his eyes looked akin to those of the wolves and that was something that threw Yujin out of loop, but alas, he was the one that looked like a wolf and had bright blue eyes that earned him a few disapproving glances and even the confused looks of his own mother who had no idea who's eyes those were. Was it a bad omen, a sign for him to decipher or was all of it just fine the way it was?

      Yujin got up once he thought that the three of them were occupied, left his emptied plate where it was and then he thought about a good excuse for barging into the room that had been forced shut just seconds ago. Actually, what was he going to do? What excuse did he have? Not a single one, but he waltzed there regardless and while he could feel one pair of eyes digging itself into his back, he didn't care, he couldn't even pinpoint who's they were from here - instead he knocked on the door, flung it open and disappeared behind it, closing it as silently as he could. What even was this? A desperate attempt at escaping his parents and their harsh words or just an attempt to get his hands on someone that was different and didn't fit in here, just like him? "I didn't quite catch your name?", Yujin almost awkwardly implored the blonde, who was probably busy with his food and not sparing him and his stupid ideas a thought. Whoever the two of them were, did it really matter? All he wanted was to know who sat before him, who he was to Nayantai and what it meant for him to be around here now, Yujin wasn't asking for more than that, even though he hadn't even divulged half of that information. Asking the guy out there, occupied with both of his fathers and talking about old times and things that happened recently, well, it all sounded nice and well, but Yujin didn't have a lick of an idea what they were going on about. "Oh, I'm sorry for bursting in here, but I really don't want to listen to three old men blabbering."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Richard soon sat down in this barren and empty room. There had been no time to pack his belongings, Richard himself wasn't even awake when Nayantai grabbed him to leave for Thria. Therefor all he had were some clothes Nayantai had grabbed at home, the ones he wore during the attack however were gone as well, Nayantai probably got rid of those after they were soaked with Richards blood. Now all his room consisted of was a mountain of fur which was supposed to be his bed, a lonesome mirror, a box holding the little things he still had and a table. No chairs though, this was one of thrian origin, a small wooden thing on the ground, below it some fur so Richard wouldn't freeze off his butt. He sat there, fidgeting with the chopsticks he wasn't used to and asking himself, why he didn't just use his hands, but then again he had been raised well and didn't want to get dirty. When he finally managed to pick up some chopped up meat with those things and slowly moving it towards his mouth, suddenly his door was opened again. Richard was surprised, annoyed and angry, so much so that the meat fell off of the two wooden sticks, back on his plate, which aggitated him even more.

      The good thing was it wasn't Nayantais face he looked into, it was this guy, Yujin, that was in his house for some reason. If gazes could kill, Yujin had been dead by now, but alas they didn't and he was fine. Richard listened to the heavy accents that was spoken especially fast, but he was able to disern that he probably still wanted Richards name. He didn't know which one to use, his sheep name that sounded weird to all of them, or his wolf name he didn't want to accept? He decided to keep up his act of not knowing what the hell the wolf was talking about and averted his gaze back to his plate while answering. "I have no clue what you want." He began fidgeting with the wooden sticks again and in the end decided to just stab the meat, which gladly was soft enough and eat it that way. whatever Yujin was saying next Richard didn't get this time for real. He apologized for something, that much he understood, probably for barging in here, but then he shouldn't have done it in the first place. Maybe he went away if Richard ignored him?

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    • Upon closer inspection, all of this looked quite thrown together - and Yujin understood, somewhat. They had been here for maybe a few weeks, not much longer and the gist of all of this was that, in the end, whoever the blondie was, he was running from somewhere, from something and therefore was stuck here until further notice, wasn't it that? Why else would he be so sour about something that he barely had a grasp on yet? Well, instead, his eyes wandered to the plate, to the food and to the way the chopsticks were handled - so, definitely a sheep with no idea how to handle thrian table manners, especially after he just stabbed the meat. Yujin felt almost sorry, but then again, he let his mouth run once more. "Do you need help?", he asked, albeit a bit shy about it - whatever pissed the blonde of wasn't something that seemingly went away anytime soon and as soon as adrestian words hit his ears once more, he jolted a bit. Why was that language so harsh, so uneven and more importantly, who even was the fellow speaking it, stomaching thrian food like it was nothing, enduring silessian cold like he didn't have a care in the world and yet couldn't speak a lick of wolf tongue? "Look, I don't have any idea what you're saying, but I'm not here to invade your privacy or threaten you", he calmly and slowly explained, as if that was going to help the other with understanding him, but ... that wouldn't lead to anything now, would it?

      Yujin granted himself the privilege of sitting down next to Richard and watched him for a while, not that it mattered or that he would gain any form of new information like this, but it ... felt better than just standing over there, staring at him and trying to figure out what the fuck was going on with him, wasn't it that? "All I want is your name and, well ...", he eyed the meat that had been skewered on the chopsticks, then Richard himself and then the meat again. "Whatever you're doing with your chopsticks, you shouldn't hold them like this or you're bound to fail." Yujin had heard many tales of the adrestians, of their country and the way they lived and all in all, he couldn't imagine that for himself, couldn't grasp why some thrians wanted to live there out of their own volition, but then again, especially Silesse was barren and relied on all of its people to work together, on Shuren to make the right decisions and on the rest of the court to not contest them. That, in turn, meant that his older brother would be the same soon enough and it sounded weird to begin with, but Yujin wouldn't want that kind of burden for himself. "Does the spicy food not bother you?", he suddenly asked, but then again, the food didn't taste like he was used to either - what the fuck was even going on here? None of this made sense, it never had and suddenly, it all felt even weirder.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Richards father had always been keen to tell his children about Thria, about their lives there, their culture and way of life, but chopsticks were something Richard never had held before and of course Nayantai wouldn't bring a fork of all things he could have grabbed. Instead he probably had borrowed or bought some stuff from the wolves in the nearby town and Richard was now stuck with their stuff instead of having his own in his castle. Nayantai could have shown him, but Richard didn't want any help, especially not from him or any other wolf. "No.", he therefor grumbled upon hearing the word help enclosed in a sentence. He wondered though, if Nayantai wished Richard was dead and his son alive in his stead. Richard also wondered, if it wouldn't be better that way and if he didn't share that wish his supposed dad probably held behind closed doors. Richards stepbrother had fit better here, he had been strong, funny and versatile. He probably had been able to cope with any situation, but now he was dead. His corpse was probably rotting away in a ditch, Richard doubted Nayantai had time to bury him, or Richards other siblings. Why was he thinking about this now though? He clenched his teeth again, his gaze fixated on his plate and his blonde hair used as a measure to keep Yujin from reading too much in Richards face.

      Richard managed to cast away some of his thoughts, his eyes however still gave no room for doubt, that he'd rather be alone. The blonde was almost surprised when Yujin just sat down next to him, without asking if this was alright in the first place. What did he want exactly? There was no reason to befriend eachother, only because their fathers knew eachother. Richard followed the wolfs gaze to his plate, or rather the stabbed meat that soon after found its way into Richards mouth, refusing to ask for help with those chopsticks. It was apparent though that Yujin didn't approve how they were used by the clueless sheep. He didn't say anything at first though, instead there he was asking about Richards name again. Would he leave him alone if he just told him? Still he wasn't sure which one to use. "Richard, would you leave me alone now?", he answered and in turn got another question. Something about the food? There were some words he unsterstood and some he didn't and he wasn't able to figure out what it was that Yujin wanted, hopefully not a bite, because he wouldn't get one. If he had talked just a little bit slower and without this stupid accent, Richard would have understood, maybe. But for now his expression changed to something confused as he looked at the wolf who spouted those words that just didn't make sense to Richard and while he looked at him, the blue eyes stuck out once more. They were almost as blue as his fathers, or his brothers. They were nothing new to Richard, but seeing them on a wolf was something else. "Is your mother a sheep?", he asked but soon after shook his head, why was he engaging in conversation in the first place? Besides, Yujin probably didn't speak a word of Richards language and if he started to translate, well his cover would blow, right?

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    • If anything, Yujin was able to discern that Richard could, in fact, speak his tongue but didn't seem to have any of the regional dialects incooperated in his little speech. All of that wasn't too surprising, considering the fact that he didn't seem to be a wolf, not at first glance and by the way that he handled himself, lacked the manners to introduce himself to at least his parents and try his best to fit in, he was more of a stranger to all of these things, seemingly not bothered by the fact that he was making a fool of himself. Therefore, the only plausible explanation - at least for Yujin - almost seemed to be that, whoever this stranger was, he knew a tad bit about the wolves, their culture and the world surrounding them, but his knowledge stopped there and if he had to guess, any effort that he had put into learning their language was confined to the basics. Not knowing his ancestors dialect wasn't a carnal sin, but it was considered as somewhat of a taboo - who would know enough about themselves and their heritage if they couldn't even speak like their parents did? Of course, Yujin knew nothing much about his mother, but she was just that - his mother, rightfully so, even though their conversations were shallow and shortlived, but whoever the stranger might be, he seemed even more lost than he himself. Wasn't it sad, now that he thought about it? Did he even understand Nayantai? Or did they just make do in the sheeps tongue?

      "I'm not going to push myself onto you", Yujin calmly explained to the blonde, as if it was going to change anything. "I'm just saying that you could use some help and I'd be willing to give it to you", maybe bringing one of those soup spoons would help? But he doubted that he could just leave this room, rummage through the kitchen, then ask for the non-existing spoon and not be scolded for overstepping private boundaries. Well, he wasn't the second prince of Silesse for nothing and while he prided himself with his title, he had no grounds to just ambush the blondie before him, grab his hands and help him hold those chopsticks - not without permission, that was. "So you do have a sheep name! And I mean, if you want me to leave, I could? But it's so damn boring with those three out there. Please don't make me leave!", he begged, almost giggling over it immediately after - this was just a joke on his part, but alas, he wasn't here to show off the brains that he inherited from his father, or rather, the knowledge he almost found himself being forced to take up, but he could be stupid - just a tad bit too stupid, no? Yujins eyes fixated themselves on the blonde and, without further ado, he seemed to stare him right into those stupid eyes of his, something that wasn't exactly what he wanted, what he'd asked for or that he had bargained on - wow, this was embarrassing. "My mother? Don't know, doesn't look like one. I think I'm just fucked up, if you mean the eyes. What about you? You have blonde hair like a sheep and eyes of a wolf - is your mother a sheep?" Talking like this was annoying, but alas, neither of his parents had bothered with chastising him for not speaking formally, as was considered the written language of the wolves, so why should he know?
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Why did this guy keep bothering him? Maybe he should have sticked to his original plan and ignore him, but now, he wanted to know where those blue eyes came from and couldn't shut his mouth. He soon went back to the silent treatment however. There was no use in talking to a stranger and Richard didn't intend to make any friends here, he didn't even intend to stay to be honest, though for now he didn't know what else to do. He wasn't even sure if he'd make it back to Adrestia in one peace if he had to cross the ice fields on his own. The journey had been bad enough with Nayantai, when he felt better he didn't want to be carried anymore and the cold was okay, but out there was nothing, nothing at all. No wood to make a fire, no animals to eat and no shelter anywhere for a long period of time. On top of that there were no landmarks, nothing to figure out if the direction was still right. Richard doubted he'd make it through there and catching a ship was also unlikely. Thus this was his prison with no way in our out. A sheep wouldn't find Richard here and even if they'd know he was here and they'd still want to kill him, no sheep would be able to come here. Well, but it wasn't impossible to pay a wolf, though not anyone was able to survive here. Richard was lucky, he was lucky his mother grew up here and left Richard with the means to survive the cold.

      His fingers slowly warmed up since he had came back inside and his room was fairly warm thanks to his own fireplace Nayantai had kept bruning. That allowed him to go back outsid again, didn't it? Besides, if he at some point really wanted to travel back to Adrestia, he needed to learn to stay out in the cold for more than a few hours. He almost forgot about the wolf besides him who suddenly blurted the next thing into Richards face. "Why wouldn't I have an Adrestian name?", he asked, biting his tongue soon after because he just admitted that he was able to understand what this guy was talking about. Still, Yujin pointing out that fact almost pushed Richard too far, as if he waited for a different name, as if he should forget where his actual home was. "Leave then.", he added, having no idea what the plea was actually about. "I don't want any friends." What was it that made this guy talk so much? Was he curious about a sheep out here? His grandfather had probably been the last blonde they saw out here and that was ages ago, before he or Yujin were borne. "None of your business.", he replied to the next question albeit having a quick answer. Actually this was stupid. Richards father had saved Thria and helped give this stupid part of the cold wasteland a name. Nayantai was supposed to be king someday although he cast the crown aside to be with the man he loved. Either way, this history was also important to the wolves and yet this guy seemed to have no clue. On the other hand Richard doubted that a wolf knew what a teacher was. For now he put some more food into his mouth, quickly, and not using the shopsticks as intended.
    • The two of them weren't mixing well together, were they now? Richard, or well, that was what the blondie called himself anyway, didn't seem to be convinced if he wanted to talk to him or not, but alas, that was nothing that wasn't fixable, though, Yujin had to figure out the inner workings of this guy first, if he was frank. Anything that could potentially upset him was a step in the wrong direction, one to drive the two of them apart and yet, they didn't even know a fucking thing about each other, did they? Not that it mattered, not that he gave a fuck, but all in all, he was trying to be liked, trying to make friends with those who seemingly couldn't give less of a fuck about him, be it because of the things he did or because of the way he looked, he just wanted to understand what it was that upset this stranger to such a wild degree that he neither exchanged words with anyone present at the table, nor with him, when the two of them were alone. Maybe kindness was the key, even though blondie seemed to be having none of it and Yujin wasn't sure how to react, knowing fully well that a lovable act probably wasn't going to fix anything. But there was nothing out here, not in Silesse, not anywhere else in Thria and the fact that all of it had names now ... wasn't that just a tad bit confusing? "Well, I'm assuming Nayantai is your father - why would he give you an ... oh."

      Suddenly, it clicked, at least for a second - why wouldn't a man that had lived in Adrestia give his very much adrestian son a name that fit with the standards of the country he was in, rather than remind him of his eventual origin that amounted to nothing in the eyes of most sheep? So, that meant, if Nayantai was, in fact, Richards father, his mother had to be a sheep - wasn't it that, was he on the right track here? If he knew, he'd probably punch himself in the face for being stupid, but for now, he wholly believed that he figured the circumstances of Richards existence out - he didn't even think about the fact that maybe, just maybe, his father wasn't his biological one and that his mother was the one that gave him the eyes and the cold-resistance that he, quiet obviously, seemed to have. "I'm not going anywhere ... and you don't know if you don't need friends.", he explained. Wasn't this guy going to get bored of all the vast white snow, the frigid flows and the fact that he had nothing but anger, as it seemed right now? Yujin seemed almost positive that he needed to cheer the blonde up, no matter what. "You really hate the food or the chopsticks, I can't tell which one it is, but you don't really seem pleased with anything happening right now. I'm not saying that you should tell me something, but, uh, you need any help there?" What the hell was he even going on about? And why wasn't the blondes names ringing any bells, or rather, why were they just slightly going of in the back of his head? If he'd paid attention to what he had been taught about history, or rather politics, maybe he knew, but Yujin didn't care about the past if there were things to fuck up in the present.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Again this guy was rambling on, not leaving Richard alone and he didn't know why that was. Did he in any way send a sign to this guy, that he wanted company? That he wanted a friend out here? Because he didn't, he just wanted to be alone, although that meant he'd sulk in his own thoughts again, thinking about stuff he probably rather forgot. With his siblings haunting him almost every night though, there wasn't much he could do and the scar on his neck was a reminder he'd carry around the rest of his life too. Now it was hidden by a neckerchief, but his hand slowly reached for the spot, rubbing it as it began to hurt only because he thought about it for a second. Then his eyes moved back to Yujin again, looking at him as if he just said something completely wrong. Again he clenched his teeth and forced himself to look away again, somewhere, anywhere else but nowhere in particular. "Nayantais son is dead...", he mumbled, not exactly as an answer, most of it was directed towards himself, as if he needed to be reminded of the facts. He couldn't hide his feelings towards this topic completely, but he tried, he also tried his best from stopping himself spiraling down somewhere and from sharing too much information. Maybe his Thrian name would help with people asking less questions, maybe he should just act as if Nayantai truly was his father, not only by name. He had raised him though, but now all of it seemed like it was in vein.

      Richard swallowed another bite, his plate was almost empty now, after all he had been hungry. He could have gone for seconds, but he didn't fancy the thought of going back out there, so he didn't even consider it. "I don't need any friends, especially not some odd wolf.", he hissed and stood up from where he sat. If this guy wasn't going to leave, well then Richard was the one leaving. He didn't know why this guy was so annoying in the first place, what did he want? Even if Richard told him about everything that happened, his tiny little wolf brain would probably not be able to understand. He wondered though, why was he able to speak his language, albeit having the haviest accent Richard had ever heard. If he were to answer in the wolves tongue however, he'd probably not sound any better. For now Richard got rid of his coat, since it was wet from the melting snow on his shoulders. He threw it to the ground for now and got another one from his belongings. At least he had some of his old stuff. He probably needed to be careful with that stuff, no one here would know how to sew him something new, he even had to wash his clothes himself all of a sudden, or well Nayantai did. There was nothing he could do about it though, as long as he wasn't forced to wear one of those stupid dresses, he was fine, although he could have been warmer out there. He wasn't weak though, especially not as weak as his father, he was able to stand the cold even if he sat in the coldest piece of shit land there was. "I'm out of here...", he pointed out, then walked over to the window to open it and soon after crawl outside, avoiding his spetfather and his guests in the main room of the hut.
    • Yujin was, for the lack of a better word, good at playing coy, good at pretending to be shy and reserved, but right now, right here, fortune favored the bold and neither of them were able to back down, not as it stood right now and especially not while there was still some unspoken animosty between the two of them. Frankly, he could consider giving up, but alas, why would he and even more importantly, where would that even get him? Now that he had struck up an actual conversation, it seemed to be almost foolish to think about all the things surrounding them, about the world that hadn't favored them and still, he was the one keeping his chin up, so that wouldn't be too hard for someone that was like him, or at least eerily similar to him, no? Naturally, he was interpreting too much into the situation, couldn't actually tell how Richard was like, if they resembled one another or not, but all that mattered to him was the situation right now, even though the only thing that had been spoken sounded ... weird. He was dead? But, this blonde sheep was very much alive, why would he be dead? Well, the way he spoke about it though, he didn't seem happy to state it, nor did he even consider his own feelings, that turned into simple pain, right as the colors and the expression of his face shifted - at least it looked like that and the pale young man became even more pale, wasn't that a nice expression?

      "Wait, so you aren't even his son?", Yujin asked, wanted to know, but he knew that it was better to not ask these things, not here, not when someone was looking as upset as the blonde was, but what was he supposed to do? Right now, he couldn't do anything but offere condolences, that he didn't offer for the simple reason that, well, wouldn't it seem pretentious on his part? "I'm sorry for prying." It hadn't been his intention, but he already got handed the bill for his actions and that was being called odd - nothing new, if he was honest. When wasn't he considered odd and even better, when wasn't he told that he didn't fit with the rest of them, yet managed to surround himself with people that actually mattered? "Won't you get lonely? There's nothing here." That was true, despite Silesse having a name, people and even somewhat of a prospering culture, there was nothing that anyone could gain from its existence, his father himself had said that - it simply was a safe haven for those who could reach it and it, more or less, was nothing that could be considered anything but that. "Wait, where are you ... why ... you're pretty stubborn, you know that?", Yujin yelled after Richard, only to follow him - he hadn't even properly undressed since he'd entered this crummy hut - and just left through the window, as the blonde did. And then, he caught up to him as fast as he could. "You're going to get lost", after all, the sun was setting and Richard didn't seem like he knew where he even wanted to go.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • How often would he have to tell his story, or at least be reminded of it when someone asked before Richard could tell any lies. If he had told Yujin a story from the beginning, maybe he wouldn't have asked stupid questions that led Richard to think about things he rather didn't. How long was it since the attack? Maybe two months at most? For Richard it felt like it happened yesterday when he saw them die and could do nothing about it. If Dayan, his brother, couldn't how would he had done it? Other than Richards other siblings, Flora and Atwick, Dayan wasn't actually his brother. He was Nayantais son, but they had been almost the same age. Dayan had been a tad bit older and he couldn't stop talking about it how he was the 'oldest' brother, yet he wouldn't have inherited the throne. He was fine with it though, Richard hadn't been the calmest child, but Dayan was a wolf through and through, locking him up in a castle wasn't something that had worked. Now it didn't matter and Richard lost his best friend who'd always been there since he was born. No one could ever take his place and therefor Richard didn't eben try to find new friends. He wanted to be alone, maybe because he was scared to lose someone again. After all, just being here was not necessarily safe and there might have been people who still wanted him dead, but besides that other things could happen too and Richard had lost enough for a whole life and that with only 17 years old.

      "I'm not.", Richard replied still mumbling. Why wouldn't this guy leave him alone? His apology was for naught, he had asked and put Richard in a mood even worse than before. "I like being alone." But Yujin was right, there was nothing here, nothing at all. Not even a garden to look at or other cities to travel to, only wolfs and everyone of them looked the same. Well maybe except the guy in his room who had weirdly blue eyes, while the actual sheep - though he only was half one - had brown eyes that almost looked like those of a hawk. Well nobody would care about his eyes though, his hair made him stand out already which is maybe why he didn't explore town just yet. What would he even do there? For now he managed to crawl out the window, ignoring whatever was shouted after him, but the wind almost blew him off his feet. There was nothing out here that stopped it from mercilessly brushing over the vast land. Richard was already walking while Yujin was still climbing out of the window to follow him, it seemed like he wasn't going to get rid of him anytime soon. "You're the one following me around.", he pointed out, still not letting one single word in the wolfs tongue fall off of his lips. It seemed like this guy knew his language enough to understand him as long as he wasn't talking too fast or said too complicated things. "I've been out here before.", he let Yujin know also, he wouldn't get lost just like that and he also very much knew were he was headed. The town was down by the sea, the port was actually quite big for such a tiny place. Nayantai however brought him into this hut outside of town, about ten or fifteen minutes. Going past the hut when coming from town let one continue upwards a while to finally land at a cliff of sorts. Richard doubted that there was actual earth under all of this ice though. For exactly that cliff he was headed and he already heard water clash against ice while moving closer. On the left side was a bay, following it to the other side was where the town which Richard forgot the name of lay, so it was actually always in sight from the hut and the cliff, provided there was no snow storm of some sorts. Richard walked up the cliff and straight towards the edge, not getting any slower but stopping only centimeters before he had fallen down. He was always wondering if the ice could just give way and crumble down, that would surely kill him and at the moment he wasn't sure if he wanted to be alive. Actually he wasn't sure if he was. He wouldn't jump, that was for sure, instead he simply sat down and let his feet dangle over the edge. In the distance some lights of the town were clearly visible.
    • "Then why do you stick with him?", Yujin asked immediately after. Adding two and two together was, at least in this case, not a strength of his - or maybe he just wanted to hear it out of the strangers own mouth? Whatever it was, he seemed to pester him for all it was worth and he didn't get a single satisfying answer for it. Naturally, he was the one that stuck with Richard, trailed after him and followed him to where he was headed - almost like a dog without a master, following anyone that came by and offered as much as a single word of sympathy to him. Surely, he didn't have to accept all of this for what it was worth, he didn't have to comply and he could have just headed back inside, fled the scene and trusted himself to make better judgements, but right now, he didn't - all he could hear and feel was his own warm breath, escaping his lips and the partially frozen snow creaking under his heavy boots, giving way to him and signaling that the seasons were, for what it was worth, about to change. In Silesse, there wasn't much to think about - the mere attempt of growing anything that wasn't herbs and roots was futile, cattle - unless of a special breed - didn't survive in the cold and all in all, life could be described as miserable, if they didn't know a way around it. No wonder that Richard wasn't in a good mood, but for Yujins liking, he was dressed way too light and in all the wrong fabrics - he'd catch a nasty cold, no matter who his parents were, especially if he hadn't been living here for a long time. Yujin had heard tales about people coming here and either dying from whatever their body could catch or suffering miserably for months on end, just because they were convinced that they could take the frigid cold of his homeland.

      "And what are you going to do out here, all on your own?", he wanted to know, even though the answer was almost obvious. Enjoy being alone, what else? In the end, he did that too, only sometimes, but he did - and for all it was worth, he was interrupting Richard right now, just because he was nosy and couldn't keep to himself. That was all there was, no? "I just don't want you to get lost or hurt, that's all", Yujin explained, still trailing after the blonde, even though he should have turned around by now, told one of the adults about this, but he didn't - he wasn't some little kid that needed a hand to guide him, a helping hand to show him around and he, very much, didn't need to run after someone like blondie, just because he was in a bad mood. But, in the end, he was the one that felt responsible for him and wanted to know more about him and the reason for his sour mood, so why not? "I doubt that you coop yourself up in your room, but still, do you really want to go out here?" Even Yujin wasn't stupid, they moved further away from the town and the hut and the tossing waves could be heard, crashing into endless ice that had been there for millenia, that never melted, no matter what happened - and thus, there never had been any concern about it, even if everyone knew that it could and would break off at some point, but that wasn't what he was bothered by. Instead, he watched where Richard went, wanted to yell at him for trying something stupid, but he didn't - he just sat down there and watched, minding his own business. Wasn't that weird? "So you just come here to ... sit?", he asked, approaching him from behind - actually, the scenery was nice, maybe even one of the few things worth watching. "Won't you get cold?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "What if I told you I don't understand your language?", he asked, but of course he did. Was there even a point in lying anymore? Yujin had probably noticed by now that he understood more than he wanted to led on. Of course there were words he had never heard before and the wind wasn't making it easier to understand the wolf, but if it were easy questions, he probably could have answered them in the wolves tongue as well. "One of your fathers is not really your father, right?", he asked instead of giving a definitive answer, but it was the same. Only one of those to strangers could have passed on genes to Yujin, the other one was his father only by name. It was the same for Nayantai, somehow he was his father, but other than their past nothing connected them. There was no blood they shared only a man that had loved them both and was now dead. Richard grabbed parts of his coat, clinging to it and save it from the wind that blew especially strong today and let the waves crash louder against the ice. It was cold alright, small clouds of hot air were forming in front of Richards face whenever he breathed out. He wasn't quite sure if this was supposed to be summer and it grew colder, or if it always stayed the same anyway.

      "Why do you care?", he bluntly asked, almost hissing at Yujin again but he wasn't worth the effort to be honest. Richard was not in the mood to shout, instead his voice just sounded a tad bit darker than it had back home. He wondered if he'd be able to smile again at some point, but then again he didn't want to. It was not fair to smile while his family wasn't able to anymore. He should have been dead just like them, instead somehow his body had remained here, like an empty husk that had still a purpose. Figuring out what it was was probably what he'd do here all by himself. "I'm not a child, I can take care of myself and if I'd vanish I'm sure no one would notice anyway." Up until a few minutes ago Yujin probably didn't even know that he existed. Why was he following him around then? He followed him all the way up to the cliff, asking stupid questions. He wouldn't go here if he didn't want to, the question wasn't even worth an answer. So he sat there watching the nearby village and also the water crashing onto the ice below his feet. He had wondered before what would happen if he'd just jump, but he wouldn't be alive if there was no reason for it and it certainly wasn't ending it anyway. Instead he wondered if the men whos eyes he saw in his dreams should end up down there. Freezing or drowning, getting crushed by the waters force and slammed onto the icy cliff, his only concern was if death wouldn't come too quick for them, if he'd just throw them down here. "Are you never quiet?", he asked instead of answering the question again. Yes he sat here and thought about things, what was wrong with that? "I'll be fine." It was cold yes, but when did he not feel cold since he got here? He was certain that he made all of this harder on himself, because he insisted on wearing his own clothes which were maybe fit for a few hours in Fhaergus, but not for here, but still. He didn't want to be part of their culture. His fingers grew cold even with the gloves he wore but he didn't want to be anywhere near Nayantai who he hated for bringing him here, for running away like a coward and for helping those who wanted Richard dead taking everything from him, his family and his home. "My mother came from here.", he added for whatever reason. In the end he presented Yujin with some information, he didn't know exactly why. "So I'm only half a sheep, I guess." And therfor maybe only half as interesting to this stranger.
    • "Then you'd be lying into my face and not feel any better about yourself." The truth was harsh and rough, like broken shards of glass, able to cut through almost anything that it came in contact with, but that was about it. In reality, the two of them were young, supposed to live their life, but whoever Richard really was, he seemingly didn't want to. His own mind strung his body along, all the way out here, freeing himself from whatever was keeping him chained up in the hut - or was it, really? "No, but it's not like a I give a damn about who I'm related to and who just raised me, you know? They aren't much different from one another, they are both my parents." Was Richard the same as him? Did Adrestians even allow this kind of thing? Everything that had to add up didn't, for now at least, but he wasn't asking any baseless questions and he sure as hell wouldn't bother the blonde as long as he was wallowing in selfpity, or not able to form his own thoughts into coherent words. For now, though, it sufficed to ask questions and get answers out of him, somehow, at least he was trying his utmost, no? "Oh, so you're telling me that Nayantai raised you and theoretically is your father, but you're not blood-related to him in the slightest sense? I think I get it", Yujin exclaimed - sometimes, he was narrowminded and tried to see the obvious in things that weren't all that obvious - his own shortcomings were odd, weren't they? So, that meant, whoever Nayantai had been with was his actual father? The gears in his head were, in fact, turning but if anything was happening, well, Yujin didn't even know that himself.

      "I'm trying to understand you and why you're ... well, you." Yujin didn't know the Richard from before, a person that he never met and the fact that it was like this, while it didn't bother him all that much, it felt weird knowing someone that didn't even know himself and didn't have a single idea what to with his anger. In theory, a few things could have led to that, but for now, he wasn't going to attempt and pry it out of those cold hands, instead, he'd be told what it was if he kept asking - or at least begging - nicely, no? "I beg to differ - I'm sure there's at least one person that would care, if he didn't, he wouldn't have dragged you out here, right? He could have just left you behind, wherever you were before and seek his own salvation, but ... in the end, I know nothing about you or the person you came here with, so I'm just saying, there has to be someone that cares." What did he know, really? To Richard, he probably was an annoying and somewhat confused stranger that kept talking and never shut his mouth, something that he openly voiced, but Yujin saw it as an invitation to sit down by him and just watch what he was seeing, let his legs swing over the edge and wonder when all of this ice would come crashing down. "No", he simply replied, he never shut up to begin with, lest he was studying and taking the entire library apart, but that didn't happen a lot, at least not nowadays - and it wouldn't happen more often than it needed to. "If that changes, I have some clothes to offer." Yujin was, in fact, bundled up and while that was normal in Thria, especially Silesse, the fabric and material used was different from the ones that the Adrestians used - obviously, they didn't need as much as them and it showed. "That would make sense why you can stand the cold as well, but you're still not used to it. Ever met her?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • He wouldn't feel any better? well the question was, could he feel any worse than he did now? He didnt feel like himself and when he looked back a year ago, then he wouldn't have recognized himself and how he was now. Nayantai probably saw that too, he did try to talk to him, but Richard shut everyone out, he didn't want anyone else close, not anymore and he wasn't even sure if he could like anyone ever again. Most of his heart was filled with anger and what wasn't was just empty, there was no room for anything else and while his siblings rot away he wasn't, at least his body wasn't. He wasn't here to play around and ignore what happened though, he didn't allow himself. "You're talking too fast... ", Richard mumbled as he did not understand what he was rambling about now. He understood the gist of it however. "Pretty much.", he nodded. Somehow this stranger made Richard tell him everything he wanted to know at some point, wasn't he? Ignoring him didn't quite work and Richard wondered how he made him talk without really forcing him to. However, he didn't say any more than he needed to, Yujin still didn't know who Richards father was and he wasn't sure if he should tell him.

      "Why? Because I'm the first sheep you ever met? Because of my blonde hair? I'm no circus animal!", he suddenly replied. For some reason this interest almost scared him, at the very least he doubted Yujins honesty the more he asked. Richard wasn't going to sit here and let people watch him as if he was a trophy of some sorts. He didn't intend to let himself be fucked around with, he wasn't weak only because he was a sheep or only because his father had been. "You should shut your mouth about things you have no clue about, it would do you good. If he'd be able to change the past I'm sure I'd not be the one alive right now." He said too much now, didn't he? As Yujin had sat down next to him, Richard has looked at the man he spoke with, but now he averted his gaze towards the distance again and bit his lower lip. Damn if he could have turned back time, he'd also let someone else live. "I don't want anything from you and I'm especially not going to wear a stupid dress.", he let out. No he didn't want to loose himself, even though that probably was a stupid reason. All he had really were his own clothes. Still he had to wrap his coat tighter around his body, especially here with nothing that was stopping the wind from blowing. He didn't lack the blood to cope with this cold that much was true. His mother grew up here while his grandfather had visited this place as well without dying. Fhaergus was cold and that was were Richards family originally came from. He was equiped with a body to survive out here, even if he also inherited a somehwat weakened state, but it mostly wasn't much of a problem and if it were, Richard wouldn't tell anyone. "I don't even know her name. Nayantai would know. It was some understanding that she'd not present herself as a mother, I guess she didn't want to raise us in the first place."