bloodbound. (earinor & akira)

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    • bloodbound. (earinor & akira)

      genres: (fake historical) drama • low fantasy • pain • general edgelord stuff •
      a bad case of sequelitis • no one's straight (it runs in the family)

      Adrestia stands unified before those who saw it all through - the war has subsided, any conflict has died down and amidst what was once a prospering kingdom stands a king without a crown, without a title so to speak. A young man that barely knows anything of the world that never sought to welcome him, but from here on out, Myriad is his - the crown is his - and alongside it, the burden of power, the burden of his title and his people - all of that rests on his shoulders, something that he never asked for and yet has to comply with. Rain knows that this isn't the time to waver, to retreat and think all of this through and as such, he accepts what was never supposed to be his - the title of king, the burden of being alive and cherishes it, for it is but a fleeting moment in his life that, among other things, was never supposed to be as long as it has been so far.

      They lurk in the shadows, for years to come, and once the kings body finally gives out - once his passing is announced - all that remains is his children and his closest aide, among the cold walls of Castle Myriad and with that, his reign ends, not long after he assumed the throne. However, even that doesn't suffice, not one bit, after all, Adrestia needs a king, someone to guide a broken country full of brewing conflict, but there is no heir to assume the throne, not after all but one are killed in an ambush and the remaining one is swept off of his feet, stolen away by the only person that he could possibly have been with. Chaos breaks out in a country without a king, in a kingdom still shaken by what had transpired during and before the war - and soon, malicious rumors of all kinds spread across the land, reaching eyes and ears that were never meant to hear of it.

      X, the only surviving son of the deceased king, soon finds himself among the frigid and still quite barren landscape of Thria - his journey brings him westward, far away from anything he's ever seen. None of this is going to connect him to any of his roots, help him avenge his siblings or reclaim his throne. Instead, he's stuck with his remaining father figure who, after staying in Adrestia for the past few decades, had finally had enough of the brewing conflict and decided that the best way to keep the last remainder of his family save was to, frankly, take it out of harms way and somewhere where no one could find them. X, of course, is less than happy about the change of scenery - what might sour his mood even more, perhaps, is the fact that his desired title is slipping even further out of his grasp and among all those wolves, as the sheeps of Adrestia still tend to call them, he sticks out like a sore thumb. Who wouldn't be bitter? Well, X would insist he isn't but his behavior tells otherwise - something that even Y seems to notice, but who would admit that, especially to a nosy stranger?


      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • 3e380e206c2fd9d829df9a6f84e7dcb7.jpgName: Richard Callum of Fhaergus, Prince of Adrestia - or as the wolves named him "Arikin"

      Age: 17

      Personality: As the sole survivor of his family and the lone prince of Adrestia whos name, title, possesion and family was suddenly taken from him, Richard is first and foremost angry. He is angry at the people who took everything from him and he is angry at the people who stood by and let it happen. His supposed father figure receives most of the blame, maybe only due to the fact that he is closest to him. The young prince came acustomed to hating everything in the cold and barren lands of his mother, who he never met and only shared the color of his eyes with which were not as blue as those of his Adrestian ancestors. He misses his home, summer, warmth, color. Thria is cold and snowy, actually there is nothing but snow and the days are short, if he isn't depressed because of what happened, the weather is enough to push him over the edge. The wolves, if in truth or not, know he is not part of them, know his father left him with a somewhat weak condition, but Richard is different and wants to show everyone that he is as strong, maybe even stronger than anyone opposing him. He doesn't know how to cope with his families death and his current situation, the only way to express himself seems to be anger and violence. A fight is something he'd never run from and often enough he starts one because someone rubs him the wrong way. With no friends, seemingly also by his own choice, he has a lot of time to think and to figure out what he wants to do, even though his supposed new father would never let him have his way.

      - Richard always wears a scarf around his neck to conceal the scar he was left with when he and his siblings were attacked
      - Richard refuses the idea to wear the wolves clothes, which is why he's feeling more cold out in the far west of Thria than he has to, also he's sticking out even more
      - He inherited the blonde hair of his father, as well as the rather tender figure, but his eyes are a almost redish brown
      - Another thing he inherited is his somewhat sickly condition, he is not as fragile as his father was, but he's also always a step behind anyone else
      - He also inherited wolf genes which makes it possible for him to survive at the icy west of Thria


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    • Name: The frigid floes of the west have always belonged to his family - to people that knew nothing about themselves or the world beyond them. As such, the winds of change hit his home quiet late. Nonetheless, as the barren land gained its name, it gained a few princes and princesses - among them Yujin, His Royal Highness, the second prince of Silesse. And while the world, or his country, isn't his to shape, he doesn't mind one bit.

      Age: 18 years old.

      Personality: Yujin of Silesse is best described as two-faced, something that he seemingly inherited from his father. On the surface, he seems jovial and aloof, almost quite blockheaded and that statement isn't wrong. If anything, he cares about those around him, for their safety and for their enjoyment and he'd never let anyone down, especially not if they expect him to take care of him, to treat them with the utmost respect or make their day a tad bit more endurable. However, at the same time, Yujin does enjoy gossip and rumors, whatever he spreads it himself or he only listens to it, he can get quiet devious and surprisingly enough knows how to coax something out of someone if he wants it - but often enough he masks it pretty well, especially with playing dumb and conceited. The burden of being who he is weighs heavy on his shoulders but, at almost the same time, he finds himself enthralled by the fact that there's a world to be explored and secrets to be uncovered - even though that would mean he'd leave behind his comfortable life and find himself his own destiny, something that he barely thinks about, like he always does. If anything, avoiding responsibility and the impending doom are normal for him - Yujin does like to ignore the hardships of life, just for his own personal gains and living out his youth to the fullest, whether he spends it annoying those close to him or people he doesn't even know doesn't matter - all that matters is the fun and the blackmail material that he could get his hands on, he doesn't need more and to be fair, he'd never ask for more.

      - Yujin is the second oldest of four.
      - Despite one of his fathers being obsessed with the sole concept of beauty, that's never stopped him from attempting stupid shit - and rightfully earning himself at least two nasty scars.
      - His mother isn't part of the royal lineage of Silesse, which gained it's name only after the war between Adrestia and Thria ended, and therefore has almost no ties with him, which, on the contrary, doesn't mean that Yujin doesn't know her.
      - Even though Yujin is of thrian descend, his eyes are a skyblue hue - he would never admit to disliking it, but he might, in fact, not be very fond of them.
      - To escape his royal duties and get outside for a while, he tends to join other people, mainly guards and fellow youths, on patrols around Silesse and its borders - and if he doesn't, he most likely can be found taking his fathers library apart, all the while he tries to figure out where all of those nameless places on an unreadable map are.
      - If he had to pick one single thing that he, himself, believes to be majorly sucking at, it would very much be cooking.

      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.