sinbound. [Akira & Earinor] [ENG]

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    • sinbound. [Akira & Earinor] [ENG]

      The winds howling through the cold mountains of Fhaergus, the coldest of the seven countries in the kingdom of Adrestia, never bothered the young heir, but as soon as the summer arrived and he was meant to be in one of the warmer parts of the kingdom, he wished himself back home, where the snow on the high mountain peeks never melts. At least - he thought - he met his friends, after the winter that cuts off Fhaergus from the rest of Adrestia every year. All of these friends were practically forced upon him, he liked them nevertheless, but as the only heir of Fhaergus he was meant to befriend many others of royal blood, be it heirs of the other six countries or some lesser nobility they descended from. 'Connections to our neighbors are important', he heard the preaching words of his father which accompanied him most of the time, in his head, while riding east, deep into the kingdom of Lavern. His father, not physically with him though still being in control of Caelans actions, was about to arrive a few days later, because he and Caelans mother preferred to take a carriage, rather than riding themselves. Though the young blond man should have accompanied them, to make a good impression when arriving in their new luxurious gold coated vehicle, he refused and rode of at the point the discussion became too tiring for him. His father was certainly going to preach about good manners when they'd be back home, but until then it was important to uphold a specific image. The image of a good family, an agreeing leading couple and their wonderful son. Calean would have weeks to prepare for his fathers outburst at home and until then, he planned to just have lots of fun in Lavern. To make it count he didn't plan on upholding any rules, his father was mad already, so what was the worst that could happen?

      The warm weather of Lavern soon caught up to him, leaving him sweating and his horse felt too warm to sit on. It was a dark brown horse accustomed to the harsh weather in Fhaergus and therefor sharing Caelans suffering with this outlandish weather. That was why Caelan decided to make a halt at a lake he remembered being near here. He didn't exactly think it through when he left Fhaergus behind him without his luggage, which was carried by the carriage his parents wanted to force him into. Although he didn't care much about etiquette and rules he still didn't want to arrive at the outskirts of Laverns capital drenching in his own sweat, that would have ruined his reputation by certain guests he mostly entertained himself with. His decision therefor was to let his horse take a rest by said lake, maybe taking a dip and continuing on in the evening and through the night when the sun was down and the heat wasn't as bad as now. On the next fork he rode right instead of left and about an hour later, riding through the grasslands with the sun in his face, he arrived at his chosen destination. His shirt already left his body and was hanging off the horse. He jumped off the back of the animal, leashed it on a tree near the water and got rid of his shoes. He dipped his feet in the cold water, which still needed to warm up after the winter, just as he liked it. Maybe after taking a swim he could even try to catch a fish here, he didn't bring anything so he needed to get creative, but he always found something edible somewhere. The only thing he brought was his sword, which rarely left his side, even if he didn't need it. Maybe he'd meet some bandits on the way, but he didn't think so, Lavern was always one of the safest countries, having a lot of patrols and strict punishment. Either way, he felt pretty confident, got rid of his pants too shortly after and dove into the cold water to swim a little, while he watched his horse drink and graze by the shore.

      He didn't leave the water for some time, at least until the sun started to set and the heat of the afternoon was gone. He shook the water out of his hair, put on his pants, but left the shoes and his shirt by his horse while he was going to gather some wood for a fire and maybe a self-made fishing rod. If worse came to worse he still could have managed a little spear to catch some fish, but he was going to surprise himself there. He never was much of a planner and until now he always came through like this, made it out alive. Additionally a planned trip was way too boring for someone like him, he just loved running around, figuring things out while doing them and generally working or training. All contributing to the predicament of his father who wanted to see him sit at his desk for a change and trying to figure out what he was meant to do, when his father died someday. Working, sweating and running around also were things the heir of Fhaergus shouldn't do, apparently, but Caelan went crazy when he just sat around, at least nervously tapping his foot all the time. At this point Caelans father was starting to give up on his son - Caelan thought - and still no one really knew about all his struggles, congratulated Allard for this strong and charming son of his, while he kept up his smiling and fake proud face. Well, Caelan didn't think too much about it usually, he was himself and he knew he couldn't or didn't want to change. While he was thinking and walking around pretty aimlessly he thought he heard a noise, was there someone else? Maybe that solved his food problem!


      sinbound. [Akira & Earinor] [ENG]
    • Ronan despised them - the formal meetings, the etiquette forced upon him and the paperwork piling up on his desk, waiting to be dealt with - all those papers, mocking him and wanting to be looked at and yet he stood there, in his own room, dressed in what probably were the finest clothes Alster had to offer. "You will attend the meeting in Lavern. Have I made myself clear?" Darraghs voice felt like thunder, coming down heavy and hard from above, unyielding - Ronan was aware that his father had had enough of him, of his ceaseless whining and moaning, of his complaints - he didn't want to go anywhere and Darragh was aware. So aware, in fact, that he had commissioned a tailor months ago, before his son even knew of his impending misfortune and now he stood there, looking at his own reflection in the mirror. "Ronan, have I made myself clear?", the old man growled again. The young man finally was able to tear his eyes away from his reflection and meet those of his father. Initially, he wanted to say no - wanted to throw the blue fabric into the fireplace, but he didn't dare rip it off of his body now. Instead, he almost felt like he was forced into this - forced to answer his father. "Y-yes ...", he mumbled, upon which Darragh raised an eyebrow at him. "You are supposed to answer me loud and clear." If anything, he just wanted to brush past him, steal one of the horses and run - run as far as the animal would carry him and never come back. Unfortunately for him, he was born as Ronan of Alster - someone, who was supposed to take pride in his heritage. "I understood you the first time!", he finally hissed at his father. Should he brace himself for impact? Normally, he would, but instead, Darragh did him the favor of ignorign his tone - he shook his head instead. "I won't be attending the meeting this time. This means your mother and brother will stay here as well. I suggest you take the carr-" "Just a horse will be fine, actually." Darragh sneered at him, almost in disgust - he looked tired, too exhausted to deal with the menace his own son was. Ronan's best guess was, that he had caught some sort of illness and was barely able to stand on his own two legs - having to attend an event like this on his own was rare, if not unheard of. "Alright, then take your horse. I've had the maids pack some of your belongings for your trip, you might as well take them with you so you have something to wear and to eat. Do not embarrass me, do you understand?"

      "I will do my best", Ronan scoffed. Darragh had had enough of him, as he turned and walked towards the door. "Then take care and come back in one piece - this is an order, Ronan." The moment his father was gone, he felt like tearing off the fabric yet again, but instead he grabbed his sword and his mantle, set out for the stables and upon affixing most of his luggage to his horses saddle, he finally was ready to leave Alster behind and make his way for the godforsaken country of Lavern. Of course, this meant he would get to spend some time alone, away from the strict rules of his ever disappointed father or his doting mother, but in return this also meant that he had to built the connections this time around, had to actually spend time with the other nobles, that he had ignored up until now. Indeed, he was aware that he had ignored his social status for quite some time, alongside many more duties that he'd rather had his parents do - he didn't mind the paperwork, didn't mind the problems that came with being of noble upbringing - the only thing he absolutely despited was the ceaseless, idle chitchats he had to have, the feigning of interest and curiousity and the webs of lies that everyone spun to appear more interesting for one another. Despite that, he would try his best - and if all else failed, he would do, what he was used to: Look for an empty spot and read one of his books that he had taken with him, in case he would get bored by the nature around him or the people that desired a piece of him. All in all, it was easier to be nice to someone in a letter than when meeting them personally - or so he thought. Lavern's humid air was something that usually bothered a lot of people, though, Ronan could consider himself one of the lucky ones that wasn't going to melt anytime soon, just because of the missing snow or the freezing temperatures. His horse, as gray and as boring as one would most likely consider its owner, had to carry him great lengths anyway, so it was no wonder that he was looking for a spot to rest, as soon as the sun had made way and the rising of the moon was impending in an hour or two. Dusk or not, Ronan didn't care - he made way for a lake, right in the opposite direction of where he should be going and was deadset on sleeping under the stars, shimmering above his head. Out here, the air wouldn't be as crisp as it was in Alster at night - it got progressively warmer, the closer he got to Lavern, but that was fine, he didn't miss the snow and the cold all that much. The closer he got to the lake, the more it felt like the grass was swaying in the gentle breeze and the closer dusk came, the better it felt to be out of Alster manor for the first time in weeks. Ronan was sure, that the lake would be a nice resting spot, that he would have all the time in the world, that he would be able to enjoy a good read until all natural light sources would be gone completely and that he ... ah, fuck. Upon making his way to the lake, he set eyes upon the shadow of a figure and his horse, couldn't back out now and had to approach the guy that had already heard him anyway. The closer he came, the sooner he noticed who he was - even though he didn't remember talking to him, the visage of the heir of Faerghus wasn't unknown to him. "Fancy meeting you here, I guess", he sighed, as he stopped in front of Caelan - for fucks sake, he should have taken his horse and rode away.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • There actually was someone and as soon as Caelan was able to pinpoint the direction, he moved towards the noise of small sticks breaking under the heavy hooves of a horse. He didn't think about the possibility of an ambush, he didn't bother if this was some sort of bandit or other lowlife that wanted to threaten his life, if he was completely honest, the possibility didn't even cross his mind. The young man with dark hair and a grey horse that soon moved also towards him should have rang some bells, but other than this guy obviously not being from Lavern, or only it's borders, Caelan knew nothing about him. The face didn't look familiar or maybe it did... somehow, but the young Lord coudln't put his finger on it. The clothing looked expensive, yet Caelan stood in front of the guy shirtless and with water still dripping from his blond hair. His ice-blue eyes once again scanned the face in front of him, after hearing the greeting that sounded as if Caelan should know that man. Caelan however never was someone to lie straight into someones face about things he was not ashamed of, noble or not, he was of high rank and neither the king nor the crown prince stood before him, so what status if not the same could this man have? Nothing that was higher than Caelans own rank so he took the route of being rude in admitting not remembering that face. "Sorry... who are you again?", he asked bluntly but with a charming smile usually catapulting him out of trouble and still earning him flattered chuckles from one or two girls, though he didn't think he'd come far with this tactic with the grim looking young man.

      Caelan ran his fingers through his hair, brushed away some stubborn droplets, still clinging to his light colored hair and tried to fix his hairdo in a manner that looked less like he just came out of the water - which he did. He didn't really care who stood before him, which rank this boy inherited and what his name was, but he liked his hair to look somehow good when he was around people. He also was curious what this guy was doing here, although looking at the sun, the man probably wanted to sleep at the lake, take a rest and continue his journey tomorrow. Not really what Caelan had in mind, but at least they could eat together if there was any food. "Resting at the lake, yeah? I've got the wood covered, wanna join me?", he asked only now noticing that his accent and bad manners took the better of him. Being shirtless and in the wilderness usually let him forget who he was meant to be - a well-mannered and polite noble, not to be mistaken in any way for some 'lousy' peasant. However, he didn't look flustered in the slightest nor was he wishing to turn back time, to make it better with a second chance. Instead he knocked on the dry wood under his arm and smiled inviting, even though he himself only earned a sigh.
    • Gleaming stars and his own reflection in the darkened water of the lake was all he had desired for tonight, but fate had decided that he would be unable to escape it's grasp - that he had to meet up with another poor soul, just so that he could be needlessly annoyed all throughout his journey to Lavern's capital. Ronan sighed at the shirtless man - he would do well to fix his posture, or the way he spoke to the to-be duke and yet, he looked like he didn't even care about who Ronan was, or why he stood before him. "Me?", he didn't feel like chuckling, instead he sneered at the young man. Why again did he have to meet him out here? Why not at the event, or actually, why at all? "Lord Ronan of Alster - pleased to make your acquaintance, shirtless stranger", spoke Ronan, as he decided to get off of his horse himself and give it a soft pat on the back. It hand done well, carrying him this far already and not once complaining about the heat or the dry air. Maybe, he thought, an animal was better at understanding him than a father that obviously wasn't interested in his eldest son and heir. "You'd do well to introduce yourself first, you know." Why did he reprimand someone of equal standing? Did he felt intimidated, just because Caelan was a head or two taller than him? Or was he so far gone that he thought, he could apply his fathers techniques to everyone?

      First, he should let his horse drink - but then again, he had a bigger problem to take care of, a fellow noble that he wouldn't get rid of, at least not tonight. If he stayed here, slept under a blanket of stars, that - in turn - meant, he would be trapped here with whoever Caelan of Fhaergus turned out to be. If he decided against it, he'd have to find a new, somewhat safe spot - in complete darkness. Ronan decided to curb his fear of social interaction for now and looked at the not so unfamiliar stranger, completely drenched and uncaring about his appearance. Suddenly, he felt compelled to take off his own cloak, throw it over his horses saddle and take his eyes off of the exposed skin and the horrible manners, that the fellow noble seemed to possess. "Oh, I'd love to - but I'm sure you'd like some of my food in exchange, no?", he asked. Ronan had no idea what the maids had taken from the kitchen, no idea what they had packaged in the saddlebags but he'd find out sooner or later. His hands reached for the reins of his horse, as he moved it closer to the lakeside, allowing the poor thing to drink for now. "Let me guess. You can't deal with the climate in Lavern and took a break." Whether he was right or not didn't matter - the sooner he could get this over with, the faster he could leave this man to his own devices.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Caelan looked at the face infront of him again and again and still... nothing. He believed he never spoke to this noble, though his clothing suggested that he was of high rank and his family posessed a lot of money. Maybe a rich merchants family trying to fit in and letting their son wear the finest clothes to look reputable? For that however the young man needed to work on his impression, not that Caelan would have minded, but others certainly did. As soon as Caelan heard this mans actual name it did ring a bell, of course, Alster was Fhaergus neighbouring country and also the biggest importer of Fhaergus weapons, always in need of some as it seemed. However, Caelan still didn't recall any occasion at which he talked to Ronan of Alster, not a single one, if he was completly honest, he was still not able to recall that face, but since he couldn't match another face to the name, he was inclined to believe that the man infront of him was in fact Ronan of Alster, eldest son an heir of his country. A hint of confusion found it's way onto Caelans face upon being called 'shirtless stranger' and being prompted to introduce himself. "Oh, I was under the impression you already know who I am." Did that sound aroogant? Yes, yes it did, it did way more than Caelan had intended. "Lord Caelan of Fhaergus. Shirtless Lord Caelan of Fhaergus if you prefer" He grinned a little, although Ronan gave such a serious impression, that Caelan wasn't sure if he should handle this encounter as an official occasion. He already ruined that however.

      "Do I look that hungry? I was about to try and catch some fish, I don't mind if you don't want to share.", he explained, looking at Ronan who reveiled to be way smaller than he looked on his horse. A glance at Caelans horse whoms saddlebags obviously were empty probably gave Ronan all the information he needed. He was sharp but that was about everything Caelan could say about the Alster sprout. The blond meanwhile already moved back towards the water were he found a good place to camp. He let the wood go and went to the lake to find some stones for the fireplace while looking briefly over his shoulder. "It's way too warm. I planned on travelling at night to avoid the sun, unless you want me to accompany you to the capital? I guess this is where you are headed too.", he asked somewhat. He wasn't eager to travel under Laverns hot sun and every day it got warmer out here, Caelan hated the heat. It made everything sweaty and sticky, the humid air made it even worse. "By the way...", Caelan started while building a small circle of stones to keep the grass safe from the fire, "... I don't think we ever talked to eachother, which is a little strange, considering our countries relationship. But we don't have to make it official out here at a lake. How come you are traveling alone if you don't mind me asking though?"
    • Oh, his father had told him one too many times: "Don't you dare befriend Caelan of Fhaergus or his good for nothing father!" - and Ronan, being the good boy he always had been, listened to his old man as if everything he said was the truth. Nowadays, he took everything with a grain of salt and knew that Darragh was biased, knew what he could tell his sons and which details should be swept under the rug. His clothes were pompous at best and so was his fathers attitude, that was for sure. No wonder nobody wanted to associate themselves with Alster any longer - he felt like his father was at fault, but theoretically his mother was the one that ruled the country, the Duchess of Alster and the one that he should be listening to, not a sad husk of a greedy man that had achieved everything a poor soul could ever dream of. "Maybe I did and maybe I'm just mocking your bad manners, Caelan of Fhaergus", spoke Ronan, diverted his gaze to his horse, drinking ever so diligently and keeping him company. He didn't feel nauseous yet, was able to tolerate the conversation and the missing manners of the to-be Duke of Fhaergus. Even though Ronan was no one to agree with Darragh, he was right after all; if Caelan's father was anything like him, those two were dooming their own country and he'd do got to not associate with them. "Well, shirtless Lord Caelan of Fhaergus, I'm glad you have a name. You ought to put your shirt back on, though - or is it too stuffy?"

      Mockery aside, it felt like a weird fever dream - what kind of noble, if not him, would run into someone like that and call it a whim of fate? Maybe the gods hated him, wished for him to finally bond with someone and yet he didn't want to, desired something or someone else that wasn't whatever ... this was supposed to be. "They probably packed more than I can eat anyway, so honestly, feel free to stuff yourself, if you desire, hungry AND shirtless Lord Caelan of Fhaergus", he sneered and started rummaging through his own saddlebags, looking for better, less flashy clothes and something to eat. No, he didn't look all that hungry, but he had a hunch - though, he probably threw himself in the lake to cool down and not to use his bare hands to catch one of the vile creatures in this lake. "I'm fine on my own, don't you worry about that - travelling at night seems tempting, but I'd rather get some sleep than be groggy and cranky at whatever event I have to attend in Lavern", he sighed, as he pulled a simple shirt from one of the saddlebags. On he went, to the next one, inspecting every nook and cranny for some well deserved food and maybe something for his horse as well. "Hm?", he asked, not bothering to turn his eyes onto the blonde giant, as he pullet out an apple or two, obviously not for Caelan but his horse. "So you wanna act like we never met here? Well, that's fine by me, though ... we probably never talked because I'm not all that interested in public events like these. They are noisy and loud, filled to the brim with people that talk about stuff I usually couldn't care less about. If I want to gossip, I can just write a damned letter", Ronan responded truthfully and fed one of the apples to his own horse, using his free hand to look for human food in the remaining saddlebags - though, the apples would also suffice if he couldn't find anything else. "I could ask you the same question, but you asked first, so I guess, I have to answer first. My father is sick and my mother never was one for social events like these, so they both stayed behind. Of course I don't drag a ten year old to something like this, so I'm alone. What about you, Lord Shirtless?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "Hmm... I thought I had one or two more days to ready my manners, after all I didn't think I'd meet someone here. Now I don't only meet someone, but Ronan of Alster." It was true, Caelan thought he'd be out here alone all night, he actually had looked forward to catching a fish, roasting it over the fire and gazing at the stars afterwards, then he had left, had ridden into the night and enjoyed the cold wind. Instead it seemed he was about to camp with Ronan whose rank was equal to his own and yet Caelan was the one preparing the fire, dirtying his fingers and sitting in the grass to pile up the wood he gathered before. If his father was here, he would have told Caelan to stand up and let someone else do it, someone else who obviously wasn't here and other than his father Caelan didn't mind to use his hands, which probably were rougher than the hands of most other nobles. The blond heir just liked to do work himself and a few weeks ago he was camping in the cold mountains, just because he liked doing it. The fire therefore was lit in a matter of seconds once everything was prepared. Caelan sitting on the ground leaned forwards to provide the little flame with some air, until it spread to the larger junks of wood and slowly started to look like a campfire. "My shirt will only smell of the smoke and I don't want to ruin it, before I'm at the event. I didn't exactly plan to travel alone, so I have no spare. I'd ask you for one of yours, but I doubt they'll fit.", he explained and firmly pointed out, that he was going to stay shirtless for a while longer. "Why? Is my body distracting you?", he added with a big grin on his face, too bad he couldn't see Ronans reaction from this position.

      "I'll take your food then, no questions asked.", he said while watching Ronan go through his things. He himself leaned back, put one arm on his knee and the other one behind him to support his position and not fall. The fire was unnecessary if they didn't cook, but Ronan might have enjoyed the little warmth through the night he wanted to stay here. At least he didn't look like he was sweating, although Alster wasn't exactly warm either. "I didn't say that. I just meant we don't have to be overly polite. It's fine if we just relax by the fire and talk... or not talk, whichever you prefer.", Caelan explained, but he wanted to ask... "If you don't like these events, why are you going?" Caelan shook his head. "You know what? Nevermind, it's not like I don't know about the duties of a nobles son." Caelan tilted his head as if it helped to see what Ronan was doing there and what his dinner would be tonight, he sure brought a lot of stuff. "My parents are taking a carriage, I'm not one for those though, so I rode ahead on my own.", he explained and let out the part about his father being more than mad at him, which was the reason he had no extra clothes and the reason he was shirtless now. He also ignored the impolite manner Ronan called him Lord Shirtless, he just overheard it on purpose, after all he was the one saying they didn't need to make all of this official.

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    • "Lady luck doesn't seem to be fond of you or me, or at least I would assume she isn't", Ronan sneered. Oh, how he didn't miss the company of someone else, how he didn't yearn for company on this nice evening and yet it was Caelan of Fhaergus that had decided to - unintentionally - sabotage his plans. For one, he would consider himself unlucky, but on the other hand, wasn't it good that he had ran into the other noble? Unnecessary smalltalk would, eventually, lead to something that he could maybe use against the blonde, though, Ronan doubted that he would be as stupid as to blurt it out, right in front of someone like him - a man he barely knew and probably wasn't even to identify. Maybe, he thought, it would have been wiser to take the carriage, spend his time in said carriage with reading and yet he didn't feel like it; it would attract too much attention, which - in turn -, would mean they'd probably get attacked and the bandits would coax him out of the carriage, maybe threaten his life and take his body somewhere. The thought alone was more annoying than anything else - his father would cough up the desired sum in no time, but that also meant that - until he did - Ronan would have to sit around in a moist cave, surrounded by rats and filth and needed to talk with a bunch of animals in human skin. "Well, not everyone can be as tall as you, I'd assume. I doubt you'd want to wear clothes from Alster, though - they aren't less stuffy than your own", and he meant it.

      After rummaging through what felt like countless saddlebags, he finally found what he was looking for - half a loaf of bread, tucked away in another, smaller linen bag, alongside a knife, some sort of cheese, another bag of what felt like it could be walnuts and a small knife to cut the loaf in slices, as well as the cheese. Of course they hadn't packed any sort of meat, but he didn't mind - actually, he didn't even care. "Your body? Distracting me? I'm not a damsel in distress that only cares about what noble she might get to marry one day, so no - I just find your lack of manners rather odd", he explained, remained calm. Well, did he like to look at the shirtless Caelan of Fhaergus? He doubted it - he was nothing more than a stranger to him right now, no one worth caring about more than he already did. "You aren't concerned about it being poisoned?", Ronan jokingly asked, as he brought the stuff he had found to the flickering flame, trusting his horse to not run off somewhere. "You can talk to me in any way you want, but don't expect me to not mock you about it, at least when it's just the two of us." Would he undress himself, he thought, he'd look pale and lean and sickly next to the heir of Fhaergus, unbefitting of a to be duke and not worthy of his own title, no? Wasn't Caelan someone that Darragh would want his son to be? "My father expects great things of me and I'm not one to let him down", he declared, as he put the bags on a small piece of cloth, spread out on the floor, across from Caelan. He himself wasn't hungry yet, but whatever the fellow lord wanted to take, he should. "A carriage? I mean, I get what you mean. They are slow, attract too much attention and usually tend to be stuffy. That's exactly why I just ditched the idea of taking one."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "Oh, you think?", Caelan asked and made a noise that was suggesting he was thinking about it. "Well, I don't have to catch me a fish now, so... that's pretty lucky. Though I could still catch us some if you like? I enjoy a challenge." It was true, in the cold harsh winter seperating Fhaergus from the rest of the world he usually was getting bored and so he ventured out searching for adventure, trying to survive on his own for a while and that also included providing for his own food. Either he hunt a deer or rabbit, or he was fishing in an icy mountain lake, or river. Compared to this this lake here felt like a bathtub full of hot water to him and thus he wouldn't mind trying to catch something, even if it took a while. "Jelous?", Caelan asked after Ronan started talking about his size. He was tall, yes, but not as much as Ronan was small. Well, he didn't need a shirt anyway.

      Caelan looked interested in Ronans direction when the man found what he had searched for. Caelan wasn't picky, he had taken anything but there is nothing wrong in hoping for some meat, right? Though they'd probably eat enough when arriving at the event. Usually beside the big tables for dinner there always was some servant moving around with a plate, offering various kinds of small bites, at least in the main hall. Caelan however didn't spend much time there usually, he prefered a quiet place and a girl at his side, or a good old fight, because said girl was someones girlfriend already. If he was being honest, he knew why his father was dissatisfied with Caelans behaivior, while Caelan wasn't sure if the only reason he was acting like a douchbag was actually this grumpy old man, that wasn't satisfied either way. Caelan had tried when he was young, he really did, but his father always found somthing to complain about and nowadays Caelan asked himself if it did matter at all. At least now his father had a valid reason to despise him. Caelan however rather focused on Ronan again, instead on his father who was miles away anyway. He had more power over Caelan than he liked, he thought about him twice in a matter of hours... "You aren't? Sorry, was confused by the height.", he grinned at the not-damsel, even sticking out his tounge for a moment. "Poisoned? A black widow it is then! But no, I'm not. A good boy like you wouldn't poison the son of his fathers best trading partner, right?" Caelan now leaned forward, grabbed the cheese and the knife and started to cut a peace off of it to put it in his mouth. "Mock me as much as you like, I'll return the favor!", he laughed while not even having swallowed the peace of cheese. He cut off four other peaces, put the cheese and the knife back and left the small bites by himself to eat, all in case Ronan wanted some cheese too. "A carriage is stuffy, yes and it's boring to ride in one. Not moving for days while traveling to Laverns capital? No thanks!"

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    • "I'm sure of it", he responded instead. Ronan was quite aware that the two of them were playing a game, shoving the blame for different things back and forth between one another and he couldn't stop, wished to pick apart the heir of Fhaergus and leave behind nothing but a mess, even if that meant getting his hands dirtier than they already were. "So you want to wet yourself for a bit of fish - I mean, why not. It's not like you're going to listen to me anyways." His voice felt dry, almost as crisp as he imagined the alsterian night air to be - cold and unwavering, but kind of familiar and somehwat nostalgic, no? Unlike his newfound partner in crime, Ronan never was one for adventures. Darragh simply disapproved of barbarian acts such as useless hunts, being lost in the woods for weeks, or simply trying to enjoy mother nature - he felt as if his son had to be occupied, had to study as much as he could and only listen to his father's words. Again, Ronan wasn't sure when he started to rebel, but once he did, all the effort he had poured into their relationship went down the drain - was he sad about it? "Jealous, of you? No, not in a thousand years", the black haired youth answered. Could he still leave? Maybe, if he talked his way out of it - but then again, he made his way back to his horse already and took its reins into his hands again, leading it from the lakeside to a nearby tree, to which he bound it to.

      "Take whatever you want, really", he explained, as Caelan had started to eye the food. The weather was nice and the grass gently swayed in the breeze - it was a sight to behold, as the sun already dared to dip behind the mountains and would - eventually - disappear completely, if only for this night. This was, what Darragh seemed to hate so much - the nurturing sight of nature, the somewhat tepid evening air, brushing against the exposed parts of his skin and painting a fleeting, fragile scenery that one could only hope to find in his dreams. Ronan had nothing with him, not even a simple feather with ink, that he could use to sketch out what his eyes were seeing, but bringing his easel and canvas all the way out here felt like a waste of time, as his father would put it. "Of course you were", he sighed, clearly unamused by the grinning noble that was pretty much making fun of him now. Caelan was the one that had asked to set the formalities aside and yet, he was the one that was talking to him if he were an old friend. "Black widow? You sure do talk about strange things for a first meeting, but all jokes aside, I'd never dare kill the son of my father's ... best ... trading partner. Sounds about right." Was Caelan aware of the rooms that Darragh of Alster liked to spread about Allard of Fhaergus, or his entire damned country? If anything, it didn't look like it - it was better that way. "I've already noticed that, you puppy." Shortly after that, he sat himself down across from Caelan, wanting to memorize the face, already casting heavy shadows. "I wouldn't always call it boring. Maybe I'm biased, but I like to enjoy a good book, once in a while - but I'm sure that you'd rather fight some bandits off."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "Soooo.... you don't want fish.", Caelan concluded and looked at this Ronan figure that seemed to hate him for some reason. He sensed some odd disapprovement, maybe only because he also was anticipating a lonesome night, but other than Caelan he did seem upset about it. "You know, if you want one, I'll catch one, if not - also fine. Just say the word. I am listening to you after all.", he stated and shoved another piece of cheese in his mouth. Ronan of Alster, well Caelan thought he should know at least something, but there wasn't anything other than him being the heir of Alster, his father being Darragh of Alster and his mother essentially being the true ancestor of a long line of Alsters. Probably left his father with some self esteem issues, but Caelan wouldn't know. He usually didn't talk much to the older Lords and Ladies, just if he needed to, with an everlasting charming smile and an apology always at hand as why he had to suddenly leave the conversation. "Not in a thousand years? You must love being a midget.", he laughed though he didn't mean it in a bad way. Caelan was always up for jokes, his smile was often fake, but often enough also very real as well as his laughter. Who knew him also knew that he had a big mouth and pretty much said anything crossing his mind, he also liked to tease others, but he meant it in a good way. Maybe he should have paid attention to how much he could pester Ronan, before he snapped, since his attitude towards Caelan already seemed kind of tense.

      "It was a joke, grumpy.", Caelan smiled, tilting his head and looking at the black haired man, He wasn't one for jokes as it seemed. "Do you prefer a businiess meeting atmosphere? And I bet you don't wanna loose us as trading partners, after all most of your armies weapons are from Fhaergus and nowhere else will you find the fine forging skills we posess. Furthermore you need metal for weapons, right? We have that and you need it, therefor you can think of me and my family what you like, as soon as the two of us take our place, we ought to work together. Though... you mostly have to work with me. I enjoy a well trained horse, a beuatiful like yours or mine, which was a gift of your mother I believe, but I can live with a wilder one too, can you live with expensive steel from Lavern or Olette, trading ours with you for double the prize?" Caelan stood up, making it look like no effort at all, he wasn't stupid and he knew, when someone thought he was, though usually he didn't bother proving them wrong. Ronan however kind of annoyed him with his attitude screaming he was better than him, while lecturing Caelan about his manners. Ronan not having any of his own, probably wasn't something the Alster sprout even noticed. "Lucky for you, my father tought me that business is more important than personal opinion." Caelan kind of circled around Ronan while talking, until he swiftly reached for the mans sword, pulled it out of its sheath and turning away, holding the blade against the setting sun. The blade flickered red, sparkled almost, it was well kept. "A fine sword.", he said, checking the balance and swinging it, it cut the air, almost making no sound at all, Ronan having a light weapon made sense, other than Caelans broad sword. "I hope you're using it, it would be a shame if not..." Caelan looked at Ronan again, elegantly turning the blade in his hand, crouching and handing it back to his owner, while not glancing away one second, looking in the dark eyes of the man in front of him. "I do like a fight and sometimes also a book, little kitten.", he said calmly, almost soft and with a smile on his face.

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    • „I‘m just saying you‘d be wasting your time. Who knows if there are fish in this lake to begin with“, his voice was somber and his brows furrowed. The stern, gloomy look he usually had on his face wasn‘t something desirable - that was for certain. Ronan liked to scowl, liked to avoid someones piercing gaze - after all, he was nothing more than a loner and he prefered it that way. Meeting Caelan here was neither needed nor wanted, but it had happened anyway, because fate had decided that it would be and thus, he was stuck here. „I just really don‘t care about my height or someone elses, for that matter“, the young noble sighed. Actually, he had chosen not to get aggravated by the strangers words - he didn‘t need to care about them, or did he? Ronan was aware that he was, maybe, barely taller than his mother and that Darragh was way taller than him, towered over him with all his might. „And I‘m still growing anyways“, Ronan scoffed. Taking into account that Darragh wasn‘t his father, he still shouldn‘t be this tiny - he‘d seen and talked to his actual father, was in awe at how tall and built the man was, but he also knew that he couldn‘t just blurt out things like that. He didn‘t like being small, that was for sure, but picking at him just for his height felt like it was a cruel joke at best.

      „You sure like taking a jab at strangers.“ Was he amused? No. Did he like being the target of harrassment? No. But did he have to get along with Caelan anyways? Unfortunately, yes. „Actually, I prefer being alone - but as my father likes to tell me, that won‘t help me once I am the duke. Seems like I have to get along with you, whether I want to or not.“ Preferably, he‘d find a way to escape all of this trouble at some point - and if it meant to disappear to the Land of the Wolves, alongside his father, then so be it. He shouldn‘t be as much of a coward as he was, but in the end he wanted nothing more than to run away from his responsibilities, to leave behind this life he had - being who he wanted to be felt like it‘d be impossible, especially if he continued to listen to his father. „Lucky for you, I‘m not insane enough to turn you away and insult you or your honor“, the man sneered, before he was taken aback by the swift motion of Caelan, unsheathing the sword and watching it glister in the late evening sun for a second. Instead of yelling at him, his eyes just laid on the man, trying to decipher as to why he‘d do something like that - was he rash? Or just stupid? „Well, I suppose the blacksmith did a good job - and no, I‘m not putting his good work to good use, at least not most of the time.“ It was a shame to admit, though, as soon as he could take ahold of the sword again, he took it from the blonde‘s grasp, ever so slowly. His gaze met those of the other - his light blue eyes, that he only ever could dream of having. „Kitten, huh? We‘re both behaving like animals, I suppose.“ What else was there to ask? „Do you see something you like? Or why are you so hellbent on staring into my eyes?“
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "I know, because it's not the first time I'm here.", Caelan answered, looking at the grim looking man. Again Caelan tried to figure out if there was an occasion where they met and where he upset him in some way, since his attitude towards him was bad from the start. Was it impolite to leave after just taking some of his food, or was it impolite to stay, although Ronan of Alster didn't like his company at all? This problem occupied Caelans thoughts, while it still was funny to look into the gloomy face, trying to act cold. Did nothing of what Caelan said hit him? Did Caelan want that? This boy was one big of a mystery to him and he kind of was interesting because of it. Other than that Caelan would have loved to see a small smile, somehow, just to check if Ronan was even able to do that. "I'm not meaning it, you know? Your height is fine, being tall isn't always a good thing either and for someone rather being alone, being inconspicuous is a fitting trait, right?" Caelan explained with a smile, still thinking he had done something wrong, before they met here. "I'm sorry, I really can't remember ever seeing you on one of the usual occasions. Did we? See each other? Have I upset you, or is this your usual face?"

      "I got that... you wanting to be alone, I'll be leaving soon then.", Caelan said, he didn't want to bug Ronan too much after all and he certainly rather rode at night. "Actually, don't worry about the future, but you were supposed to say, that we need all the money we earn through selling you our goods. A to-be-duke should know such things, right? And whatever you mean by my honor!" Caelan laughed, he really did, pretty loud at that, Ronan was kind of funny. It was a weird mix of being grumpy and trying to stay polite, a weird mix of just taking Caelans threat, while trying to make him look like he had the upper hand. Caelan didn't care about all that stuff, he was no duke yet, he was just Lord Caelan of Fhaergus, a hothead and idiot and if he was to rule someday, he'd just strike good deals, without the social blabla that came with it and that annoyed probably both of them. "Maybe I'm trying to figure out who you are behind those grumpy eyes.", Caelan smirked, not breaking the gaze, while he slowly loosened his grip around the sword not belonging to him. "Then fight me! At the tournament! We're acting like animals, your words, so let's have a friendly fight, I want to know what the heir of Alsters legacy can do." Crossing blades was always Caelans way of approaching someone, how one acts in a fight, uses his sword, if he could stay calm or lash out... it probably told him more about Ronan, than if he tried to ask that boy, that didn't want to talk to him anyway.
    • "Do you like coming here?", he blurted out without thinking. It wasn't his intention to have a fullblown conversation with the fellow to-be duke and it most certainly wasn't something he anticipated. Sadly, he was horrible at conversations - whether they were about just one, or maybe two things, he lacked the skills to actually keep up. Ronan knew he'd have to work on himself, knew that his father disapproved of almost eery step he made, but he also knew that he'd be saddled with guilt regardless, especially if he'd have to face someone like Caelan, who not only was a smooth talker but also seemed like he did, in fact, enjoy it. "You're just making fun of me, I'm assuming. Not, like, actually making fun of me but what is it that you actually want? Do you want to make me laugh?", Ronan asked, with a frown on his face. Was he playing right into Caelan's cards? Though, he felt like, Caelan didn't exactly know what to make of him. If he was honest, he himself was to blame for the rather tense air surrounding them by now, even though the walking, talking, cheese eating puppy was trying his best to better his sour mood. "Pft, I'd be surprised if you or any of the other lords and ladies did. I've seen you countless times, but only in passing - nothing worth mentioning. And no, this is my usual face and my usual mood and yes, I'm aware that it's horrible." Compared to the fellow lord, he was even more gloomy - just like a thunderstorm, raging on and on, and yet it was unable to hide the ever bright sun.

      "Didn't you want to travel on at night anyways? I'm not saying you can't stay here, you were here first after all. If anyone should leave, it's me", he concluded, even though that would have meant he would get to spend the night alone, just like he'd desired. Something just didn't sit right with him, maybe because - even though he was acting like he didn't care - he somewhat did care. "Everyone needs money, but why only care about one thing? If anything, I can worry about that later - when I succeed my mother. Right now it feels like a fever dream, mostly made up of greed. Those aren't our responsibilities yet, no?" Ronan was right - as long as he was young, as long as his mother was still alive, this wasn't something he had to dabble in. To be fair, he liked doing the paperwork, was eager to learn so much more about Alster and he countries surrounding it, but if he could do it from a chair in his room, he'd do it right then and there at the desk, instead of going out an running face first into his impending doom. "And? Found anyone or anything yet?", he asked, now taking a jab at the blonde. Of course he was trying to see behind the facade, was looking for his weak spots and whatever crybaby there might have been, but Ronan was pretty sure that he was himself right now. Rumors had it he was weak, fragile and sickly even, but none of those were true. "You want me to fight you, in front of god knows how many people, at a silly little tournament? Just because you met me and realized we haven't talked to each other, despite being heirs to our houses and having to deal with one another sooner or later? Is that really what you want, Caelan?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • The question Ronan asked surprised Caelan, after all until now he didn't make the impression he wanted to talk and Caelan smiled, because he discovered something else than despise in this man. "When traveling through Lavern I tend to make a stop here, yes. The water is fresh and cool, there are actual fish inside and the night sky is beautiful from here. But I doubt you discovered this spot just now, am I right? You knew were you were going.", he concluded. Ronan didn't look like the kind of guy that just walked were his feet took him and just did what he felt like in the moment. He seemed to be planning a lot, other than Caelan who usually just dealt with whatever was thrown at him. Caelan started laughing again, looking at Ronan who seemed a little confused by his overall attitude. "Do I have to want something? Maybe I want to see if you can make another face than this grumpy one, but actually I'm just saying and doing what feels right to me.", he answered in all honesty, if he was able to always tell what he wanted, maybe life would be easier and much more boring probably. "Isn't it tiring to have such a gloomy mood all the time? Is this really what you want? Maybe conversations aren't that bad, if you give people a chance. Not that I'm trying to lecture you, I'm just wondering."

      Caelan sat down again, leaned backwards and looked at the sky getting darker and darker though now it was still colored in a mixture of pink, orange and yellow. "You don't have to leave. I was about to head out anyway and make my way to our destination at night. So you'll have the lake all to yourself without driving me out or anything." He felt it was for the better to just move on, after all Ronan wanted to be alone since the moment hey met, at least he gave that impression. There was no need to stay here just so the fellow heir was getting more annoyed than he already was. "It ain't our responsibility yet, your're right, no harm in getting on each others nerves then, right?", Caelan smiled, moved his head and looked at the black haired man in front of him again. Was he actually getting warm around Caelan, or was this just his imagination? Did Caelan find someone else? "Not sure.", he replied smiling. "The crowd of people is optional, for what I care we can fight right here and now, I'd just like to see what my neighbor can do and how you handle that fine sword of yours. Sometimes people tell a whole lot more about themselves when fighting and listening to their instincts, rather than constantly using their head to play who they ought to be."
    • Admittedly, he was kind of lonely at times. Sometimes, he prefered to be by his lonesome, but at other times, it almost felt like a curse that befell him, felt like it was something he had no control over - even though he said that he yearned for loneliness, it came with a price he had to pay and, resulting out of that, Ronan of Alster had almost no real friends. The ones he talked to were best described as pompous fucks that only cared about his rank and title, about the prestige they'd have from befriending him and sending him silly, little letters full of gossip. It was rare for him to spend time with anyone of equal standing, but when he did, it felt like he was one of the few puzzle pieces that didn't fit, but rather forced themselves into a hole they couldn't fill out. "You're quite sharp. I sought out this spot because bandits are rare in these parts and I'm hoping to catch a few glances of the nightsky and the stars - stargazin is something I like, after all", he spoke, truthfully. Thus he had already peeled off one of his oh so many layers, of this facade he was trying to uphold. Was there anything beneath it? Probably not. "So you're out for a smile? Then make me laugh, Caelan - try your hardest", he urged the fellow noble, but the chances of him actually succeeding were, in every sense of the word, slim.

      "Maybe you're right, but why care about all this stuff to begin with? I can give you a chance, if you'd like one, puppy." He wasn't even trying to at first - his father had told him, loud and clear, that both Allard and Caelan of Fhaergus weren't worth the trouble they could bring with them, that he should keep them both away from him, but never let them feel the distance. Fortunately for Caelan, Ronan was in the mood to defy his father - to stop being a plaything that was waiting to be held and told what to do. "The way you're talking to me, though, almost makes it sound like you'll be lonely if you leave all alone." It wasn't like he'd try to be nice to him, or that he actually cared about anything in that regard - and yet, he was lying to himself, if he was completely honest. The black haired youth sighed, searched for the piercing gaze that was unwilling to let him go earlier, and tried his best not to actually crack a smile. "Well, no. You wanted this to be an informal meeting anyway, no?" Ronan wasn't used to all of this. The people he, preferably, would talk to were not like Caelan and they also knew when to stop - they wrote him letters, rather than meeting him face to face, something he disliked anyway. Maybe, he thought, he was not only too harsh to himself, he also was way too stiff, once it came to opening up. "I'm not in the mood to try and best you right now, especially not in these clothes - and I'm sure you'd rather wear something comfortable, than being half dressed and somewhat drenched. Alright, I'll play your silly little game and fight you at the next tournament, if that is, what you desire."
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • "Don't tell anyone.", a little cheeky smirk appeared on Caelans face after being described as sharp. He knew that a lot of people thought differently, including his father. He couldn't deny, that he often enough acted before thinking of any consequences and he often enough also spoke in a way he shouldn't have and still, he wasn't as dumb as he looked. Though he discovered that his life was a lot easier if the expectations in him kept staying low and no one anticipated him actually paying attention, knowing, understanding and planning things. He was stupid too sometimes, he really didn't recall Ronan although he should have, but names weren't his thing and faces weren't either. "If you don't mind, I would wanna stay until the sun set and take a look at the sky too. If we're lucky the season for fireflies is right as well." Caelan leaned back now, lay down in the grass. The hard ground was quite comfortable for a change and the blonde stretched for a moment or two until he crossed his arms behind his head and stared into the colorful sky. "It sounds like you want me to tell you a joke, but... nah, I think you'll smile soon enough. If you feel more comfortable if I don't see it, I count it as a win even if only you know you did."

      "I think I already kinda got a chance, after all you're still talking to me and asking me to make you smile.", Caelan smiled himself, but closing his eyes now, feeling the cold breeze brush over his skin. That was after all what he was here for and the company didn't stop him from doing whatever he liked. "The way I talk?", Caelan repeated, pushing some air out of his lungs. Ronan could call him crazy, but Caelan had the feeling the dark haired was the one not wanting him to go all of a sudden. Talking about bandits he was concerned with and subtle giving him the permission to stay if he desired. Caelan opened his ice-blue eyes again, lifted his head and met Ronans gaze one more time. He knew better than to ask bluntly if he should stay now, he was pretty sure it would only upset Ronan and he in exchange wasn't sure, if he himself wanted to stay the night and ride during another hot day. "Half dressed is pretty comfortable though.", he replied instead, "But... neat. That was easier than expected, I'm looking forward to it. And don't you ditch on me." Again he let out a small laughter before laying down again, without having much more to say. Ronan seemed to like it quiet and Caelan could have it both ways, especially when out and about, with nature all around him, it was different when stuck inside some stuffy room though. It made him restless. "I don't think bandits have to concern you though... Lavern is pretty safe." He kind of still ended up talking again.
    • "I'll keep my lips sealed then." Caelan was odd - outgoing, dauntless and somewhat of a goof, but all in all definitely not a bad guy. Something about that could rub people the wrong way and, as one would say, birds of the same feather flocked together - Ronan didn't know who the strangers actual friends were, but if they were anything like him, they'd be much more annoying than he'd initially thought. What exactly, if not a pure coincidence, was their meeting? Not only was he unable to pinpoint that, it also felt like he was somewhat distracted by the fact that, after all, Caelan of Fhaergus was still not wearing a shirt and yet talking to someone of equal standing, without a care in the world. "As if I'd mind. You are somewhat entertaining after all", spoke Ronan, only meaning well but still looking like he was sour about whatever. In all honesty, it wasn't exactly Caelan that annoyed him to begin with - it was the fact that he had to make his way for the event, that he had to attend it instead of his father and that there wouldn't be a single person he'd get along with just fine, that was for certain. He couldn't hope for the blonde youth to entertain him any further, either - he probably had his fair share of fans at the meeting. "And what if I never tell you?", the to-be duke joked.

      Some things were better off being kept secret, just like it was better for him to be himself - not someone that his father wanted him to be. A carbon copy of a senseless, hopeless and sad, old man - wasn't that, what he should be? Well, he was good at scowling and acting like he was ancient already, but that was about it. Unfortunately enough, he never could escape Darragh's grasp, no matter how hard he'd try, as long as he was alive. "Well, you might be right about that, at least I'm pretty sure you are", he exclaimed and then diverted his gaze once more, as the youth leaned back, bedding himself on the hard ground and the soft grass, wanting to catch a glimpse at the everchanging soon to be nightsky. Ronan's chances of seeing something like this, usually, were rare - but as long as he was outside, he felt like he had to enjoy it - so he leaned back himself, if only a bit. "Yes, the way you talk ... though, I guess you'd do just fine on your own, then." Maybe he was wrong - unlike Caelan, he wasn't good with people, or words for that matter. Everything he learned, he knew from the few friends he had, from the many letters he wrote and got from said people, but that was about it. Wasn't he miserable? "You'd better not show up half dressed at the tournament!" Not, that he was fearing for the others safety, he just wanted a fair fight and would feel more comfortable accepting a loss like that; he didn't dare to declare the tournament - it was his first after all - to be one he won, too. "Well, no. But you can't be sure. Am I too tense?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.
    • Was there ever anything wrong with just being themselves? Caelan always tried to be, of course there were occasions where one had to stand still, smile or laugh at a joke that wasn't actually funny, but when being able to avoid that, why show people a glimpse of ones own self when it actually wasn't. He didn't want to be a puppet just doing what others expected of him and he didn't feel comfortable to lie in someones face. When Caelan didn't like somebody, he made no secret about it. In turn people, Ronan included, were able to be sure that what he was saying was the truth and when he didn't leave, it was because he enjoyed the company and not because he thought he had to stay. "I'll take it as a compliment, thanks.", Caelan replied with a somewhat winning grin on his lips. A few minutes ago he thought Ronan would rather kill himself before being nice to him, but maybe there was something behind those gloomy dark eyes after all and maybe he wasn't as stiff and unfriendly as he tried to look. "Me knowing, you eventually knowing I won is satisfaction enough and I'm pretty sure I'll make you smile one day. Maybe not tonight, but there will be other occasions, after all we both can't escape our duties and now I know your name and face." Was this a threat or a promise? Caelan wasn't sure himself.

      "When was the last time you smiled anyway?", the blonde asked interested. "And I mean really smiled, not because you had to." Ronan seemed like the kind of guy that painted everything black. When he saw a road through Laverns grasslands, he saw bandits trying to take what was his, Caelan though saw freedom, nature and a fun journey ahead. He believed what people experienced often stood in strong connection to what they anticipate. Being tense and scared on the way made the trip exhausting, while looking ahead smiling, made it more fun. "I'm mostly traveling alone, so yeah, I'll be fine, I'm used to it. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy some company.", he carefully hinted at the possibility that he could stay, for whatever reason. He didn't think Ronan wanted someone to protect him from hypothetical bandits, but maybe being alone all the time wasn't actually what he wanted either, especially now that Caelan thought he heard some hint of disappointment in his voice when saying Caelan would probably be fine alone. "Half dressed? Are you scared I'll show up without pants next time?", he asked laughing, the thought at least was entertaining and the look on Ronans face would have been priceless probably, but he shook his head shortly after his joke. "I'll wear clothes, maybe a light armor even, we'll see. Don't you worry." Caelan grinned, was it so upsetting seeing him half naked? If Ronan continued like this Caelan would start to think he had a crush, or that Caelans body looked disgusting, if anything probably the latter was the case. "No you're not. Better be save than sorry. I usually don't bother thinking about all possibilities of me being hurt, but that's just me and you are you, whatever is fine."

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    • When was the last time that he actually enjoyed what he was doing? Ronan didn't know, definitely couldn't say for sure - he barely was aware of his dreams, of his ideals and of all the things he had viewed as a nuisance and a disappointment in the last few years. Maybe he had been right all along - his mother shouldn't have married Darragh, shouldn't have had another son. His views were idealisitic at best - the people of Alster hated wolves, no matter which ones it was and all their problems wouldn't be fixed by marrying one of them, having a son with him and raising him in the image of both countries. Now, Ronan stood here and was torn - was aware, that he was the next heir of the alsterian throne, but did he really want that? What, if Darragh found out? What, if his people found out and declared his title and rank as voided? "If you want to", he exclaimed. His gaze drifted upwards, onto the soon to be starry sky and tried to catch a glimpse of the brightest one, alongside the moon, that - try as one might - were something that one just couldn't ignore. "I'll look forward to it, then. Try your best and I'll try my best as to not disappoint you."

      The last time he had, genuinely, smiled felt like it was forever ago. Joy wasn't something he felt all that often, but when he did, it was almost fleeting - of course, emotions weren't as eternal as one might assume they'd be, but happiness - a reason to smile - had been quite rare, so far. "Genuinely and really smiled? A few years", his voice was almost nonchalant, as if he were to state a scientific fact instead of something that sounded sadder than he thought it was. Ronan knew that, maybe, deep down he yearned for so many things he couldn't have, but in the end, nothing mattered - as it was, he was nothing more than someone to be used by his father. "Which, in turn, means you wouldn't be opposed to spending the night at this lake, I assume." At least that was, what Ronan could conclude - he wasn't as sharp as he sometimes let on, but connecting the dots was something so easy, even he understod most of it. "No, I just don't want an unfair advantage. If I have to fight you, I want it to be even between us two - and if you don't want to wear pants, you're going to be a disgrace for all of Fhaergus." Did he want to be friends with Caelan or would he rather rip his head off? Ronan wasn't sure - he never was. The thought of having a friend wasn't a bad one, but would Caelan even like that? Would he care about someone as unwelcoming and brutish as the heir of Alster? He doubted it. "We all worry about different things, however trivial they may be, no?"
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.