sinbound. [Akira & Earinor] [ENG]

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    • sinbound. [Akira & Earinor] [ENG]

      Adrestia is a peaceful kingdom in the far north of the landmass called Gaia. The harsh mountains on the southside of the kingdom protect it ever since from any forces trying to siege the north from the south, though the last attempt is already far in the past. Adrestia nourishes many trading relationships to the south nowadays, trading mostly metal, wine and fabric for various food and pottery among many other things. The eastern harbors are the main forces in those trades, very few merchants travel over the mountains by foot and if they do, they also keep as far east as possible, where the mountains thin out and are much more easy to pass. Adrestia consist of seven smaller countries.
      Myriad holds the capital and throne of the king, it is rich on farmland and famous for their delicate wine. They have the farthest harbor that is reached from the south, but the big and flourishing capital is worth the long travel and by far the biggest city in the whole kingdom. Traders from far away come here to trade exotic goods.
      The western Stenz has a harbor too, though it is only used for trades among the kingdom countries. Stenz is the smallest country of all and shares a border with the Land of the Wolves, the western part of the big landmass that doesn't belong to Adrestia, but has its own inhabitants, Adrestians calling them wolves for their wild behavior and the lack of housing, walls or currency. They are mostly peaceful and Adrestia lets them be in the icy west, where it wouldn't be profitable to live anyway. No one knows how far to the west the Land of the Wolves stretches, but probably no Adrestian will ever find out, since it gets colder rapidly, so cold that the cold air burns through the bodies of everyone stupid enough to go there.
      South of Stenz there is Alster, known for their beautiful and well trained horses, even bought by the king. Alster also shares a border with the wolves and is having an unstable relationship with them for years now. Forts are built along the border, overlooking who comes in and out, mostly turning the wolves away and leaving them to trade with Stenz and Wezette although this is very rare anyway. They are believed to soon have the biggest army of all countries in Adrestia, even passing Olette with their massive fleet.
      Even further south there is Wezette, the last country sharing a border with the wolves and full of forests. Wezette is by far the largest supplier of wood in Adrestia, selling it far north to Stenz and east to Olette. In the south the big mountains, cutting off Adrestia from other kingdoms, reach high and the mountain chain moves north at the edge of the country, splitting Wezette and Fhaergus.
      Fhaergus is a small country, completely surrounded by mountains, harboring a valley in the middle in which Fhaergus citizens live. Fhaergus doesn't have big cities, nor do they have city walls. Some forts in the mountains are all they need as the natural barrier protects them since it was founded. Fhaergus lies very high and is much colder than the other countries, cursed with a lot of snow, although The Land of the Wolves ought to be even harsher. Fhaergus is known for their lack of summer, they have a long winter, which cuts the mountain passes and leaves them for themselves for most of the cold season. The spring is followed by autumn, skipping the summer completely. Fhaergus has various farms, mostly housing sheep and cows. They also have a lot of hunters, many of which being farmers in the warm season and hunting when it gets cold. Fhaergus although small has still a wild nature and no lack of meat throughout the winter. Their biggest export good though is their metal, from gold to iron and bronze as well as their fine weapons forged in the small valley and shipped even to the southern kingdoms. The mountains of Fhaergus have a lot of mining tunnels to receive the ores of the various mountains surrounding the country.
      East of Fhaergus lies Lavern, which is considerable warmer and also has a lot of gold. They specialize in the finest jewelry, also not only traded in Adrestia, but also to the southern kingdoms. Other than that they also grow grapes and have their unique fresh wine, perfect for their hot summer weather.
      The last country is Olette, the richest of them all for having the most trading harbors which compete even with Myriads. Their great city is built on the coast, overlooking the see and fending of any ships threatening Adrestia with the biggest fleet of ships in the kingdom. Some say they gathered their wealth as pirates themselves, but no one could ever prove such criminal activity, if anything their taxes on all the trading goods are criminally high.

      Alster and Fhaergus are two neighboring countries in the kingdom of Adrestia. Each of which already has an heir, both of them in the same age but as different as two can be. Nevertheless, it is important to represent their homes and thus they meet on various occasions over the years. Festivities throughout the year are visited by many of high and low nobility to network among the various countries, to establish friendships, trading contracts and on some occasion marriages. Both of the young heirs probably saw each other many times, while one is doing as his father wishes, nourishing important relationships, studying the art of ruling a country and preparing for taking over, the other one is a wild young man, eager to constantly proof himself, be it in one of the various tournaments or - if there is none - out of sight of the noble adults. They don't have a lot in common, or so it seems, but fate has it coming for them, as they are destined to trade more than a few words and navigate the political playfield together in a time at which rules and etiquette are everything, but nothing either of them really fancies.

    • Name:


      courageous, confident, loyal, adventurous, optimistic, charismatic
      impatient, quarrelsome, hasty, bold

      Caelan is the only heir of Fhaergus, he never had any siblings.
      Caelans parents are often unsatisfied with his rash behavior and his big mouth.
      He reminds them of his uncle, his fathers brother Dreigh, the actual heir of Fhaergus, after their sister Flora died, he showed no interest anymore and gave the heritage to his brother and Caelans father Allard.
      Allard and Dreigh never had good relations, Caelan coming after him in being hasty and rash upsets him.
      Caelan likes his uncle and sometimes visits him in a small cottage in the mountains of Fhaergus.
      Caelan is quite popular and sometimes shallow.
      He made himself known by various tournaments of which he won a bunch, he's also up for one, not necessarily to win though.

    • Name: Lord Ronan of Alster.
      Although born and raised as such, his actual father calls him Rikiya, as everyone in Thria does. However, since no one in Adrestia is allowed to know, Ronan prefers to be called by his "real" name.

      Age: 17 years old.
      As young and as stupid as they can get.

      Ronan is, without question, a hotheaded fellow. The slightest inconvenience can make his blood boil, quite contrary to his usually calm but stern demeanor. Ever the lonesome wolf, he isn't used to any kind of attention, nor willing to receive it - something that shows when having to attend formal meetings within the kingdom of Adrestia, as he usually will disappear shortly after introducing himself, with a book or two in tow, and not be seen for the rest of the night. He never was one for noise, nor is he prone on making it - raised in his fathers image, he's a stickler for rules and likes to play it safe, even though he has started to rebel in recent years. While some even might describe the future heir of Alster as a loner, a weirdo and overall nothing more than a waste of air, Ronan is keen on proving them wrong or just ignoring them, as well as his wavering self esteem and confidence issues, that he normally couldn't care less about. Being horribly stubborn does him absolutely no favors at all.

      Additional Info:
      - Born and raised as the first son of Saoirse of Alster, many people - this included Ronan himself until a few years ago -, do believe that his father is his mothers husband, Darragh of Alster. This, however, has been disproven as his actual father - an affair Saoirse had shortly before marrying Darragh - is from the Land of the Wolves.
      - Albeit the first child and subsequently the heir of Alster, Ronan has one younger brother - Declan - who's seven years younger than him. Unlike him, Declan is the son of Darragh.
      - Despite living in Alster, Ronan has met his actual father a few times on the outskirts of the country and has started to learn their language, as well as some of their customs - their meetings are brief and usually disguised as some sort of diplomatic meeting, as to not alarm Darragh, who declares wolves as nothing more than mud worth trampling over.
      - Due to his heritage, Ronan has sharp teeth - to the point where they are able to tear skin and flesh with ease. Because of this, biting his own cheek or tongue is nothing uncommon. As of recently, he has started covering his mouth when he speaks, or mumbling, as to not show anyone.
      - Ronan is not a bad fighter, he just thinks of tournaments as a nuisance and would rather spend the time at home, reading, painting or playing chess than to get into an unnecessary squabble with people his age. Unfortunately, this has earned him the reputation of being weak and fragile, to the point where various rumors of him being quiet sickly have started to spread. Thankfully, these rumors are baseless.
      - Despite his fathers wishes, Ronan has yet to get engaged. Funnily enough, he has never been interested in women, but wouldn't dare voice this thoughts to anyone, as he fears it would get him killed or at least exiled. Thus, he is bound to follow through eventually and obey his father for once.
      - The bond he and his father share never was a good one, despite both of them sharing countless interests. If the two of them have a nasty fight, Ronan usually is the one to leave the manor for a few days and "steal" a horse from the stables to go god knows where. He usually returns rather quickly, but sometimes he will stay away from home for weeks.
      Looking back, it maybe is like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we've grown, we've decided to leave behind the toy cart.