Oneshots [because I'm too lazy to create a whole story lol]

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    • Oneshots [because I'm too lazy to create a whole story lol]

      Hallo meine Lieben, ich stelle euch vor: meine Oneshot-Ecke [Und manchmal Prosa :)]

      Viele dieser Geschichten sind schon früher entstanden, manche Englisch, viele Deutsch.

      Über dem jeweiligen Kapitel stehen *Trigger Warnings*, da ich unter anderem viele Themen behandele, die nicht für jeder Mann geeignet sind.
      Sagt mir doch, was ihr davon haltet, ansonsten viel Spaß <3

      Wie auch immer ein kleines Inhaltsverzeichnis zu Anfang:

      Shooting Stars

      Don't leave my alone [Suga (BTS) x Reader] <-- Angsty

      Oh Ms. Believer [Josh Dun]

      The Scientist [BTS x Reader] <-- Angsty

      Jealousy [Jin (BTS) x Reader] <-- kinda Angsty but more fluffy

      I know what you did last Summer [BTS x Reader] <-- drama lama baby



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    • Shooting star
      [Blockierte Grafik:]Sometimes things don't go as planned. Like, Love. Okay Love may be quite a bad example. You know? Love never goes as planned. It's something you're not in control of.
      Stand and watch hun, let love guide the way.

      Okay thats ironical, since most lovestorys don't end well.
      They never end well to say. People live, People die, sooner or later everyone has to go.
      And then they fall like Shooting stars.

      Yes my definition of shooting stars is something else. Beautiful yet sad.
      Why you ask?
      Because I once was told Shooting Stars are the souls of people that are dying, yet not ready to leave earth.

      Their souls remain here and care for their loved ones, until their time is up.
      And when they return to home, you can see another shooting star.
      Glowing brighter than before.


    • Don't leave please [Suga (BTS) x Reader ]

      "One. Two. Three." You tried to calm yourself, while sitting in your locked bathroom. Panick Attacks were never a new thing to you, but it was rarely this bad. To top your unfortune, Suga, your boyfriend of nearly three years has been to rehearsal extra long today.
      All thats left to do for you was to try breathing steadily. At least you were doing great right now. Doing great for this kind of situation.
      Why? You asked yourself often this question. Not only why you were this broken. No you tended to overthing almost everything. Why were you dating Min Yoongi, THAT Min Yoongi, that was a member of BTS, a wellknown band? Why out of all these beautiful girls did he chose you?
      It never made sense to you, but hey what makes sense in love?
      Even though you trusted him and you knew he never would cheat on you, from day to day your self-consciousness grew to the point you could barely look into the mirror without breaking down in pity.
      And just when you thought about it again, why he did end up with you, that ugly girl none ever liked before your breathing stopped being so smoothly. Hiccupping you didn't even manage to stand up, so you leaned against the bathtube crying not so silent in the end.
      Being so caught up in your own thoughts you never noticed that Suga came back home. Neither did you notice it was already 1 am in the morning meaning you sat here for about five hours straight without moving once.
      "Babe?" Min Yoongi was worried. Normally you would be asleep but that would mean you would have left him a cute note or something else. And when he heard your strangled sobs down the hallway he knew something was wrong. "Oh shit." he cussed silently and began to search for you. Most likely you tended to break down in the kitchen, but he soon found the closed door. "Baby..Y/N..please." You heard him far far away, knocking at the door.
      "Please open the door I'm here now." Min Yoongi became panicked. He knew exactly you sometimes had these problems and was aware that it could happen anytime, when he's around as well as when he isn't but that was not what he was afraid of. What if you did IT again? What he was too late? No he couldn't leave this. "Please Baby. Or else I'll break down the door." If you would have been able to, you would probably have chuckled. This wasn't the first time you had yourself locked up and it wasn't the first time him breaking down the door. But it was the first time you knew he was coming though you couldn't move a finger. Staring blankly at the broken shards of the mirror in front of you, you didn't even twitch the slightest as Suga came in with a loud bang.
      "Oh no, Baby, come here." Min Yoongi instinctively stood up again, wrapped his strong arms around you and pressed your head against his chest. Your sobbings stopped, though you still couldn't move. You just listened to his heartbeat. He was all you had.
      "Y/N remember, I'm always here for you okay? Everything will be fine.." the young man stroke your head softly and hushed sweet nothings in your ear in order to calm you down. This was definitely not what he had planned to find this late in the night but he would always be here for you.
      Nevertheless you choked some of your sobs only to look up to him.
      "Saranghae [I love you] Y/N" he smiled.
      "Saranghae Yoongi-Oppa. Please don't ever leave me alone.."


    • Oh Ms. Believer [Josh Dun] -- to be continued--

      @suicideisasolution @twentyonepilots @JoshuaDun @tylerjoseph My heart beats only because of your songs
      @suicideisasolution @tylerjoseph I feel like your Blurryface matches mine
      @suicideisasolution @twentyonepilots today 'Trees' saved me
      @joshuadan @suicideisasolution saved you from what?
      @suicideisasolution @joshuadun suicide
      Josh: Why do you want to commit suicide?
      SUIS: *fangirls* sorry, I didn't expect one of my idols to dm me
      Josh: You are avoiding my question, aren't you?
      SUIS: What if I were?
      Josh: I would bug you to tell me, because I don't get why a beautiful girl like you would want to kill herself
      SUIS: You never saw my face dude
      Josh: I bet you are gorgeous!
      SUIS: And I bet on my non-existent social life that I am everything but gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking ugly might explain my looks better
      Josh: I don't believe you
      SUIS: I don't believe what's on TV...
      Josh: No you didn't
      SUIS: Yes I did
      Josh: OH
      @suicideisasolution 30
      @suicideisasolution 29
      @suicideisasolution 28
      Josh: What's with that counting?
      SUIS: In 28 days your giving a concert in my town
      Josh: Cool. Maybe I'll see you there.
      SUIS: I doubt it
      Josh: Why?
      SUIS: Didn't get tickets. Can't shit money, you know? No offense but it's the truth. Your tickets sold out faster than I could say 'dickshit'.
      Josh: Oh sorry to hear that.
      SUIS: I am too. I would have loved to see you guys live. But anyway, I don't think I'd have been able to come anyway...
      Josh: Why?
      SUIS: You are asking many questions
      Josh: Avoiding me again, are we?
      SUIS: No, I'll come straight to the point. I'm in a hospital right now and I don't think they would let me out for you.
      Josh: Oh.
      SUIS: Oh Ms. Believer
      @suicideisasolution 27
      @suicideisasolution 26
      @suicideisasolution @tylerjoseph @JoshuaDun you guys are my heros.
      TyJo: Josh has been talking about you
      SUIS: Wow I should feel special being messaged by the one and only Tyler Joseph. What gives me the privilege?
      TyJo: As I said. Or wrote. Josh has been talking about you lately.
      SUIS: He probably talks about many of his fangirls
      TyJo: Actually he doesn't..
      SUIS: I'm not that special dude
      TyJo: Whoah I got dudezoned!
      SUIS: BRuh, you got Jenna. Tell that woman she's so pretty and goaaaals okay?
      TyJo: Will do
      SUIS: Did you need anything else? Sorry but I'm kinda tired
      TyJo: Just wanted to know what kind of girl Jishwa is always talking about
      SUIS: Satisfied?
      TyJo: Classified
      SUIS: Sick
      TyJo: As frick
      @suicideisasolution 25
      @suicideisasolution 24
      @JoshuaDun followed @suicideisasolution
      @tylerjoseph followed @suicideisasolution
      @suicideisasolution @joshuadun @tylerjoseph wait what?
      @JoshuaDun @suicideisasolution hi :3
      @suicideisasolution @joshuadun ehm....hi? Am I dreaming or something? lol
      @JoshuaDun @suicideisasolution apparently not
      Josh: SURPRISE!
      SUIS: You guys are crazy
      Josh: Probably
      SUIS: Defenitely
      SUIS changed Josh into Jish
      Jish: Sooo...what would you say if I'd say that I'd like to meet you? Btw...nice Name you gave me.
      SUIS: I would say you're sick as frick and tell you that you have to be kidding me since there's no freaking way why a celebrity would like to meet an ordinary girl like me. Yeah, kinda wanted to do that for a long time
      Jish: So....I would like to meet you
      SUIS: Sick.
      Jish: As frick.
      SUIS: Are you serious?
      Jish: Would I ask if I'm not?
      SUIS: I don't know...I don't even know me!
      Jish: Well I do want to get to know you hun
      SUIS: Hun? Really? You don't even know if I'm a 13 year old teenager fangirl or a 40 year old single mother with three cats, who happens to love your music.
      Jish: How old are you?
      SUIS: 26.
      Jish: I'm 28
      SUIS: I know
      Josh: Oh
      SUIS: Oh Ms. Believer
      @suicideisasolution @tylerjoseph dude @JoshuaDun is crazy
      @tylerjoseph @suicideisasolution took you long enough to notice.
      Jish: I'm not crazy
      TyJo: Yes you are
      Jish: SUIS Stop bonding with Tyler!
      SUIS: Why?
      Jish: You're mine :(
      SUIS: Possessive, aren't we?
      TyJo: You didn't complain though!
      SUIS: Oh
      TyJo: Oh Ms. Believer
      Jish: Hey, thats our line!
      @suicideisasolution 23
      Jish: Guess who's got some VIP-Tickets for a meet and greet with TOP?
      SUIS: Why would you want to meet yourself........that doesn't even....Oh. No. You. Don't.
      Jish: Yes I am. And I'll come and meet you since we are three days earlier at your place
      SUIS: You're sick
      Jish: As frick
      TyJo: I'm here too you know? So much love, I wanna throw up
      SUIS: Go back to Jenna Ty.
      Jish: Yes, leave my SUIS!
      TyJo: You do realize that this is not even a name Josh?
      Jish: Oh. What's your real name SUIS?
      SUIS: Not gonna tell you, but you can call me Jane..
      Jish: Beautiful name Jane.
      TyJo: The Name Jane rhymes to Fame. Jane the fame!
      @sucideisasolution I simply got a new name #Janethefame lol @tylerjoseph @joshuadun
      @tylerjoseph #Janethefame is legit @JoshuaDun @suicideisasolution
      @JoshuaDun #Janethefame is real @suicideisasolution @tylerjoseph
      Jane: Your fans are going crazy about the hashtag. Didn't mean to make it this big..
      TyJo: but you ARE FAME
      Jish: Yes you are Jane! You are Jane the Fame!
      Jane: Stop guys!
      TyJo: Why :(?
      Jish: WHY!
      Jane: I don't want to be fame neither am I made to be fame..
      Jish: What makes you say you are not made to be fame?
      Jane: I simply don't go with the standards. Like...I'm that kind of person to be bullied at school and to hang out with myself
      Jish: Why?
      Jane: Too many questions...
      TyJo: You'll meet her soon enough dude.
      Jane: Hey I didn't agree to anything! And Ty! How can you dudezone him? I can't believe Joshler isn't real. You disappoint me.
      Jish: Oh no she is one of THEM!
      TyJo: I can't believe this!
      Jane: Oh.
      Jish: OH.


    • The Scientist
      Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
      You don't know how lovely you are
      I had to find you, tell you I need you
      Tell you I set you apart

      "What are YOU doing here?" You spat while looking at that one Person you never had wanted to meet ever again in your life.
      His beautiful eyes stared right into yours, savoring every drop your broken soul let him have. Of course. After all you still loved him.
      But he left you for his dream. If he had only told you beforehand. If he wouldn't have left without a word, maybe you would be happy to see him. But now?

      He left you on your second anniversary. You stood in the rain for hours, still hoping for him to show up. To explain something, like he ran into someone he knew, maybe helped out some elderly people. Whatever. Just something.
      But no.
      Now, years later he dared to walk up to you again?

      "Y/N please let me explain.." The man in front of you looked at you with pleading eyes. His brows were wrinkled, like they used to when you fought and he needed to apologize. His whole bodylanguage told you he was sorry. But then again, it didn't mean you would forgive him.

      "I love you Y/N. I'm sorry for leaving you. I'm sorry it took so damn long for me to understand that I need you!"

      Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
      Oh, let's go back to the start
      Running in circles, coming in tails
      Heads on a science apart

      "Carry on. Tell me what you have been doing this past five years. What makes you believe it would make up for the pain you gave me.
      Do you know how long I waited that day? It didn't and still doesn't matter that people were looking at me. I stood seven hours in the rain. Waiting for you, for an apology.
      Only to see you with a band in BigHit one year later.
      Do you know how much I suffered because of your decision?
      An apology doesn't fix that all"
      Angrily yet sad you hold yourself together, fighting the urge to punch him right into his beautiful face.

      Nobody said it was easy
      It's such a shame for us to part
      Nobody said it was easy
      No one ever said it would be this hard
      Oh, take me back to the start

      "I'm really sorry Y/N. I thought it would be better for us. For you.
      That day I was accepted at BigHit and I just...I don't know.
      I had to go so quickly and everything was in a rush.
      There wasn't a day I didn't think of you."

      "Yet you never called me. I didn't change my phone number. I didn't change my adress either. I know you know my phone number by heart. It's something we did when we came together. Remember?
      You just had to call me. Call me and tell me.
      Instead you left me in the dark."

      I was just guessing at numbers and figures
      Pulling the puzzles apart
      Questions of science, science and progress
      Do not speak as loud as my heart

      "And I deeply regret that. Can't we just...start all over?
      I still love you Y/N."

      "There you have the reason why we can't start all over. You still love me. We can't go back in time and you know that." Tears threatened to spill. Why was this all so hard and so easy at the same time? He wanted you. He loved you.
      Furthermore you loved him. You wanted him. What prevented you from it?
      "I love you too. But I can't forget what you did to me."

      But tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
      Oh and I rush to the start
      Running in circles, chasing our tails
      Coming back as we are

      "If we love each other we can make it happen. Y/N please. I don't beg you to forget what I did.
      What is done is done. There's nothing we can change about that.
      But please, forgive.
      Give me another chance. I will make it up to you.
      It's hard. I know. But I'll work hard. Please!
      After all, I need you in my life Y/N."

      Nobody said it was easy
      Oh, it's such a shame for us to part
      Nobody said it was easy
      No one ever said it would be so hard
      "I don't think that I can do this.
      Why did you have to do this?

      Our fate was another one but... I can't do this.
      I'm sorry. I can't let this happen to me again.
      After all you were all I needed."


    • Jealousy
      Requested from Wattpaduser

      Member: bts Jin Angst and fluff Happy ending Me and Jin are roommates and he has secret feelings towards me. I don't know about them and when I get my best friend Jimin over he gets mad at me and ignores me then when I ask him what's wrong he confesses


      Having a guy roommate has good and bad effects. Having Kim Seokjin, also known as Jin as a roommate has definitely more good than bad sides. He didn't annoy you, probably because you were the one to bug him, cooked delicious meals you would never ever want to miss cared for you no man had ever before and to top it he looked just so handsome that you melted every time he smiled.
      Even though you still saw him as a very good friend. No feelings involved, at least you thought that. Lately you caught yourself blushing whenever you looked at him. Your heart beated faster but you couldn't be in love with this dork, could you? No way.
      However your time thinking was up anyway, since your best friend Park Jimin in short Jimin was coming over soon. You have been friends since childhood meaning you practically could read each others minds with one look. Might have good and bad traits as well...humming gleefully you danced through your shared dorm, trying to figure out what to wear. Normally you would have stayed in some comfortable clothes like a big sweater but it was quite warm outside and you felt like melting to some point. Therefore, if you were going to change you might just change into some better clothes.
      There was no point in hiding that you preferred your loose hoodie and some black tights but it was so damn hot that you simply pulled out a summer skirt and a cropped top. It wasn't too fancy at all but it made you look...more feminine? Since you had some time left you applied some makeup and light lipstick just for the cause.
      It was not like you dressed up like this for Jimin, but you just felt more confident wearing make-up and doing things to make you prettier was a girls trait anyway, right?
      "Oh...who are you going to meet?" Jin just came back from his own work, being pretty exhausted, confused why you dressed up so nicely. He felt a pang in his heart to see his [well he wished you were his] Love meeting up someone else looking so great. Why did you put on make-up as well? It didn't make sense at all!
      Jealousy crept up from his back to his head. You looked way too pretty too share, but before you could answer to his question a doorbell ringed.
      Exited you jumped up, completely ignoring the fact Jin was waiting for a reply and rushed to the door. "Jiminipabo!" you cried happily and hugged your best friend. Since you entered college you haven't seen him in a while, so you had many things to catch up.
      "Y/N!" he smiled and hugged you back. Little did you know your best friend caught Jin sending deathglares towards him.
      After a while you parted from him with Jin still standing in the hallway, awkwardly.
      "Oh, are you Jin-Hyung? Y/N told many things about you. I'm Park Jimin." Jimin, being the cute little bean he was just went over the fact this man practically went mad over nothing and greeted him rather formally. From what you told him, Jin wouldn't be too bad to him and his expectations weren't disappointed.
      "Ahh, it's nice to meet you. I am Kim Seokjin, but you can call me Jin." They both shook hands with Jimin bowing. Of course he saw right through the pained smile and the forced laugh. Jimin was sure that your roommate was madly in love with you. But as he glanced over to you, all he could see was happiness because of him. Were you really this dense? Sighing he wrapped his arms around you. Might just make Jin jealous to force him to confess right?
      "Uhm..I've still got to study so I will leave you guys alone alright? Don't burn down this house though." Jin quickly excused himself, hurrying without waiting for your protests. It would have been nice to do something the three of you together but you missed Jimin really much so it was okay for you to stay alone. Both of you quickly went to the living room Jin and you shared and sat down on the couch.
      The smalltalk soon developed into a heated discussion wether Jimin resembled a penguin or not which he denied vehemently even though you insisted on it.
      "Oh come on, you are so cute and cuddly and so clumsy from time to time Jimini!" you laughed hitting your friend playfully against the shoulder. "Ah, that hurt." he whined therefore, smirking secretly.
      "Did it?" of course you didn't fall for it. Both of you were laughing and smiling like idiots having a good time, totally oblivious to the fact that Jin was hearing everything.
      Painfully his heart clenched together as well as his fists. He was never one to raise a hand against another but he sure was close to ripping you off that boys body. But then again he remembered that you weren't his but this Dongsaeng's girlfriend. What a shame.. Sighing he made his way up to his own room without the glass of water he previously wanted to fetch from the kitchen.
      The night quickly went on for Jimin and you after watching some movies, playing Playstation [where you won easily] and having some kind of pillow fight.
      You both fell asleep on top of each other, just like you used to as children when Jin entered the room. Another stab to his heart. Couldn't you at least get to your own room? "Geez, what a hindrance." he sighed and shook his head. "Guess he found a better one right?"

      Jimin sighed deeply inside as he heard his Hyungs words. That went out wrong. "Hey Y/N." he said after a while, moving slowly to make it seem that he just woke up. "Hmm...?" You didn't dare to move a muscle. It was waaay too early in the morning anyway.
      "I have to get going, I'll see you soon okay?" Jimin wanted to let you have some privacy with Jin, since he knew that you had feelings for the older man. You didn't know yourself but as earlier stated, he could read your mind. For you, you were just too busy to really pay attention to Jimins hints. "Ahh..." you wanted him to stay but simply fell asleep again.
      "Urgh, you're so heavy." Jimin complaint and rolled you away from him. "I'm sorry for staying for the night. I hope I haven't caused any problems here." Just as he said it Jin waved it off as nothing and continued to make his coffee. Thank god he was leaving.
      "Hey, Y/N, don't you want to see Jimin off?" that was weird though. Shouldn't a girlfriend cry when her boyfriend leaves again? You simply shook your head meanwhile, cuddling deeper in your blanket and smiled. You had some nice conversations after all.

      The next days weren't that awesome though. Jin recently distanced himself gradually. It wasn't that unnormal for him to stay away from home to do some extra work, but it was never this excessive. You worried about him if he was overworking himself. "Urgh...this boy is such a mess sometimes." you complained while slumping down into your chair. Five hours of constant studying was way enough for now, better grab a coffee!
      Another thing that changed after Jimin disappeared. Normally Jin would have made his special coffee just for you and if you weren't in the mood for the dark brown liquid he would have made a tea instead. And now? He didn't even say good mornings, good bye, nothing.
      He treated you like a ghost, like something that wasn't even there. Or maybe just not worth his time? Either way it hurt you way more than it should and it was the time that made you realise your own feelings towards him. How did you not notice that you really were in love with this jerk all the time? And now? He hated you for no apparent reason.
      Sighing once more you poured yourself some coffee. Jin just came back from whatever he did but you didn't hear him, looking up startled and spilling the hot fluid over your hand.
      "Aiiish." you hissed, shaking all the hot drops away and gritting your teeths together. That hurt like hell. "Hey, are you alright?" The first words Jin talked to you! He seemed perplex as well and well, even though he ignored you he still cared for you. He wasn't supposed to feel like this! But he couldn't stop his jealousy ending into completely ignoring you.
      "Why do you care anyway?" That was it. You were hurt too much anyway. This accident just pushed you over the edge.
      "Why do you care i asked!" You teared up, all the physical and emotional pain coming through your eyes and mouth. You didn't prevent yourself from crying in front of him. This was it and even though you probably would regret it later on you couldn't stand still.
      "You ignored me the past day. You treated me like some ghost and looked at me with that disgust on your face. Did you think I wouldn't notice? Why do you care now?

      Don't you know how much it hurt me to be treated like that from you?
      His eyes widened at your emotional speech. He hurt you? Why? It was not like you loved him or something, right?
      "Why would I hurt you? Just go back to your boyfriend." he said angrily, yet not shouting. He didn't dare to raise his voice. It was useless anyway.
      "What?" confused you stared at him, quite flustered about what he just said.
      "Boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend. Did you by chance....?"
      Oh. That made sense now. Everything made sense now! Your inner self just punched you really hard in your face right now. How could you be so...dumb?
      "You were jealous all the time?" you asked simply, laughing yet crying because of this grotesk situation. Never did you have imagined that he was jealous of Jimin.
      But that meant..
      "Of course I was jealous! How would you feel if the person you love is all giggly, flirty and so cute with someone else? You ignored me that day, you even dressed up for him like you would never for me. Why wouldn't I be jealous hmm?"
      Jin joined you in giving you an emotional speech leaving you breathless. So you were right. And you were wrong at the same time.
      "So you love me?" Was all you managed to say as you stared at him, forgetting the spilled coffee, the pain and the anger. You simply stared at him wideeyed and dumbfounded.
      He loved you all the way too!
      "Saranghae Y/N." Jin smiled a bit, blushing madly. There was no going back now and you weren't going back anyway.
      "I love you too, Jin." Giving him no time to react and maybe just to prove your statement you made one step and another, planting your lips on his soft ones.


    • BiasxReader - I know what you did Last Summer [Songfic]

      Ah-ah, he-ey
      Ah-ah, ah-ah
      Ah-ah, he-ey
      Ah-ah, ah-ah

      Since he's been gone you used to sit in your small apartment and cry your heart out. Obviously you missed him. He was all you had. Your heart, your light, all your life consisted of. Sounds cheesy doesn't it?
      Sighing you brushed your tangled hair as you looked in the pathetic face that stared right back through the window. How could you possibly look into his eyes? How could you possibly be praying for forgiveness?

      He knows
      Dirty secrets that I keep
      Does he know it's killing me?
      He knows, he knows
      He knows right? He had to know. There was no way he didn't know. The times you just went offline. The times you just ignored him, in fear of his reaction. Or..did you really fear his reaction? Wasn't it like you just feared the consequences of your actions?
      You've been way too obvious. Scolding yourself was a daily routine now. Was it even scolding? More like constant self-hate, grief, sorrow. Pain you inflicted on yourself, since he wouldn't do it.

      D-d-does he know
      Another's hands have touched my skin
      I won't tell him where I've been
      He knows, he knows, he knows
      Why did you do it? What drove you to such actions? A single tear slipped as you recalled the sensation of a strangers hands on your body. But they weren't his. How could you let somebody else touch you? How could you touch somebody else?
      And moreover, why couldn't you at least be honest?
      Since he knows anyway

      It's tearing me apart
      She's slipping away (I'm slipping away)
      Am I just hanging on to all the words she used to say?
      The pictures on her phone
      She's not coming home (I'm not coming home)
      Coming home, coming home

      He missed you. All this time on his tour you were on his mind. All this time when he was performing he could only think about your smile. that cheeky smile that made him happy as well. He longed for your embrace with those small arms every night. Sometimes he'd even walk up to his bandmates and just hug them, because he missed you.
      But this feeling he had since the last couple times you've been skyping. There was something off, something wrong.
      What was it?
      That smile he was always looking for to see vanished. Slowly but just as surely he saw you breaking. Even those eyes he fell in love with didn't shine as much as they used to.
      What was it?
      Was it because he was absent?
      Or was it because of something else?

      I know what you did last summer (Ah-ah)
      Just lie to me, "there's no other" (He-ey)
      I know what you did last summer
      Tell me where you've been
      I know what you did last summer (Ah-ah)
      Look me in the eyes, my lover (He-ey)
      I know what you did last summer
      Tell me where you've been

      "Is there another?" That question that got you pale within milliseconds. He knew, he knew! Panicking you denied it vehemently. Instead of coming clean and stopping that guilt that was eating you from within you lied. And little did you know it would just be the first of many times.

      I know (Ah-ah)
      I know (Ah-ah, ah-ah)
      I didn't mean it, no, I didn't mean it, mean it, no (Ah-ah)
      Can't seem to let you go (Ah-ah) can't seem to hold you close (Ah-ah)

      It was too obvious. He still had four months to go. Four fucking months until he could see you again, wrap his arms around you and tell you it was going to be okay.
      Was it though? If you really had been with another man, how was he going to forgive you? Was he just holding on that little piece of trust he had left?

      I know
      When she looks me in the eyes
      They don't seem as bright
      No more, no more

      Did he do something wrong? Was he wrong to leave you behind? Was it his fault or was it yours? He hadn't been talking to anybody about it. Too scared to have someone actually siding with him against you. He didn't want to think about it. Two more months. Two more months until it will be all okay...or everything will crumble into irreparable pieces.

      I know
      That she loved me at one time
      Would I promise her that night
      Cross my heart and hope to die

      "I'll be home soon. Please hold on."
      He saw everything. He saw everything you went through, your eyes getting duller with every day, your skin becoming gray and lifeless, your whole appearance changing.
      Why? Why couldn't he be there for you, hold you close and whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears, just like you used to.

      It's tearing me apart (It's tearing me apart)
      She's slipping away (I'm slipping away)
      Am I just hanging on to all the words she used to say?
      The pictures on her phone
      (The pictures on my phone)
      She's not coming home (I'm not coming home)
      Oh, na, na, na, yeah
      His friends, bandmates, the people he considered even his brothers couldn't help him. He was smiling, but it was fake. They noticed how he stopped eating, avoided everything that wasn't important. He was hurting, but little did they know how much more you've been hurting yourself for those actions.

      I know what you did last summer (Ah-ah)
      Just lied to me, "there's no other" (He-ey)
      I know what you did last summer
      Tell me where you've been
      I know what you did last summer (Ah-ah)
      Look me in the eyes, my lover (He-ey)
      I know what you did last summer
      Tell me where you've been

      There was no meaning for lying anymore. He knew. You saw it the last time when you skyped. He had been crying, with those puffy red eyes you hated to see. Why? Why were you causing somebody you loved so much grief?
      With shaking hands you closed the laptop and took some steps towards the mirror. You looked miserable. Your hair was a mess, it lost any radiance. Since you weren't eating properly and sometimes not at all you had lost a dangerous amount of weight for the time. Only one more week and you looked like a monster. The faded scars on your arm were overridden by new slashes.
      Maybe it would be at least easier for him to dump your ass this way.

      I know
      I know (Know, know)

      Can't seem to let you go
      Can't seem to keep you close (Hold me close)

      Can't seem to let you go
      Can't seem to keep you close (You know I didn't mean it, though)

      Tell me where you've been lately
      Tell me where you've been lately (Just hold me close)

      Tell me where you've been lately
      Tell me where you've been lately
      (Don't, don't, don't, don't let me go)

      Can't seem to keep you close
      Can't seem to let you go (I didn't mean it, though)
      "(Y/N).." He was home. He was finally home after all this time. But wasn't it too late?
      You didn't look him in his eyes, glanced over to the halfheartedly cleaned apartment. At least you had the motivation to keep your home clean. It was the least you could do, after you've done.
      "(Y/N)..what happened?" He wanted to hug you, feel that familiar warm feeling. But when he took a step towards you, you shrieked away. Both of you stopped in motion and for the first time you looked him into his eyes. Immediately new tears build in your eyes. No, how could you?
      How were you able to betray this man?
      "I know (Y/N)."

      I know you didn't mean it, though
      I know you didn't mean it, though (I don't wanna let you go)

      To me you didn't mean it, though (No, no, no)
      To me you didn't mean it, though (Can't seem to let you go)

      I know you didn't mean it, though
      I wanna know you mean it though (Hold me close)

      I know you didn't mean it though (Just hold me close)
      I know you didn't mean it though

      I can't seem to let you go, can't seem to hold you close

      "Why are you staying?"
      "Answer my question, please!"

      I know what you did last summer (Ah-ah)
      Just lied to me, "there's no other" (He-ey)
      I know what you did last summer
      Tell me where you've been

      I know what you did last summer (Ah-ah)
      Look me in the eyes, my lover (He-ey)
      I know what you did last summer
      Tell me where you've been

      "It was a party. After not seeing anybody for so long some friends forced me to go. I can't remember much..maybe it was a drink too much? I don't know. I really don't.
      I don't know how I was able to do this! I'm so sorry."
      You cried. All you could do was crying into his chest, as he wrapped his arms around you. The feeling of being hold by the one you love was making your heart ache worse.
      You didn't deserve him and he didn't deserve what you had done.

      I know (Ah-ah)
      I know (Ah-ah, ah-ah)
      I know (Ah-ah)
      I know (Ah-ah, ah-ah)
      I know
      "I know you didn't mean it though. People make mistakes. And strangely I can't seem to let you go.."