Dimensions Clash {Sayuri Sato & Juvia}

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    • Dimensions Clash {Sayuri Sato & Juvia}

      Dimensions Clash
      Romance – Action – Drama – Fantasy - School Life
      @Sayuri sato

      anime_group.jpgDifferent worlds which shouldn’t be connected are now faced with the same hindrance. Due to a horrifying event that occured, these worlds which couldn’t be any more different are now packed in a peacefully but hectically world that isn’t prepared for the inpact. Our heroes are faced with one of the most difficult situations even in comparison to whatever happened in their world. During the day they have to remain a subtle lifestyle while after work or school they have to research for a way back to their worlds and fight off bad guys who are a thread to innocent citizen or even to themselves or their goal.

      Our story starts with three young people in an Asian world which contained many soldiers who are working in the shadows and are using technics which are solely known to the specific villages they were raised in. These soldiers are mainly known as “ninjas” or in their Asian speaking world called: “shinobi”. And these three teenager are living in a village called Konohagakure as we speak and they don’t know that their world soon is going to change drastically..

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