The Shepherd [Eari feat. Pumi] [ENG]

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    • The Shepherd [Eari feat. Pumi] [ENG]

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      Marcus stared at the ceiling. It was plain white, slightly grey in the dark moonlight getting in through the curtains of his new bedroom. It wasn't like he hated it. He just... it was strange to live in a house with a white fence and a swing in the backyard, toys flooding the living room, even having a living room for Gods sake! Marcus lived in his office for the past two years. He worked basically all the time all over the country, never stayed more than a few days in Washington, so why bother and burn tax money for an apartment? But things changed. By now he should be used to fundamental changes in his life. First the organisation itself. Then his brother. And now his father and his son. Marcus wanted a family, once. But he found he would not be a good parent. He was a magnet for violence, it followed him since birth. Everyone in his life died at some point, and their deaths weren't pleasant as far as a death can be pleasant. His hands were covered with blood. The blood of innocent and not so innocent people. But here he was, lying next to a man, without knowing how to call the feelings he had for him, and a seven year old boy, sleeping down the hallway, looking like him, Marcus. His father.
      Marcus got up, slowly, quietly, and left the calm bedroom. The organization wanted them to have a life as normal as possible. Payment was amazing and they gave you the best apartments or even complete houses. Marcus lived two weeks in the apartment they gave him after he started working for them. Now he lived in freakin' house! The last time he had a peaceful place to live was when he was thirteen and living with his aunt. She had been a great person. Cared for him after his parents got killed. After she died a few years ago, he got her farmhouse and thought, he could finally live in peace. But he couldn't. The city nearby was plagued by a serialkiller. And the Shepherd Organization. They hunted the killer and because Marcus was Marcus, he intercepted. The killer got away but Marcus' life changed forever, again.
      He pushed open the never fully closed door to the room of his son. Two months ago he met him. The similarity between the boy and his father was remarkable. Marcus prayed that he would never have to live a life so violent as his.
      He watched the kid, peacefully sleeping, hugging his little plush dog. He never let go of it. Dr. Rosemary said, it was okay, that he needed the security of a familiar thing he loved to cope with his loss. Two months ago, little Dylan lost his mom to another serialkiller. She told him about his real dad but he'd never seen him before. They met at the police station. Marcus failed to get the killer so he had to identify the corpse of his ex, Dylans mother. They brought the boy over, after he told them what she told him before. Dylan had no other family. Already the similarity between them was more than their dark hair, their weird eyes and the curiosity about the world. They both lost parents to a killer, they both had nobody left.
      Marcus closed the door, not completely, and went downstairs to get some coffee. He knew he should be at peace out here. But he wasn't. He could hear the cat outside, using the big tree in their frontyard to sharpen her claws. He could hear the AC running. He could hear everything. To keep calm, he concentrated on the AC. He deconstructed the thing in his head, examind every piece of it mentally until he found the source of the faint klicking inside. He'd always do this to keep his mind from wandering and his senses from hurting.
      They wanted him to pause, to take some time off. It's better for the boy, and for your health, they said. But it slowly drove him mad to just sit here and be... normal. The neighbours thought, he was a cop, FBI or something. They thought, his presence alone would make the neighborhood a saver place. Marcus knew better than that. But it was for the boy. Dylan still had a chance at a normal life. After all, Marcus had a normal life before and after his parents got killed. And Dylan was strong. Already he started being happy and playful again. He smiled at Marcus when he picked him up from school. He started playing with the kids next door. He went back to a normal life. Just without his mom and now with two dads instead. It was remarkable how good he got along with Logan. And Logan seemed to like the kid. Marcus almost felt guilty dragging his boyfriend into his family drama. Logan didn't sign up for a broken man whose family concisted of killers and a traumatized seven year old. But he didn't complain. He'd just started playing with the boy, telling jokes, being silly as always. Logan was a better father than Marcus, for sure. But as bad as Marcus thought he was as a parent, he loved that boy. He would do anything for him. As soon as he saw those eyes, his eyes, he knew he would keep him save. He'd ask his Ex if she was sure, Dylan was his. She could've had a thousand men in one night. You could never mistake those eyes. It's a one in a million thing and Marcus only knew three people who had them: Dylan was the youngest, then himself and last his father, his real father. A twisted man who did unimaginable things, who tortured Marcus' brother to make him a killer. It was a study. He wanted to know what it takes to create a monster. He wanted to prove that monsters are made, not born. He succeeded. Big time. Marcus' brother was the most dangerous man in America. And he looked nothing like Marcus or his father. He looked like their mother. Soft, brown hair. Beautiful green eyes. But there was no love in them, no life. Their farther drained it all out. A monster was all that was left. A monster Marcus had to catch, dead or alive.
      He took his coffee out the front yard, sat on the bench they put there. It was freezing cold - not unusual for November in Washington - but Marcus didn't bother putting on a jacket. The cold helped with his headache. The cat ran away as soon as he opened the door. He didn't bother. Out here you could actually see stars. Washington always had a dark, black night sky, but out here wasn't enough light coming from the buildings. Out here the ground was dark and the sky could shine. The moon was almost full, too. Everything had this weird, blue-greyish tone to it. It was scary how peaceful it was. Marcus' thoughts started to wander. What if his brother watched him? He could sit in the house across the street, holding Mrs. Wrighton hostage. Maybe she was already dead? Maybe his father kidnapped Mrs. Afton and the twins next door and forced Mr. Afton to keep an eye on Marcus? On Daylan? Marcus looked around, searching for the usual signs of his family's presence. They weren't here. Not yet. Dr. Rosemary said, his paranoid tendencies would become stronger, that they should treat that as well. Marcus called it being careful. And with his sleeping problemes, the periodic headaches, and remembering what happend to his parents in addition to cope with the aftermath of his work was enough they had to work on in his opinion.
      He drank his coffee, watching the neighborhood closely. One of the lights on Mrs. Wrightons door flickered. Marcus resisted the urge to go over there and fix it. He knew what was wrong. He knew how to fix it. But he didn't. Instead he went back inside to get another coffee and work. They kept the files from work in a secret save with their guns, so Dylan wouldn't find them. He wasn't even supposed to be in his dads office. But kids liked to explore, especially kids like Dylan.
      Marcus came back upstairs. The office was supposed to be for both of them, Logan and Marcus. But since Marcus 'took some time off', it became his office. Marcus opened the file drawer with a key, opened the first drawer and reached inside to open the save. He pulled the file of his father. His brother wasn't an immediate thread, they made deal. As long as their father was still alive, the brothers worked together. No killing allowed. They shared their information. But since daddy had killed Dylans mother two months ago, he vanished. No trace was left and there were no new kidnappings or random murders. The organization monitored disappearings and random shootings closely in a specific area, Marcus' brother looked for him in the more shady areas. Nothing. It was frustrating to know, that there was a dangerous killer out there and he, Marcus, wasn't able to do anything besides looking out for his boy and prevent his brother from killing. Marcus hated this!
      He spread the photos and reports of the murders on the floor. He had them memorized till the last spelling mistake. But seeing them in front of him helped to concentrate. Somewhere in all this chaos was the solution to the problem. He just needed to find it.

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    • Logan woke up and opened his eyes. The bed was empty, but it was no major surprise. Marcus always woke up in the middle of the night, wandering around the house and almost never being asleep. A little bit of guilt crawled up inside of Logan, knowing how sensible Marcus could be and how the tiniest noise could bother him. Logan already thought of sleeping in another room, so his breathing – and possible snoring - wouldn’t wake his partner, but Marcus didn’t agree, telling him everything was alright.
      Logan decided to get up as well and crawled out of his blanket. Before he moved in with Marcus, he usually slept long, but that changed, not only because of Marcus’ restlessness, but also because of his son, who also woke up rather early every day. At least they didn’t have to drag him out of bed, when it was time driving to school.
      It was a rather shocking surprise when Marcus was told about his son and when he lost his mother, he soon took him in. Logan had no saying in this, but he also wouldn’t have told his boyfriend otherwise. It was the right thing to do, for both of them and watching Marcus as he watched Dylan, always gave Logan hope his partner could rest sometime and take a step back from his chaotic life. Also, Logan really liked the boy, he always liked children. Growing up with 5 siblings, some of them still not much older than Dylan himself, he always kept his playful side. And he had the feeling Dylan liked him too, which was really important for him, as the boy was now a big part of Marcus’ life.
      A quick look at the clock told Logan, that it was 5.30 AM and he sighed a little, leaving the room to search for Marcus. Not surprising, he found him in the office, sitting in front of numerous photographs and reports, all having to do with his own father. Sometimes Logan asked himself, how Marcus was dealing with all that, with his life, his family and with the burden to remember everything as it was still happening. Logan slowly touched Marcus on his shoulder to get his attention.
      “You can’t always work… you have to sleep sometimes too. And I told you to wake me up, before you wander around the house again. I know you want to find him, but without enough sleep, you won’t come up with something new. Also, you kinda look like a zombie, you’ll scare the neighbors.”, he muttered and couldn’t bring himself to not make a joke at the end. “How about lying in bed with me until Dylan wakes up? You don’t have to sleep, just close your eyes for a few minutes. Do it for me if not for you.”

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    • Marcus heared him coming before he felt the warm hand of his boyfriend on his shoulder. Almost instantly he felt guilty. For waking him up. For not waking him up earlier. For ruining his sleep rhythm.
      "You know hiw to get me", he said and startet to clean up the mess he made.
      He was not someone who lived that tidy. But he knew he wouldn't forgive himself if Dylan should ever see the cruel things his dad had to work with. He didn't want to traumatize the boy even further.
      It took him a minute to put everything back where it belonged. Logan waited. He grabbed his boyfriends hand and followed him back to the bedroom. Still, everything was grey and dull and frightening calm. Marcus climbed back into the bed, lying on his side, looking at Logan. He'd always watch out for Marcus, even before they became that close. Which only took 'em like two weeks. Marcus had no idea why this handsome and funny man would like him. But yet again, there was so much he didn't understand about Logan.
      "Maybe, zombie is what I'm going for? Kids like zombies these days, don't they?"
      It was meant as a joke but Marcus wasn't really good at telling them, so he sounded more serious than he wanted to.
      He robbed closer to Logan, snuggeld under the blanket and closed his eyes. He knew he wouldn't sleep but resting his eyes a bit sounded like a great plan.

      He may even have slept a little in the next two hours until an almost silet knocknon the bedroomdoor woke him from his thoughtless trance. He looked up, knowing who knocked but not knowing if he would come in on himself. He didn't. So Marcus got up again and opened the door. There were no closed doors in this house except the office door. Dylan knew he could come in whenever he wanted to but every time he hesitated.
      "Hey buddy", said Marcus, kneeling down in frint of his mini me, "slept well?"
      He smiled at the boy. His dinosaur pj was too big, not much, but noticeable. He held on to his little plush dog, like he always did.
      "Wanna come in and kuddle? Or do you want your pancakes right away?"
      Dylan smiled from side to side of his face, ran past his father and jumped into the bed. Marcus shook his head and followed. The boy loved to snuggle like this. Logan on one side, Marcus on the other. He felt save and protected that way.


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    • Logan waited patiently while Marcus was tidying up and afterwards almost dragged him in their bedroom. Hew knew Marcus wouldn’t try to sleep, but sometimes he drifted off anyway.
      Once they laid down together, Marcus came closer and Logan put his arm around him, pulled him in close and held him tightly. “Zombie doesn’t suit you and besides, we also have adults as neighbors.”, he chuckled as he buried his nose in Marcus black hair. He wanted him to feel safe and calm, holding him like this gave him the feeling he could ease Marcus’ mind a little bit. When they met, Marcus looked confused, trying to cope with what was happening in his life, just as Logan did. He himself was trying to understand in what sort of organization he got himself into and they soon became friends. Although Logan had to drag Marcus out of his office to have some not work-related talk, Marcus seemed glad about it and opened up to him fast. Logan would sit there and listen to his story, without judging or pitying him.
      At times Logan felt a little bit uncomfortable when he talked about his own life, about his struggles which seemed rather unimportant after hearing Marcus’ story, but Marcus was always interested. They didn’t know each other long but somehow felt a connection, which is also why Logan had absolutely no problem with moving in with Marcus and his 7-year-old son. Actually, he was really glad when Marcus asked, not thinking twice if he was fit to meet and live with Dylan.

      Logan slowly drifted off, still holding Marcus tightly until he was woken up by a silent knock. He always needed a while until his mind was really awake, so Marcus was much faster to stand up and walk to the door. Logan heard the two talking and afterwards little footsteps that ran over to the bed. He looked over the blanket to see Dylan jumping in the bed to him and already taking his cuddle position. “Whoa, slow Buddy… I’m barley awake…”, he mumbled and put his arm around the boy. He looked up to Marcus who crawled back under the blanket too and chuckled.
      “Just like you… you have to tell me how to clone myself too, when we have the chance…” It was really like Marcus has transformed into a smaller version, as Dylan was lying and cuddling in the exact same position. One had to be blind to not see, that they were father and son.
    • "That's not my secret to share", answered Marcus.
      Dylan intercepted as he began to tell the two, what his lates dream was about. It was part of their strange morning routine. Dylan would always tell them, even if it was a bad one. But in such nights he would crawl into their bed in the middle of the night.
      This time it was about a dragon chasing people through an underground tunnel. They stopped the dragon by pushing a train in its way. It was knocked unconscious and they could get away. A silly little story only the mind of a child could think of. Marcus was glad that the worst thing in Dylans life seemed to be a tunnel-dragon.
      "Now pancakes!", the boy demanded, jumping up and down in the bed.
      Marcus was not a good cook. He could do some things and they were okay, but nothing really great. Except his pancakes. He could do all sorts of pancakes, even some with silly faces on them.
      He sat up right, caught Dylan mid-air and left the bedroom, a laughing little boy under his arm like a bag.

      Pancakes were easy to make. Dylan already knew the whole recipe. Now he sat on the kitchen counter, dangling feet, watching his father making his favorite breakfast. He even made his dad a coffee (he loved to push the buttons on the machine).
      "How many do you want?"
      "That's a bit much, don't you think?"
      "No. I wanna eat them all day long!"
      Marcus chuckled.
      "Well, that's not really healthy you know?"
      "Drinking all that coffee is not healthy."
      "You little..."
      Marcus bit his tongue and ruffled through his sons hair instead, making him laugh.
      "How about four? And I'll make two more for school."
      "Fine. Five for now, two for school, but no extra one if you don't eat 'em now."
      Dylan got some plates and put them on the kitchen table. Soon after, the pancakes were ready. Marcus put five on Dylans plate and saved two for later. The rest was for Logan and himself. Marcus wasn't a big breakfast person either. He usually held on to his coffee and ate what was left of Dylans breakfast or nothing at all.
      While Dylan was eating, Marcus made another coffee. Logan wasn't fast out of bed and surely needed one every morning. That's the good thing about not sleeping very much: Dylan had always breakfast on time, enough for school and Logan got his coffee first thing in the morning.

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    • Logan, now facing Dylans back, closed his eyes again and drifted of, listening to his story and seeing it in front of him, at least as he imagined it. He could also imagine his bright face as he told this dream to his father, who listened interested.
      As the boy demanded his breakfast Logan grumbled a little bit, as he was half asleep again. He listened to them leaving the room, leaving the door open to lure Logan out of the bed, with the smell of freshly made pancakes and coffee. As he listened to Dylans and Marcus laughter he had to think of when he met his boyfriend. He was lonely and certainly a lone wolf, never wanting to be too close to someone. Logan was an exception of some sorts, but when his son came into their lives, Marcus changed. He loved his son with every inch of his body and Logan could see and feel that. He was happy for him. He remembered when Marcus slept over at Logans place once, he would get up and start working right away, now he had Dylan to take a break from work and thinking only about his family and himself, cooking breakfast. The more he could think on something else, the better.

      After a few minutes more, Logan fought himself out of bed to join the two at the kitchen table. He sat down and immediately got his coffee in his favorite mug, one with a pretty silly looking fox on it.
      “Ah sweet coffee… what would I do without you…”, he sighed and took a sip. Dylan watched him rather unhappy looking.
      “I think it smells bad… “, he began and started looking at the mug suspiciously.
      “Well, your tongue and nose need some refinement until you can even begin to understand the good taste and smell of a morning coffee.”
      “So you have to train your tongue and nose?”, he asked confused and unbelieving. He knew that Logan was the kind to always make jokes, so he rather looked to Marcus for a real answer, but Logan wasn’t ready to let him off the hook just yet.
      “Ah yes, young Padawan. But you don’t need to understand it yet. When you are as old as I and Daddy are, you need it to regain youth, or else you are looking like a zombie every morning and scare people.”
      “But I think zombies are awesome!”, Dylan stated loudly and Logan started laughing, looking to Marcus and thinking about their conversation earlier.
    • Marcus leaned against the kitchen counter and watched his two favorite men.
      "Well, it's not a lie. You really need to train your mouth to drink coffee. But it tastes horrible! So you have to train your brain as well. Everytime you drink a sip you must tell yourself that it tastes good. That's how I did it. That and a loooot of milk and sugar."
      Dylan looked even more confused and Marcus chuckled.
      "You don't have to drink coffee, it's not a requirement to be a grown up. Just as being old doesn't mean you have to be a grown up."
      He nodded in Logans direction. Then followed the zombie commentary and Marcus coughed up his coffee. Just a bit and it was more because of a laugh.
      "Told you", he said with a sore throat.
      "Told him what?", asked Dylan.
      "That zombies are cool. He thinks, they would scare the neighbours."
      Dylan grinned broadly.
      "The twins ARE scared of them", he said.
      Marcus knew that tone in his voice. It wasn't malevolent but one could tell, that he had or planned on scaring them.
      "They are younger than you. Wait two years and they like them, too. But until then, the zombies stay at home, okay?"
      Dylan liked to scare people and having a jokester like Logan at home wasn't really helping. But as long as nobody got hurt, Marcus was okay with it. Traumatizing two five-year-olds was not okay. Especially if they wanted to fit in this neighborhood.
      "Eat your pancakes, little one, school doesn't wait for you."
      Dylan startet slicing his pancakes to pieces. In that moment, Marcus' phone rang. Unusual, since his boss basically forced him into a break.
      He reached for it next to coffee machine. Unknown number. He immediately knew who it was. His face darkend.
      "Where are you?", he greatet his brother like that everytime, hoping he would slip and tell him something.
      "Good morning to you, too, little brother."
      Marcus left the kitchen and went up to the office again.
      "Why is dad always so grumpy when uncle Francis is calling?", asked Dylan, watching his father leave.
      If Marcus had heard this, he would be furious, given the fact that he did his everything to protect his son from this family he was born into.
    • Logan didn’t know if he should feel offended, also did he like his coffee black, but mostly because he was not able to think in the morning otherwise.
      When Marcus answered his phone, Logan knew exactly who was calling, his face showed it as if Francis' name was written on his forehead. He left the room and Logan faced Dylan.
      “They disagree in many things. They are two completely different people, but still they have to work together.”, he explained vague. They couldn’t tell him the whole truth, but Dylan sensed they were dishonest with him and always asked questions about him and their work.
      “I don’t understand… you like your brothers, don’t you?”, Dylan asked forgetting about the pancakes before him.
      “My brothers are more like me, but when I was younger we also didn’t always agree. And now eat up, or you will be late.”
      Dylan grumbled a little bit and began to eat again. “I’d like to have a brother too, you always talk about your siblings. Also, I wouldn’t have to stop playing in the evening, because he would live here too.”
      Logan coughed, he was a little bit surprised, but smiled. “Well sorry, but I don’t think we can handle another you around here anytime soon. But how about inviting a friend over on the weekend? I’ll talk with your daddy if you want.”
      Dylan smiled, heavily nodding and was suddenly more motivated to eat. Logan smiled as well, it would do the boy good to have a friend over and have a normal sleepover.
      “I’ll talk to your dad and we talk again in the evening, okay?”, he bumped the boy in the side and then nodded to the bathroom.
      “Now dress up and we meet up in the bathroom. I’ll drive you to school today.” Dylan has finished eating and went in his room to dress up. Logan put the plates in the sink and would do the same.
      Afterwards they brushed their teeth and Logan sent Dylan to grab his stuff, while he was heading for the office. He knocked once and opened the door, seeing Marcus who had to wait so long for a new lead, that was possibly here now.
      “I’ll drive him, call me later…”, he whispered almost silently to not disturb him and closed the door again to meet Dylan in the corridor. He had his shoes and backpack on already.
      “Is dad still on the phone?”
      “Yes and maybe he has work to do afterwards.”, Logan nodded and sat in the car with Dylan. The school wasn’t far, but they wouldn’t let him walk on his own, at least not yet.
      “I’ll pick you up at 3PM okay?”, Logan asked while Dylan nodded and excited left the car. He was at an age where school was still fun, and learning was thrilling. He always told them what they had learned at school every day, and Dylan also told them about his friends. It was almost to quiet the last few weeks and Logan had a bad feeling about Francis calling now.
      Nevertheless, he drove to work as he wasn’t forced into vacation and waited for Marcus’ call.
    • "How's little Dylan doing?", asked Francis.
      Marcus could hear the water in the background, cars in the distance. His brother had to be near a river and a big street.
      "You are in San Francisco", he stated, ignoring the question.
      He never answered questions about Logan or Dylan. If he would, he would let Francis into this family, into his life. That would not happen. Never. Marcus accepted the fact that his father is psychopath experimenting on the human mind. He accepted the fact that his brother is a made psychopath leaving a trail of corpses across the country. But that was HIS family, not Logans, not Dylans. And Marcus would make sure that it stayed that way.
      "You impress me everytime, little brother."
      "What do you want? If you have no information for me, I hang up."
      Francis sighed.
      "Always on the run. Okay. Listen, I may have an idea how to find our father. I just found out that our grandfather's still alive. He may know something."
      "And he lives in San Fran?"
      "Not quite. More like New Orleans. That's why I'm calling you now instead of checking it out and then telling you. Maybe you wanna go on a little vacation with Dylan?"
      "Let me know how to reach you", said Marcus and hang up.
      The urge for cigarette was so strong right now. But Marcus stopped two months ago. They said the first six were the worst. Right now he felt that. He reached for a pack of gums. He took three and left the office. He cleaned up the kitchen and got dressed. Suddendly he hat a ton of work to do.
      On his way down to his car, he waited on Stan to pick up. The IT-guy had to dig a bit. Marcus needed an identity and most importantly an adress.
      "Oh, Mr. Williams! Good morning! I was thinking-"
      Marcus stopped the monologue of his neighbor Mrs. Afton before it happend. He just lifted a finger and looked as busy as he was. She respected the law, she respected cops. She was overly friendly to him and Logan, as if they would protect her first if something happend just because she was nice.
      "Stan! Yeah, I know. No, I don't care! I need you to-"
      Marcus lowered the phone.
      "I'm sorry, Mrs. Afton, I'm on the run. Can this wait?"
      He didn't wait for an answer. He just got in the car and headed off to the office, telling Stan about New Orleans. He would deal with his boss later.

      Entering the office, he earned surprised looks from his team. Marcus ignored them and rushed into Stans office.
      "Hey boss", the fat guy greatet without looking up from his five screens.
      Besides being big, Stan had nothing in common with the usual picture of an IT-guy. He was tall, his short hair was always styled perfectly and his outfits screamed buisness man rather than secret organisation tech-guy.
      "What ya got for me?", Marcus asked, leaning over Stans shoulder, noticing his angry looking boss out of the corner of his eye.
    • When Logan came to the office, everyone was kind of tense and his chef had an angry look on his face. When he looked over his shoulder he spotted Marcus, who got here before him, because Logan had to bring Dylan to school and then had to pick up his work-laptop which got fixed. He quickly squeezed around his chef and was now standing in-between him and Stans open office door.
      “I’ll talk to him. Give me a moment.”, he pleaded and then rushed to his boyfriend, closing the door behind him.
      “I told you to call me. Mostly because I could have talked you out of rushing into the office like that.”, he sighed and took a look on Stans screens, as he was just about to tell Marcus something important, at least it looked like it. It was obvious that this was about either Marcus’ father or his brother and when trying to find them, Marcus seemed to forget anything else around him. Logan understood that, he wanted to find the man who killed Dylans mother, he wanted to be sure Dylan was safe. He wanted to feel safe himself, not thinking his father could lurk behind every corner, or in every shadow. And he understood why Marcus wanted to find them himself, not letting anyone else work on that case, but Logan couldn’t think on anything else, then how his father created a monster, Francis. He didn’t want him to manipulate his second son too.
      “And I at least had thought you would inform me Stan…”, he looked at him disappointed but then shook his head. “Whatever, what is this about and what have you found?”, he asked, sitting down surrendering, before any of them could answer to his disappointment.
    • "I knew, I would catch you here", answered Marcus without even looking, "apparently my grandfather'sgrandfather's still alive and he may have an idea where to find my father. Or at least tell us something about him, so we finally get some insight in him."
      "Keep calm, my little sheeps, I give hou something to work on", intercepted Stan and hammered on his keyboard, "I found only one Louis Cole in and around New Orleans. I don't have an adress, but he is listed as a shopowner. Apparently he sells instruments on Bourbon Street. Other than that, nothing. I mean, I can trace his past, but only until seven years ago. He disappears off my radar conveniently a week after Francis Cole escaped the psychiatric ward.I'm not the cop in here but I think he knows something."
      Marcus stared at the screen showing a picture of the shop. He knew he had to go to New Orleans. And he knew he needed his whole team. But what about Dylan? Who knows how long this would take? They never needed a babysitter. Marcus leaned back, crossed his armes. One of his thinking poses. He really wanted to go, he needed to. But he couldn't just leave Dylan. Taking him.on that trip was not an option. He had school and all of that. Marcus could send Andrew first, checking out if this Louis Cole was still alive and if he was the right man. But if he was? Would they scare him away? They only had one shot at this...
    • "Certainly suspicious...", was Logans comment on all of that, remembering Marcus father wanting to prove monsters were made not born. What kind of father must he have had to become what he was? They couldn't bring Dylan along and Logan couldn't let Marcus go alone. He knew his boyfriend thought about how to manage things and if it weren't for Dylan be on the jump right away. "Marcus, let's think this over calmly. How about driving home for now. Mike wants you out the office anyway and we can't rush things. We think about how to get you there and what to do with Dylan. We plan things out and present everything to Mike later." Logan stood up, Mike - or Michael Hough their chef - was furious enough about Marcus being here. If they wanted his support they should come up with a reasonable plan first. And Logan wanted to speak to Marcus in private about all of that.
    • Marcus said nothing. He just left the room, ignoring his clearly unhappy boss. Mike was used to this. After all, Marcus always had a problem with authorities, that was never a secret.
      Right now, Marcus didn't knew what to do with himself. Usually he would just dig his way through files and information, sucking everything up like a sponge and archiving everything in his head for later use. But there weren't any files. There was no information. He could learn everything about New Orleans but that surely wouldn't help the case. So he waited for Logan and followed him. He always seemed to get Marcus back on track when he was feeling lost like that.
      Outside, Marcus got rid of the tasteless mass in his mouth and pulled a new gum. His mind was planning all sorts of scenarios, as unlikely as they might be. What if it was just a distraction? What if Francis wanted to get to Dylan? No, he wouldn't do that. He was obsessed with Dylan, Marcus and him being a family. He would never do something, Marcus would never forgive him for. Going near Dylan was on top of that list. That didn't make him less of a threat though.
    • Logan followed Marcus outside and apologized by Mike while he was rushing after him. He walked past him and dragged him to his own car. "I'm driving.", he decided, he didn't think Marcus could drive himself, not now. While they were driving nobody said a word, not until they were back home and the door was closed. "I'm not letting you go alone.", he stated and made it clear that Marcus could not convince him otherwise. "So, tell me what you want to do. Dylan can't come with us and I guess I don't need to ask if you stay here while I go alone with Andrew." Logan sighed and thought about him telling Dylan he could bring a friend. It was no promise, nevertheless Dylan would be dissapointed and Logan felt somehow guilty. "And how trustworthy is this information Francis has given you? I'm..." He stopped himself, he was too excited and would only make things worse like that. "I'm sorry. Just tell me what's on your mind first. We can think on something then."
    • "You don't wanna know what's on my mind", replied Marcus.
      He'd always say that. There was just to much happening inside. Of course he knew what that phrase meant, so he would tell Logan anyways. But never everything.
      "I don't know what to do, to be honest. I need the whole team in New Orleans, we may have only one chance at Louis, so no decon. But at same time I'm thinking about Dylan. Can I leave him alone without problem? How trustworthy is a potential babysitter? Will he be save with someone else? Someone who doesn't know the threat of being part of my life? I... I don't know what to do and I hate that feeling! Because it's the first time in my life, I have to care about someone else who can't take care of himself. This scares me! And at the same time I feel this urge to stop my father. To stop my brother. Hell, I might have to my grandfather from doing whatever the first time I meet him! Who knows with family?! I'm surprised, I haven't lost my mind yet."
      He sighed heavily and slumped down on the couch, defeated, worrying about everything and everyone, not able to stop his mind from wandering.
    • Logan sat beside Marcus and put his arms around him. He gave him a few minutes and tried to think on something himself. He wasn't pleased about one idea he had, as he didn't want to put his own family in harms way. He had absolutely no problem with Marcus situation or his family. Neither with his son, nor with his brother, father, grandfather or whomever. He didn't care if it was dangerous for him to be with Marcus, but this was his own life, so he could do what he wanted with it.
      "How about asking my sister? When I moved out, she always looked out for my brothers, so she's good with boys. I know, Dylan hasn't met her yet, but a babysitter would also be a stranger and I trust my sister, completely.", he proposed and paused for a second before he continued. "The house is safe, it is almost impossible to break in and maybe we could get some protection for Dylan. Police or some Agents patrolling the street and near school if you feel it is not safe to leave him here." Logan wasn't entirely sure if he could ask something like that of his sister, especially because she didn't know the truth about Marcus family. But it was the only thing he could think of, if Marcus wouldn't stay here. He pulled Marcus a little bit closer to comfort him. Logan was also scared about Dylan but it was different. He didn't really know how dangerous Marcus family could be. "You can also trust Andrew and me with it and stay here. But I won't force you to. I'm sorry that I can't tell you what to do though..."

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    • Marcus leaned his head against Logans shoulder. Sometimes he wished he had a power switch for his constantly overworking brain. No memories, no sensory overload. Just peace and quiet. But he wouldn't be himself, then. He was used to this constant flow of information, of working with it, utilizing it. He wouldn't be the great cop he was wothout it. To contrary believe, he wasn't really smart. He just remembered a bunch of shit.
      He took Logans sister in consideration. That was more plausible than asking Mike to take him in.
      "I might come back on that. But you know what? For once in my life I'm going to wait. At least two days. Stan should dig further, maybe he can find something we can use. And I don't wanna be the dick dad who's like: something came up, I gotta go, tou stay here, see ya in a few days, I call tomorrow. That's just not fair."
    • "Okay... wow... I think I never saw you waiting on anything.", Logan chuckled a little bit and gave Marcus a kiss on the cheek. "I'll support you, no matter what decision you make, you know that." He stroke through Marcus hair and slowly took his phone out of his pocket. "I'm calling Stan right away and I'll take the next days off. I'll stay with you, so you won't get mad, sitting around doing nothing." His decision was made, so he got up and called, leaving Marcus alone for a few minutes.
      He came back as fast as he could and again sat down next to Marcus, cuddling him right away. "In the morning, Dylan said he wanted a brother, because I always talk of mine. So I told him maybe he could bring a friend on the weekend. I guess I was a little bit too eager, he will be disappointed, I'm sorry." Marcus never told Logan he should step back with Dylan, or ask him if he told Dylan something like that, but Logan knew he wasn't Dylans father, not even close family. He was just the boyfriend of his father, nothing more. And they only where together for a few months, lived together a shorter time. Sometimes he felt out of place, although he shouldn't. Sometimes he felt overstepping a little bit, like now and he felt guilty, because Dylan also would be disappointed in his dad.
    • "What? How did that topic come up?"
      Marcus made himself comfortable on the couch while Logan was away. He'd kicked off his shoes and leaned back. Now he sat back up straight as he realized when this conversation had happend.
      "He knows about Francis..."
      He burrowed his face in his hands. Of course he knew. Why did Marcus ever asume he didn't?
      He cursed silently, shook his head and leaned back again. There was nothing he could do about it yet. He needet to talk to Dylan later, though.
      "Thank you. For helping me, I mean", said Marcus and leaned into Logan.
      His president headache was back and now more than ever he felt tired, just plain out exhausted. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on Logans heartbeat. That always calmed him down. Marcus didn't know why. He didn't wanan know. He just knew it worked.
      "How do normal people do this? Being a parent is hard."
    • "He knows he's your brother and he noticed you getting gloomy when he calls. That's it. I told him you disagree with him a lot." Logan explained calmly. "You can't shield him from everything. My brothers also always knew more then I wanted them too. It is better to talk to him, trying to explain what is going on when he asks, rather than avoiding the topic." Logan pressed Marcus head on his chest and held him tight, as he always did.
      "Being a parent is hard for everyone. I had 'normal' parents and they had hard times too, making mistakes, letting me make mistakes... a lot.", he comforted Marcus, feeling more calm himself as he held his boyfriend in his arms. He had worries himself, but he couldn't let that go to his head. Marcus needed someone who could be calm and quiet at troubled times. Logan didn't mind about that, he always kept a smiling face and dealt alone with his problems. And now, it was rather unimportant sharing his thoughts. Marcus was worried about Dylan and his father and he absolutely should be, so whatever his decision was, it would be the right one.
      "You are a good father Marcus. Dylan loves you and you love him. You think of him first, you are always here for him and he got so much better in that short time. Do you think anyone could do that? No... it's because he trusts you and knows that you'll always be there for him. He doesn't mind not knowing you for long, because you have a connection only you two can have."